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Place Name Established Comments
Alpine 1877 supply town, has small cemetery, abandoned
Alpine Tunnel

RR tunnel, no longer used


Altman's Camp aka Alton's Camp, on N fork of S Arkansas River
Americas N of Buena Vista on RR
Antero Hotel 1917 built at Mt Princeton Hot Spgs, built 1917, torn down in 1950
Arbourville 1879 aka Aberville and Arbor Villa, stagecoach stop on Monarch Pass Tollroad, renamed Conrow
Arkansas had a post office, nothing further known
Atlantic 1882 RR town on E side of Alpine Tunnel
Babcock 1870s silver camp on Altman Pass Road, NW of Garfield
Badger 1896-1899 originally in Chaffee County but due to a re-survey it ended up in Fremont County, 2 mi E of Whitehorn, PO was named Skinner, Ghost Town
Bale's City 1878
Barre N of Riverside
Bath had post office, nothing further known
Beaver City 1880s located near mouth of Clear Creek
Bertschey's Gulch mining camp near Cach Creek
Brown's Canyon 1882 RR town between Salida and Buena Vista, aka Kraft
Buena Vista 1879 Replaced Granite as county seat in 1880, was later replaced by Salida as county seat in 1932. 2nd largest town in Chaffee County.
Bullion City 1879 mining camp
Cache Creek 1860 gold mining camp, 2.5 mi upstream from Granite, has cemetery, aka Cash Creek, no bldgs remain
Calumet 1898 Iron ore mining camp NE of Salida, serviced CF&I's Calumet Mine
Cameron 1897-1902 gold mining camp on N side of Cameron Mtn, nothing remains
Camp Austin renamed Turret
Camp Jeffery 1882 formerly Hancock, located on Railroad Gulch just W of Hematite.
Carmel near Mt. Harvard
Cascade RR station near Babcock
Centerville 1880s RR stop between Salida and Buena Vista
Chaffee City 1880 aka Monarch
Chalk Creek 1880 became Nathrop, stage and RR stop
Charcoal NE of Nathrop
Cleora 1876-1885 1.5 mi SE of Salida on Arkansas River, named for Cleora Bale
Clifton Camp aka Shavano
Cochem on S side of Cameron Mtn, aka Nelson
Columbus 1882-1887 RR station near Columbus Mine and Babcock, 1.5 mi from mouth of Middle Fork River, destroyed in snow slide
Conrow 1880s formerly Arbourville
Cottonwood Springs 6 miles W of Buena Vista
Crazy Camp aka Maysville and Marysville
Cree's Camp 3 miles N of Garfield at headwaters of Creek Creek
Derry W of Granite
Divide On Hwy 285 close to Park County Line
Dolomite had a post office, nothing further known
Dora had a post office, nothing further known
Fisher between Mt. Princeton Hot Springs and St. Elmo
Florence aka Winfield
Foosel 1879 between Babcock and Maysville
Forest City 1880 renamed St. Elmo, now privately owned, tourist trap
Free Gold had stamp mill, 1.5 mi S of Buena Vista
Futurity On FR 185, cabins have been restored for seasonal use
Garfield 1880 formerly Junction City, on US 50 between Salida and Monarch Pass, most of town burned
Georgia Bar 1860 placer camp on Arkansas River
Gibson Gulch mining camp near Cache Creek
Gold Run mining camp near Cache Creek
Granite 1860-present 1 mi S of Lake/Chaffee border on US 24. Aka Granite City, formerly county seat of Lake Co and temporary county seat of Chaffee County, until 1880 when Buena Vista became the county seat. Founded in 1859 with discovery of placer gold. Violent town and center of Lake County Wars, where Judge Elias Dyer was murdered.
Grays RR stop
Green Gulch small camp in Babcock area
Hamilton 1880s mining camp for Hamilton Mining and Tunnel Company
Hancock 1880 near Alpine Tunnel, 5 mi S of St. Elmo. Railroad town near timberline for workers building the Denver, South Park & Pacific's Alpine Tunnel. Abandoned
Hangman Camp near summit of Cottonwood Pass
Harp 1880s N of Poncha Springs
Harrington aka Hematite
Hartsville 1.5 miles from Monarch, cemetery with about a dozen graves
Hartz mining camp near Babcock
Harvard City 1874-1882 gold camp and supply station near Cottonwood Pass
Hawkinsville E of Arkansas River near Granite
Haywood Hot Springs 1870s became Mt Princeton Hot Springs, first used by Indians, correct spelling is Heywood, also see Hortense
Hecla Junction RR stop
Helena 1860s near Nathrop
Hematite 1904 formerly Venice and Harrington, mining camp located at FR185 and Railroad Gulch, had fluorite quarry
Heywood aka Hortense
Higgins had post office - nothing further known
Hortense 1877- RR stop that served Hortense Mine, at base of Chalk Cliffs, had hot springs, aka Heywood
Iron City 1880 smelter, survived 2 years only, townsite washed away when Iron City Reservoir gave way, below entrance to St. Elmo, cemetery
Jennings mining camp near Babcock
Junction City became Garfield
Keene RR stop
Kelley's Bar 1860 placer camp 4 miles below Granite
Klondike see Minneapolis
Kraft 1882 aka Browns Canyon
Krain had post office - nothing further known
Lake Creek mining camp near Cache Creek
Lost Canyon Placers 1860s mining camp 3.5 miles from Granite
Low Pass E of Arkansas River near Granite
Lucknow aka Winfield
Mahonville had post office, stage stop on W side of Buena Vista, PO moved to Buena Vista in 1879
Manoa 1897-1908 gold mining camp, 1.5 miles E of Calumet, actually in Fremont Co, aka Paradise Camp, 2 structures remaining
Maysville 1879-1893 aka Marysville and Crazy Camp, eastern toll station for Monarch Pass, first known as the Feathers Ranch, founded in 1879 as a smelter town
Marysville 1870s aka Maysville and Crazy Camp
McGees W of Buena Vista
Mears Junction 1880s RR stop S of Poncha Springs
Melly/Meily 1880s in far NW county
Midway RR stop between Buena Visat and Salida
Minneapolis 1897 located 1 mi SE of Turret, aka South Turret, no bldgs remain, formerly Klondike
Monarch 1878-1936 fka Chaffee, Chaffee City, Camp Monarch, located 2 mi above Garfield along S Arkansas River
Mount Princeton Hot Springs 1870s formerly Haywood Hot Springs, first used by Indians
Murphy's Switch see Romley
Nathrop 1880 Aka Chalk Creek. Began 1.5 miles up valley from present site, moved to present location when Denver, South Park & Pacific RR arrived in 1880, named for Charles Nachtrieb who was murdered in 1881.
Nelson 1897 mining camp on S side of Cameron Mtn, aka Cochem
Neva had post office - nothing further known
Newett onHwy 285/Trout Creek
Nine Mile House on Cottonwood Pass Trail
Oregon Creek near Cache Creek
Otto Between Poncha Springs and Mears Junction
Paradise Camp see Manoa
Pine Creek 1880s RR stop N of Princeton
Princeton RR stop NW of Buena Vista
Poncha Springs Indians 1st found 99 springs, Pike visited in 1807, supply center, RR stop and health center, PO est 1868 as South Arkansas, had several fires, bypassed by Salida because it banned camps for RR workers
Ritchie's Patch near Cache Creek
Riverside 1887 RR stop 4 mi N of Buena Vista on Arkansas River
Rockdale 1881 3 mi up Clear Creek Gulch from Vicksburg
Romley mid 1870s aka Murphy's Switch and Morley, near Mary Murphy Mine, burned in 1908, located 3 mi S of St. Elmo, abandoned
Salida 1880 Replaced Buena Vista as county seat in 1932, formerly South Arkansas, founded by RR
Schwanders 1884-1924 between Buena Vista and Nathrop, 4 mi N of Nathrop, buried by Silt deposits
Shavano 1879 aka Clifton Camp, silver camp located on North Fork of the South Arkansas River
Silverdale near Vicksburg, Ghost Town
Skinner had post office - nothing further known
South Arkansas 1868 became Poncha Springs
South Turret 1897 aka Minneapolis, Ghost Town
St. Elmo 1880 formerly Forest City, renamed after patron saint of sailors, mining camp, became ghost town in 1950s when last resident died, now privately owned tourist trap, cemetery located at Iron City
Stratton 1880s renamed Winfield
Suckerville see Whitehorn
Summit 1880s renamed Winfield
Sylvanite had post office - nothing further known
Turret 1897-1939 13 mi N of Salida, minor gold camp, abandoned, named for nearby Turret Mtn, formerly Camp Austin, has small cemetery w/4 graves, including Louisa Austin, age 3
Venice aka Hematite
Vicksburg 1879 minor gold camp, 17 mi W of Granite on Clear Creek
Whitehorn 1897 burned in 1902, originally in Chaffee Co, but due to resurvey it ended up in Fremont Co, formerly Suckerville
Wild Horse RR stop N of Buena Vista
Winfield 1881 13 mi W of Granite on Clear Creek, mining camp formerly Summit, Summit Park, Stratton, and Strattonia, abandoned, formerly Florence and Lucknow
Yale halfway between Buena Vista and Park County

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