Sacred Heart Church Death Records

Extracted by Cynthia Monroe

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Deceased's Name Date of Death Relations Age Burial Date Cemetery
Alfonzo Duran 11-Oct-1911 Hijo de Maria G. Duran 23 yrs. 12-Oct-1911 Alamosa
Roy Murphy 8-Feb-1912 Dan Murphy, Helen McGindy 16 yrs. 10-Feb-1912 La Jara
Vidala Aguero 25-Apr-1912 Hija de Juana Aguero 61 yrs. 29-Apr-1912 Alamosa
Roberto Vallejos 25-Aug-1916 Bonifacio Vallejos & Soledad Espinosa de Vallejos 7 yrs. 25-Aug-1916 Alamosa Mexican *
Henry Schoenberger 28-Aug-1916 Son of Peter and Anna Schoenberger 7 mos. 7-Sep-1916 American
Patricio Valdes 11-Feb-1917 Son of Jose C. Valdez y Matiana Mes de V. 16 yrs. 13-Feb-1919 Spanish
Esteban Madril 15-Mar-1917 Eloi Madril & Mary Madril 9 mos. 16-Mar-1919 Spanish
Pedro Naranjo 15-Jun-1917 Hijo de Manuel Naranjo y Estefana S. de Naranjo 1 yr. 16-Jun-1917 Spanish
Narcisa de Herrera 6-Apr-1918 Esposa de Damian de Herrera 42 yrs. 8-Apr-1918 Spanish
Antonio Llanes (Jr.) 9-Apr-1918 Hijo de Antonio Llanes y Hewigen Llanes* 5 yrs. 8-Apr-1918 Spanish
Peter Schoenberger 15-Aug-1918 Son of Peter and Anna Schoenberger 7 mos. 5-Mar-1919 American
Thomas A. Callison* 13-Aug-1919 Married.  Husband of Alice Fotty* 36 yrs. 16-Aug-1919 Alamosa
Charlie DeHerrera* 27-Dec-1919 Charles DeHerrera & Isabelle Quintana DeHerrera 5 yrs. 29-Dec-1919 Alamosa American Cemetery
Harry J. Hurley 14-Dec-1919 Michael Hurley & Mary Hurley.  Viola Mayer 29 yrs. 12/21/1919 Durango


*indicates that the spelling in the original record is questionable or illegible

**indicates that more information is available for this person/family through the Alamosa County Coordinator