Excerpted primarily from the Colorado Cemetery Guide, edited by Kay R. Merrill and published by the Colorado Council of Genealogical Societies. Those with links below were transcribed by June Shaputis. Thank you June!

Adams 1 mi S of Cleora Private Abandoned, 2 Adams family graves
Alpine N of Town of Alpine Public 1st known burial 1879
Americus Cemetery 4 mi N of Buena Vista Public abandoned, 2 graves, 1898 and 1906
Arbourville Arbourville on Monarch Pass Public abandoned, 1st burial 1883, now under US 50
6 mi S of Granite, 1/2 mi E of Pine Creek School Private Abandoned, 1st known burial 1885, last 1946
Brown's Canon     See Centerville Cemetery
Buena Vista     See Leadville Hill, McPhelmey and Mt. Olivet Cemeteries
Cache     See Granite Cemetery
Cache Creek     See Granite Cemetery
Catholic     See Mt. Olivet Cemetery
Centerville South of Nathrop Public 1st known bur 1865, still in use
Cleora 1.5 mi S of Salida on US 50 Public Abandoned, 1st known bur 1882, last 1939
Columbus By Columbus Mine near Garfield Town    
Conway, GW on Colorado State Reformatory grounds Single Grave d 1895
Corey, George buried by his cabin, exact location unknown Single Grave d 1910
Dillon, Lee On Colo. 162 at Chalk Creek, 5.5 mi W of Hwy 285 Single Grave d 1939
Doyle     See Mt. Olivet
Droney Pasture, aka Droney-Hollenbeck Off County Road 140, 1.5 mi SW of Fairview Cem on ranch property   Abandoned, 1st known burial 1870
Droney-Hollenbeck     See Droney Pasture
Dunn, Barnaby In Sweetwater Gulch near The Crater, 5 mi NE of Salida Single Grave Abandoned, d 1900
Fairview 1 mi W of Salida Public Established 1891, still used
Forest City     See St. Elmo Cemetery
Garfield Cemetery at Garfield, east of Monarch Pass Public Abandoned, now under US Hwy 50, area settled ca 1879
Giebfried On Co. Road 390 1 mi W of Clear Creek Reservoir Private 1st known burial 1923, several graves, still used
Granite On Co Road 398 1.5 mi W of Granite & US 24 Public aka Cache and Cache Creek Cemetery, still used
Harvard City On Colo 306 5 mi W of US 24 at Buena Vista Public 1st known bur 1876; at least 3 burials, abandoned
Hentschell, Herman in the depths of the mtns...located 17 mi from Twin Lakes and a 2 mi walk; NW tip of Chaffee County Single Grave killed 1910 on Red Mtn
Hollenbeck     See Droney Pasture Cemetery
Iron City 1 mi E of St. Elmo, N of Chalk Creek Public 1st known bur 1881 - photos
Knickerbocker, Theodore bur by cabin near Columbine Mine, abt 17 mi from Twin Lakes Single Grave Abandoned, d 1907
Langhoff     See Baumdicker Cem.
Leadville Hill Old 1.5 mi N of Buena Vista Public Original cemetery, 32 bodies removed and reburied in E end of Mt. Olivet Cem in 1932 when US 24 was widened
Lost Canyon 6 mi W of Granite   1 or 2 graves, Thomas Knickerbocker d 1906 and/or Dunlap child
Lowe On trail to Pomeroy Lake, 6 mi S of St. Elmo   2 graves; Edmund Lowe, d ca 1879-1883, and 1 unknown grave
MacMillian, Charlotte Hester On Sidney Davis Ranch, N of Buena Vista up Four Mile Creek Single Grave Abandoned, d 1900
Mayol .5 mile E of US 24, abt 2 mi S of Riverside on Frenchman Creek Public Abandoned, 1st known bur 1879, aka Riverside
Maysville On hill N of Maysville Public Still in Use, 1st known bur 1880
Maysville Old on knoll near RR tracks Public Abandoned, no markers remain
McFadden 7.5 mi S of Granite on McFadden Creek Private Abandoned, 2 known graves, 1st bur 1897
McPhelmey E of Buena Vista along Arkansas River Public Some burials removed to Mt. Olivet, now abandoned city dump
Monarch Near Town of Monarch on US 50 Public Abandoned, used ca 1880-1916
Monarch Park Near Monarch Winter Sports Ski Area Public Abandoned
Mount Olivet SW edge of Buena Vista on Co Rd 321 Public  Est ca 1884, some earlier burials moved here from other cemeteries, still in use
Murphy, John On Trout Creek Pass near top, north side of US 285 in gulch below Iron Chest Mine & below garage Single Grave Abandoned 1906
Nathrop 1/4 mi W of US 285, NW of Nathrop Public Still in use, 1st marked bur 1875, Nachtrieb Family
Newett At Town of Newett, 1/2 mi W of US 285, NE of Buena Vista, 3.5 mi S of Trout Creek Pass Public Abandoned, 2-3 graves
Nourk, James On Cameron Mtn at Eastern edge of Chaffee County Single Grave Abandoned, d 1902
Poncha Springs 1/2 mi SW of Poncha Springs Public  Est ca 1883, earlier burials moved here from other cemeteries, still in use
Prisoners Buried
In Chaffee County
All Over    
Pruett NE of old Hill Ranch, up Arnold Gulch 1 mile Private 2 graves, Mrs. Pruett and 3 yr old child
Record, William 3/4 mi N of Turret Cemetery Single Grave Abandoned
Riverside Private Property    See Mayol Cemetery
Rural Cem #1 On Trout Creek on S side of Free Gold Hill    
Rural Cem #2 In Castle Rock Gulch, abt 1 mi S of tallest Castle Rock, near Mud Spg    
Rural Cem #3 About 2 mi S of Salida   abt 2 miles S of Salida, used in 1885, abandoned
Rural Cem #4 On Marshall Pass   2 men's graves 1900-1909, one an Irishman, foreman of the RR, abandoned
Rural Cem #5 N of Salida, on Co Rd 156 on low hill, on old Sage Ranch, 2/10 mi past Ute Trail Ranch   Abandoned, 2-3 graves possibly of children
Rural Cem #6 Near Pine Creek on Elsom property   Abandoned, 3 graves, 1 said to be a Chinaman
Rural Cem #7 About 1/2 mi W of Colo 291 at Smeltertown, N of Salida    
Rural Cem #8 near Cleora   Abandoned, an Italian tombstone washed down by rains
Salida     See Fairview and Woodland Cemeteries
Schultz, Louis In Deadman's Gulch, 1 mi N of Rainbow Lake Single Entombed in a mine shaft
St. Elmo on NW edge of Town of St. Elmo Public Also known as Forrest City, early cemetery, 1 marker dated 1882 remains, abandoned and some burials removed to Iron City Cemetery
Turret abt 15 mi NE of Salida on Co Road 184 Public 1st known burial 1897
Unknown Fisherman's Grave On the Little River on old Post Ranch Single Grave Abandoned
Unknown Grave #1 On Mt. Princeton, by side of Lake of the Clouds, abt 7-8 mi SW of Buena Vista Single Grave Abandoned, grave of man who committed suicide over lost NY love, d before 1905
Unknown Grave #2 Near Nathrop on N side of river Single Grave unknown man died ca 1911
Unknown Grave #3 At Handman's Cabin in North Cottonwood Gulch, near Cottonwood Pass Single Grave Grave of 18 yr old boy died abt 1880
Vicksburg At Vicksburg, 8 mi W of US 24 on County Rd 390 Public Abandoned, 1st known bur 1884, last 1945
Warner, Stanford Take Ute Creek Rd NE from Salida abt 8 mi, 1/2 mi S of Black Diamond Spring Single Grave D 1976
Winfield 1/4 mi W of Winfield Public Abandoned, 1st marked grave 1885
Woodard, unknown On a ranch at Trout Creek Single Grave killed abt 1878
Woodland 3/4 mi S of Salida on Co Rd 107 Public Still in use, 1st burials abt 1883
Woodlawn     See Woodland Cemetery
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