Index of Our Lady of Guadalupe Marriage Records

Book 3
Special thanks to Walter Dunderman for his help on these records.

Pages 1-40, Pages 41-80, Pages 81-120, Pages 121-160, Pages 161-208

Index of 1900-1909 records listed by Brides last name or by Grooms last name.

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The records are written in Spanish, (I can not translate them), they include parents names, places they lived, names of witnesses, and some have the birth place and ages of the bride and groom.


Jan 1902 - Aug 1907
Page 1
Date: 7 Jan 1902
Groom: Epifanio Gonzales
Bride: Elisa Trujillo
Date: 12 Jan 1902
Groom: Donaciano Duran
Bride: Preciliana Gallegos
Date: 12 Jan 1902
Groom: Maximiliano Salazar
Bride: Elisa Trujillo
Date: 13 Jan 1902
Groom: Jose Velarde
Bride: Ignacita Arellano
Date: 13 Jan 1902
Groom: Alcario Pacheco
Bride: Maria Gabrielita Velarde
Date: 20 Jan 1902
Groom: Joacium Sandoval
Bride: Madalena Torres
Page 2
Date: 25 Jan 1902
Groom: Juan Isidro Maes
Bride: Maria Ramona Lucero
Date: 27 Jan 1902
Groom: Antonio Lucero
Bride: Sara Lobato
Date: 30 Jan 1902
Groom: Juan de Jesus Sanchez
Bride: Rebeca Ortiz
Date: 3 Feb 1902
Groom: Jose Tomas Trujillo
Bride: Maria Jesusita Fresques
Date: 10 Feb 1902
Groom: Francisco Montoya
Bride: Juana M. Salazar
Date: 10 Feb 1902
Groom: Jose Martin Atencio
Bride: Bernardina Manzanares
Page 3
Date: 10 Feb 1902
Groom: Jose Mateo Duran
Bride: Maria Reyes Marquez
Date: 10 Feb 1902
Groom: Nicomedes Martinez
Bride: Adela Medina
Date: 24 Feb 1902
Groom: Jose Eliseo Salazar
Bride: Micaela del Socorro Valdes
Date: 31 Mar 1902
Groom: Luis Ruibal
Bride: Manuelita Chavez
Date: 7 Apr 1902
Groom: Jose Luis Gomez
Bride: Maria Manuela Zamora
Page 4
Date: 7 Apr 1902
Groom: Alfredo Medina
Bride: Maria Juanita Salazar
Date: 14 Apr 1902
Groom: Candelario Pacheco
Bride: Maria Ramona Garcia
Date: 14 Apr 1902
Groom: Odoniel Martinez
Bride: Juana Nepomucena Espinoza
Date: 14 Apr 1902
Groom: Abram Gutierrez
Bride: Maria Luciana Valdez
Date: 21 Apr 1902
Groom: Aureliano Valdez
Bride: Maria Trujillo
Page 5
Date: 10 Jun 1902
Groom: Lloyd Richardson
Bride: Nora Naughton
Date: 27 Jun 1902
Groom: Cirilo Torres
Bride: Virginia Atencio
Date: 9 Jul 1902
Groom: Manuel Cisneros
Bride: Maria Guadalupe Lucero
Date: 28 Jul 1902
Groom: Juan Isidoro Lobato
Bride: Delfina Valdes
Date: 1 Aug 1902
Groom: Miguel Lujan
Bride: Sophia Medina
Date: 11 Aug 1902
Groom: Jose de la Luz Garcia
Bride: Rebeca Madril
Page 6
Date: 21 Aug 1902
Groom: Francisco Duran
Bride: Maria O. Martinez
Date: 20 Sep 1902
Groom: Juan de Dios Martinez
Bride: Pablita Vialpondo
Date: 22 Sep 1902
Groom: Francisco A. Gomez
Bride: Dortea Ruibal
Date: 30 Sep 1902
Groom: Ramon Garcia
Bride: Maria Patrocinia Salazar
Date: 8 Oct 1902
Groom: Epifanio Lopez
Bride: Raquela Velasquez
Date: 17 Oct [1902]
Groom: Abelino Archuleta
Bride: Virginia Gallegos
Page 7
Date: 20 Oct 1902
Groom: Juan Francisco Gallegos
Bride: Maria Juana Martinez
Date: 20 Oct 1902
Groom: Maximiliano Duran
Bride: Juanita Gonzalez
Date: 31 Oct 1902
Groom: Benjamin Garcia
Bride: Virginia Duran
Date: 10 Nov 1902
Groom: donaciano Cisneros
Bride: Maria Teofila Garcia
Date: 10 Nov 1902
Groom: Daniel Francisco Lobato
Bride: Maria Esquivelita B. Vigil
Page 8
Date: 22 Nov 1902
Groom: Juan Pablo Martinez
Bride: Maria Silveria Casillas
Date: 24 Nov 1902
Groom: Jose Antonio Salazar
Bride: Maria Fernina Olguin
Date: 23 Nov 1902
Groom: Jose Victor Salazar
Bride: Epimenia Trujillo
Date: 5 Dec 1902
Groom: Juan C. Cisneros
Bride: Onofre Marquez
Date: 31 Dec 1902
Groom: Moises Jaramillo
Bride: Rosenda Trujillo
Page 9
Date: 7 Jan 1903
Groom: Jesus Maria Sanchez
Bride: Maria Carmen Salas
Date: 7 Jan 1903
Groom: Onofre Valdes
Bride: Francisca Ruybal
Date: 7 Jan 1903
Groom: Manuel Manzanare
Bride: Emilia Atencio
Date: 8 Jan 1903
Groom: Jose Maria Montoya
Bride: Gregorita Casillas
Date: 19 Jan 1903
Groom: Jacobo Ortiz
Bride: Eufrasia Salazar
Date: 16 Feb 1903
Groom: Severo Contu
Bride: Maria Candelaria Romero
Page 10
Date: 16 Feb 1903
Groom: Juan Esteban Martinez
Bride: Maria Carlota Pacheco
Date: 19 Feb 1903
Groom: Antonio Jose Manzanares
Bride: Maria Victoria Valdes
Date: 20 Apr 1903
Groom: Florentino Dominguez
Bride: Barbarita Gonzalez
Date: 4 May 1903
Groom: Juan Guadalupe Valdes
Bride: Maria Carolina Rodriguez
Date: 15 May 1903
Groom: Francisco Dominguez
Bride: Grace Agnes Voorhees
Date: 18 May 1903
Groom: Lafayette Garcia
Bride: Amalia Garcia
Page 11
Date: 13 Jun 1903
Groom: Jose Isaac Trujillo
Bride: Epimenia Rodriguez
Date: 16 Jul 1903
Groom: Antonio de los Ramos Rivera
Bride: Virginia Marques
Date: 20 Jul 1903
Groom: Daniel Barela
Bride: Francisquita Lucero
Date: 23 Aug 1903
Groom: Jose Maria Presentasion Gallegos
Bride: Maria Amada Gallegos
Date: 6 Sep 1903
Groom: Juan Thomasin Gallegos
Bride: Maria Adela Maes
Date: 25 May 1903
Groom: Alfredo de Herrera
Bride: Adela Lujan
Page 12
Date: 14 Sep 1903
Groom: German Salazar
Bride: Maria Teorora Dupont
Date: 30 Sep 1903
Groom: Manuel Salvador Martinez
Bride: Florencia Jaramillo
Date: 26 Oct 1903
Groom: Pedro Lucero
Bride: Donaciana Jaramillo
Date: 28 Oct 1903
Groom: Enrique Gallegos
Bride: Maria Trinidad Espinosa
Date: 4 Nov 1903
Groom: Felix Maestas
Bride: Maria Balbina Chacon
Date: 16 Nov 1903
Groom: Celso Domingues
Bride: Beatriz Cisneros
Date: 16 Nov 1903
Groom: Delfido Cabeza
Bride: Maria Catalina Gallegos
Page 13
Date: 19 Nov 1903
Groom: Liberado Sanchez
Bride: Maria de la Luz Lucinda Valdez
Date: 23 Nov 1903
Groom: Eufanio Duran
Bride: Maria del Refugio de Herrera
Date: 23 Nov 1903
Groom: Bartolico Lucero
Bride: Maria Fernina Atencio
Date: 28 Nov 1903
Groom: Narciso Gonzalez
Bride: Maria Isidora de Herrera
Date: 28 Nov 1903
Groom: Manuel de Jesus Olguin
Bride: Maria Elena Salazar
Date: 28 Nov 1903
Groom: ? Martinez
Bride: Piedad Salazar
Date: 16 Dec 1903
Groom: Maximo Quintana
Bride: Ramona Duran
Page 14
Date:7 Jan 1904
Groom: Francisco Vigil
Bride: Maria Bonifacia Ortiz
Date: 7 Jan 1904
Groom: Acacio Martinez
Bride: Eloisa Lucero
Date: 7 Jan 1904
Groom: Tranquilino Tafoya
Bride: Maria Elena Valdes
Date: 7 Jan 1904
Groom: Marcus Duran
Bride: Maria Elvira Gonzalez
Date: 7 Jan 1904
Groom: Deloi Montano
Bride: Petra Mondragon
Date: 7 Jan 1904
Groom: Jose Leandro Campos
Bride: Epimenia Trujillo
Date: 11 Jan 1904
Groom: Luis Maestas
Bride: Maria Trinidad Marquez
Page 15
Date: 11 Jan 1904
Groom: Jose Hilario Sandobal
Bride: Maria Andrita Apodaca
Date: 16 Jan 1904
Groom: Miguel A. Lucero
Bride: Desideria Ruybal
Date: 18 Jan 1904
Groom: Epimenio Espinosa
Bride: Zenaida Lobato
Date: 22 Jan 1904
Groom: Venancio Vigil
Bride: Maria Raquel Chaves
Date: 26 Jan 1904
Groom: Claudio Cisneros
Bride: Maria Genoveva Romero
Date: 1 Feb 1904
Groom: Genaro Montano
Bride: Maria de la Luz Rosanra Salazar
Date: 1 Feb 1904
Groom: Antonio Quintana
Bride: Ana Maria Valdes (Dominguez)
Page 16
Date: 5 Feb 1904
Groom: Antonio Domingo Gomez
Bride: Carmelita Ruybol
Date: 8 Feb 1904
Groom: Francisco E. Chavez
Bride: Ana ...? Gomes
Date: 8 Feb 1904
Groom: Francisco Casillas
Bride: Maria Elena Trujillo
Date: 9 Feb 1904
Groom: George Taylor
Bride: Maria L. Du Poor
Date: 15 Feb 1904
Groom: Luis Gonzaga Trujillo
Bride: Juanita Lucia Lopez
Date: 8 May 1904
Groom: Jose de la Luz Marques
Bride: Maria Adelaida Valdez
Date: 14 May 1904
Groom: Simon M. Chavez
Bride: Maria Guiteria Marques
Page 17
Date: 20 Jun 1904
Groom: Moises Large
Bride: Maria Margarita Martinez
Date: 29 Jun 1904
Groom: Luis O. Chacon
Bride: Maria Candelaria Garcia
Date: 1 Jul 1904
Groom: Amarante Lobato
Bride: Cecilia Trujillo
Date: 18 Jul 1904
Groom: Andres Donicio Valdez
Bride: Maria Detronila Martinez
Date: 25 Jul 1904
Groom: Jose Primitivo Miguel Marques
Bride: Maria Clarinda Silva
Date: 27 Jul 1904
Groom: Antonio Gonzalez
Bride: Raquel Duran
Date: 5 Sep 1904
Groom: Salomon Ruybal
Bride: Rebeca Lobato
Page 18
Date: 12 Sep 1904
Groom: Roman Madrid
Bride: Lencadia Mestas
Date: 19 Sep 1904
Groom: Antonio Domiguez
Bride: Maria Armida Olguin
Date: 10 Oct 1904
Groom: Juan Andres Gutierrez
Bride: Isabel S. Alvires
Date: 16 Oct 1904
Groom: Ricardo Barela
Bride: Vicenta Martinez
Date: 3 Nov 1904
Groom: Pablo Lopez
Bride: Teresita Mares
Date: 7 Nov 1904
Groom: Salomon Sanchez
Bride: Maria Cleofes Montoya
Date: 7 Nov 1904
Groom: Pedro Salazar
Bride: Maria Gabrielita Molina
Page 19
Date: 19 Nov 1904
Groom: Manuel Noriega
Bride: Carmelita Olquin
Date: 21 Nov 1904
Groom: Quinino Martinez
Bride: Maria Rosana Martinez
Date: 21 Nov 1904
Groom: Ricardo Ruybal
Bride: Sofia Gonzalez
Date: 26 Nov 1904
Groom: Felipe Romero
Bride: Sofia Duran
Date: 26 Nov 1904
Groom: Isidro Federico Jaramillo
Bride: Maria Genoveva Valdes
Date: 26 Nov 1904
Groom: Francisco Antonio Martinez
Bride: Amalia Valdes
Page 20
Date: 2 Jan 1905
Groom: Evaristo Lucero
Bride: Maria Nicanora Gallegos
Date: 7 Jan 1905
Groom: Refugio Gallegos
Bride: Romualda Martines
Date: 7 Jan 1905
Groom: Romano Cisneros
Bride: Francisca Martines
Date: 7 Jan 1905
Groom: Diego Antonio Lucero
Bride: Carlota Giron
Date: 7 Jan 1905
Groom: Leofredo Lucero
Bride: Irene Jaramillo
Date: 7 Jan 1905
Groom: Lino Quintana
Bride: Felicita Torres
Page 21
Date: 9 Jan 1905
Groom: Samuel Martinez
Bride: Maria Ester Rodriguez
Date: 9 Jan 1905
Groom: Jose Bonifacio Trujillo
Bride: Josefa Gonzales
Date: 17 Jan 1905
Groom: Felix Salazar
Bride: Ma. Vicenta Garcia
Date: 30 Jan 1905
Groom: Lorenzo Lucero
Bride: Eliza Olquin
Date: 31 Jan 1905
Groom: Robert Schuessler
Bride: Aura Blake
Date: 6 Feb 1905
Groom: Santiago Gonzalez
Bride: Arcadia Gomez
Page 22
Date: 8 Feb 1905
Groom: Jose eusabio Torres
Bride: Maria Cristina Olquin
Date: 20 Feb 1905
Groom: Juan N. Archuleta
Bride: Juana Quintana
Date: 27 Feb 1905
Groom: Juan Cresostimo Medina
Bride: Maria Dolores Martinez
Date: 2 Mar 1905
Groom: Eliseo Gallegos
Bride: Filomena Campos
Date: 6 Mar 1905
Groom: Jose Pablo Salazar
Bride: Virginia Valdes
Date: 1 May 1905
Groom: Jose Guadalupe Arellanes
Bride: Maria Ignacia Silva
Page 23
Date:3 May 1905
Groom: Francisco Silva
Bride: Maria Petronila Arellano
Date: 15 May 1905
Groom: Santiago Gutierrez-Zamora
Bride: Juana Gregoria de Herrera
Date: 5 Jun 1905
Groom: Rafael Pena
Bride: Antonia Martinez
Date: 3 Jul 1905
Groom: Francisco Garcia
Bride: Maria anieta Gallegos
Date: 10 Jul 1905
Groom: Anmarante Montoya
Bride: Beatriz Cisneros
Date: 17 Jul 1905
Groom: Noe Sanchez
Bride: Maria Rosa Gonzalez
Page 24
Date: 26 Jul 1905
Groom: Fermin Vialpondo
Bride: Mabel Wilson
Date: 31 Jul 1905
Groom: Juan Valdes
Bride: Mariana de Herrera
Date: 8 Aug 1905
Groom: Jose Noe Lujan
Bride: Lauracina Salazar
Date: 14 Aug 1905
Groom: Agustin Barela
Bride: Maria Carmelita Valdes
Date: 16 Aug 1905
Groom: Juan de Jesus Marques
Bride: Maria Eulalia Ruibal
Date: 21 Aug 1905
Groom: Elio Gurule
Bride: Maria Cleofas Gomez
Page 25
Date: 11 Sep 1905
Groom: Epifanio Vigil
Bride: Elena Valdez
Date: 18 Sep 1905
Groom: Pedro Luis Chavez
Bride: Isabel Z. Todd
Date: 18 Sep 1905
Groom: Daniel de Herrera
Bride: Maria Demesia Velarde
Date: 27 Sep 1905
Groom: Francisco Archuleta
Bride: Maria Filomena Trujillo
Date: 10 Oct 1905
Groom: Celestino Montoya
Bride: Cleofas de Jesus Ruibal
Date: 30 Oct [1905]
Groom: Francisco Aguilar
Bride: Maria Adelaide Delfina Salazar
Page 26
Date: 30 Oct 1905
Groom: Sabino Marquez
Bride: Maria Sofia Vigil
Date: 4 Nov 1905
Groom: Antonio Dominio Cisneros
Bride: Maria Lucita Gallegos
Date: 6 Nov 1905
Groom: Fructuso Zebides Silva
Bride: Pablina Garcia
Date: 6 Nov 1905
Groom: Juan Francisco Cisneros
Bride: Maria Dolubina Garcia
Date: 10 Nov 1905
Groom: Juan Felipe Ortiz
Bride: Clotilde Gomez
Date: 13 Nov 1905
Groom: Jose Eutimio Valdes
Bride: Peturigis Gonzalez
Page 27
Date: 20 Nov 1905
Groom: Bellarmino Alire
Bride: Delfina Romero
Date: 25 Nov 1905
Groom: Eduardo Rodriguez
Bride: Maria Ruenaida Lujan
Date: 26 Nov 1905
Groom: Fidel Ortiz
Bride: Genoveva Chacon
Date: 30 Nov 1905
Groom: Nestor Salazar
Bride: Ana Maria Gallegos
Date: 30 Nov 1905
Groom: Teofilo Giron
Bride: Teodorita Jaramillo
Date: 1 Dec 1905
Groom: Juan Jose Vigil
Bride: Maria Elicia Gallardo
Page 28
Date: 8 Jan 1906
Groom: Juan Manuel Gallegos
Bride: Maria Teodoria Duran
Date: 8 Jan 1906
Groom: Manuel de Jesus Barela
Bride: Maria Elisa Giron
Date: 21 Jan 1906
Groom: Epiminio Marquez
Bride: Maria Guadalupe Salazar
Date: 7 Feb 1906
Groom: Felipe de Jesus Martinez
Bride: Ruban Salazar
Date: 12 Feb 1906
Groom: Lizaro Arellano
Bride: Maria Dolores Valdez
Date: 14 Feb 1906
Groom: Ezequiel Valdes
Bride: Maria Concepcion Chaves
Page 29
Date: 17 Feb 1906
Groom: Patrick J. Cregg
Bride: Nora Eagan
Date: 18 Feb 1906
Groom: Celestino Valdes
Bride: Maria Tadea Chaves
Date: 19 Feb 1906
Groom: Vicente Chavez
Bride: Zoraida Vigil
Date: 22 Feb 1906
Groom: Jose de la Luz Garcia
Bride: Cleotilde Vallejos
Date: 26 Feb 1906
Groom: Francisco Barela
Bride: Madalena Olguin
Date: 26 Feb 1906
Groom: Efram Ballez
Bride: Maria Concepcion Valdes
Page 30
Date: 25 Feb 1906
Groom: Juan Martinez
Bride: Barbara Espinoza
Date: 26 Feb 1906
Groom: Manuel Lorenzo Espinoza
Bride: Vicentita Garcia
Date: 23 Apr 1906
Groom: Luis A. Garcia
Bride: Maria del Polar Trujillo
Date: 23 Apr 1906
Groom: Pedro Romero
Bride: Maria Concepcion Lobato
Date: 12 Jun 1906
Groom: James P. McKelvey
Bride: Alice T. Lyons
Date: 2 Jul [1906]
Groom: Epifanio Cabazon
Bride: Andrea Martinez
Page 31
Date: 8 Jul 1906
Groom: Modesto Giron
Bride: Nene Giron
Date: 19 Jul 1906
Groom: Eduvigen Sierra
Bride: Rufina Elvira Chaves
Date: 23 Jul 1906
Groom: Guillermo Gurule
Bride: Aurelia Baca
Date: 23 Jul 1906
Groom: Arcadio Vigil
Bride: Petronila Lucero
Date: 23 Jul 1906
Groom: Leofredo Chacon
Bride: Marcelina Trujillo
Date: 15 Aug 1906
Groom: Alfredo Quintana
Bride: Esclastica Madril
Page 32
Date: 20 Aug 1906
Groom: Jorge Quintana
Bride: Sidelia Archuleta
Date: 20 Aug 1906
Groom: Meliton Vigil
Bride: Librada Montoya
Date: 4 Sep 1906
Groom: Onofre Garcia
Bride: Sofia Chavez
Date: 9 Sep 1906
Groom: Ramon Garcia
Bride: Juana Dominguez
Date: 17 Sep 1906
Groom: Lucas Ruibal
Bride: Clarita Marques
Date: 1 Oct 1906
Groom: Rufinio Ruibal
Bride: Maria Teresita de Jesus Sanchez
Page 33
Date: 8 Oct 1906
Groom: Jose Pablo Trujillo
Bride: Maria Sara Chacon
Date: 15 Oct 1906
Groom: Jose Enos Ruibal
Bride: Eufrasia Delfina Valdes
Date: 26 Oct 1906
Groom: Manuel Trujillo
Bride: Maria Eustaquia Archuleta
Date: 5 Nov 1906
Groom: Santiago Sanchez
Bride: Clementina Gonzales
Date: 5 Nov 1906
Groom: Adolfo Benavides
Bride: Isabelita Torres
Date: 10 Nov 1906
Groom: Juvenal B. Velarde
Bride: Lucia Trujillo
Page 34
Date: 29 Nov 1906
Groom: Aurelio Martinez
Bride: Maria Isabelita Martinez
Date: 21 Nov 1906
Groom: Thomas L. Eagan
Bride: Catherina Anna Joyce
Date: 26 Dec 1906
Groom: Benedicto Torres
Bride: Emilia Lucero
Page 35
Date: 2 Jan 1907
Groom: Emilio Garcia
Bride: Onofra Valdes
Date: 4 Jan 1907
Groom: Epifanio Barela
Bride: Maria Estefana Ribera
Date: 7 Jan 1907
Groom: Jose Armenio Salazar
Bride: Rosabel Silvana Vigil
Date: 7 Jan 1907
Groom: Carlos Lopez
Bride: Francisquita Jaramillo
Date: 9 Jan 1907
Groom: John Rea Du Bor
Bride: Flora Eunice Shores
Date: 10 Jan 1907
Groom: Apolinario Abeyta
Bride: Maria Crisanta Casillas
Page 36
Date: 14 Jan 1907
Groom: Demetrio Valdes
Bride: Maria Nepomucena Valdes
Date: 16 Jan 1907
Groom: Bonifacio Gonzalez
Bride: Maria Acianita Roybal
Date: 21 Jan 1907
Groom: Jose Gabriel Lopez
Bride: Maria Sara Trujillo
Date: 28 Jan 1907
Groom: Fidel Noriega
Bride: Carlota Chacon
Date: 4 Feb 1907
Groom: Martiniano Gutierrez
Bride: Benita de Herrera
Date: 11 Feb 1907
Groom: Eduardo Dupont
Bride: Maria Veronica Salazar
Page 37
Date: 11 Feb 1907
Groom: Emanuel Lucerecio Giron
Bride: Maria Quirina de Herrera
Date: 18 Feb 1907
Groom: Jose Adelaido Chaves
Bride: Arcadia Silva
Date: 21 Feb 1907
Groom: Luis Romero
Bride: Rufinita Casillas
Date: 28 Feb 1907
Groom: Manuel Martin
Bride: Maria Rosalba Archuleta
Date: 5 Apr 1907
Groom: Elias Martinez
Bride: Sofia Garcia
Date: 8 Apr 1907
Groom: Luis Martinez
Bride: Agapita Gomez
Page 38
Date: 12 Apr 1907
Groom: Jose Luis Martinez
Bride: Sofia Irene Cisneros
Date: 22 Apr 1907
Groom: Tobias Martinez
Bride: Plencadia Jaramillo
Date: 24 Apr 1907
Groom: Eleucadio Archuleta
Bride: Maria de los Reyes Montoya
Date: 29 Apr 1907
Groom: Clemente Medina
Bride: Maria Laurcana Raquel Torres
Date: 29 Apr 1907
Groom: Severo Cantu
Bride: Maria Manuelita Romero
Page 39
Date: 6 May 1907
Groom: Jose Severo Trujillo
Bride: Maria Augustina Valdez
Date: 30 May 1907
Groom: James Albert Paddock
Bride: Bernabeam Montoya
Date: 21 Jun 1907
Groom: Daniel de Herrera
Bride: Andreita Montoya
Date: 11 Jul 1907
Groom: Jose Silvestre Barela
Bride: Beatrice del Carmen Cardoba
Date: 15 Jul 1907
Groom: Herman Montoya
Bride: Candelaria Martinez
Page 40
Date: 15 Jul 1907
Groom: Macasio Mares
Bride: Ruben Gallegos
Date: 15 Jul 1907
Groom: Salvador Trujillo
Bride: Maria Amada Chacon
Date: 21 Jul 1907
Groom: Juan N. Maestas
Bride: Teresa Madrid
Date: 29 Jul 1907
Groom: Jose Pablo Silva
Bride: Anita Gallegos
Date: 1 Aug 1907
Groom: Teofilo Sanchez
Bride: Maria Otilia Ruben Gonzalez
Date: 12 Aug 1907
Groom: Leanueno B. Chacon
Bride: Maria Ines Montoya