Anna B. DAY, Emma L. DAY, and Della M. BURBRIDGE, taken at the Erdlen Studio in Buena Vista, Colorado on December 31st 1887, women look to be late teens to 40's at the time.

Mr. Charles L. DAY, Mrs. Emma B. DAY, and Emma Gertrude DAY, taken at the Dennis & Few Studio in Canon City, Colorado, probably taken in the 1890's, husband and wife appear to be in their 30's with an infant child, I believe this is the same "Emma" as in photo #1 though the middle initial isn't the same.

Milam BURBRIDGE, taken at the A.H. MacKenzie & Co. Studio in Dubuque, Iowa, notes that he is 62 years of age at the time, likely taken in the 1870's or 1880's.

These photographs are available for family members.  You may contact Shelley Cardiel to obtain them.

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