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Peter and Anne Scheurn

Peter, Annie, and son, John immigrated to America about 1878-1879 from Germany. Peter was naturalized in 1883. Their second child, Carl was born in Michigan in November 1880. Jacob, their third son, was born October, 1882 in Colorado.

The Scheurn homestead was located on the NE quarter of section 34, township 1 south, range 69 west, containing 160 acres in Boulder County. By June of 1885, they were living on their homestead in Broomfield. The patent for the land, issued under the Homestead Act of 1862, was issued on 14 July 1891.

Some believe that Peter and Annie Scheurn divorced in 1901 but they did not. Annie filed for divorce in Boulder County Court in 1901 but she had the charges dismissed and she never went through with the divorce. In 1910, Peter and Annie were living at 4219 W. 46th Avenue, Denver and Peter was an employee at Denver City Hall. Peter worked at 4219 Raleigh, Denver as a florist in 1913 and lived at 4361 Vrain, Denver. Peter and Annie continued to live in Denver and can be found in the 1920 Census living at 692 Bryant St. Annie probably died between 1920 and 1928. Peter married Sophie Beruhardt on 5 June 1928 in Weld County. They were living at 2735 W. 20th Avenue, Denver in 1930. Sophie Scheurn died January 1940 and Peter died in June 1940 in Denver.

Between 1900 and 1911, six of the children married: Jacob married Emma Matzke in Weld County, 1904; John married Marie R. Gajefski in Denver County, 1906; Peter married Lucy Myrtle Lehman in Weld County, 1908; Anna married Clarence Boles in Denver County, 1908; Katharine married Charles T. Herran in El Paso County, 1910; and Henry married Adova White in Jefferson County, 1911. About 1917, Carl married Edna Day.

In 1918, when the World War I Draft Registration was taken, Peter C. was farming in Weld County, Carl was working for a farmer in Windsor, John was living in Los Angeles and Clarence Boles was living in Red Mountain, California (Annie had probably died by this time since she was not listed as the nearest relative on Clarence’s draft card).

John and Marie Scheurn moved to California before 1918. John died in California in1966 and Marie died in 1986. They had two sons, Kenneth and John Michael.

Carl and Edna Scheurn moved to California about 1928 and Carl died there in 1966 and Edna in 1981. They had five children: Margaret, Marie, Carl Jr., Francis, and Albert.

Jacob and Emma divorced in 1912. Jacob was living in Denver in 1930.

Peter C. And Myrtle Scheurn lived in Weld County until they divorced in 1932. They had three children: Katherine who married Perry Gill; Dorothy who married Walter Thompson; and Donald. Peter moved to California and died there in 1962.

Henry and Adova Scheurn moved to California where Henry died in 1957. He is buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Salt Lake City, Utah. Adova died in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1982.

Clarence and Annie Boles had two children, Clarence and Robert. Annie probably died before 1918 when Clarence Sr. moved to California with the two boys. Clarence died in California in 1948.

No further information was discovered about Katherine and Charles Herran.

The only documents collected were census and World War I Draft Registrations. The other information was taken from indexes so follow up is needed.

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