Town Directory 1911

Post office about ten miles west of La Jara.
Abila, Jose D. (laborer)
Apodaca, Fernandez (laborer)
Archuleta, Antonio (laborer)
Archuleta, Carmel (laborer)
Archuleta, Jose Baptiste
Archuleta, Juan (laborer)
Archuleta, Juan I (laborer)
Archuleta, Julian (laborer)
Archuleta, Ramos (rancher)
Archuleta, Vincente (laborer)
Arellano, Antonio (rancher)
Arellano, Lazaro (laborer)
Arellano, Luis (laborer)
Belarde, Jose (laborer)
Barela, Juan O. (laborer)
Chacon, Antonio (laborer)
Chacon, Juan C. (laborer)
Chavez, Antonio F. (laborer)
Chavez, Antonio A. (notary public)
Chavez, Lucas D.J. (rancher)
Chavez, Pedro Jose (rancher)
Cordova, Rafael (laborer)
Cordova, Tomas (laborer)
De Herrera, Jose A. (laborer)
De Herrera, Trinidad (rancher)
Dominguez, Antonio (laborer)
Dominguez, Esteban (teacher)
Dominguez, Florentino (laborer)
Dominguez, Pedro A. (laborer)
Dominguez, Policarpio (laborer)
Dominguez, Ramon (laborer)
Duran, Atencio (rancher)
Duran, Donacanio N. (rancher)
Duran, Rosario (laborer)
Gallegos, Alcadio (laborer)
Gallegos, Crescencio (laborer)
Gallegos, Felix C. (rancher)
Gallegos, Francisco A. (rancher)
Gallegos, Francisco R. (constable)
Gallegos, Jesus M. (rancher)
Gallegos, Jose M. (rancher)
Gallegos, Juan D. Jesus (rancher)
Gallegos, Juan F. (rancher)
Gallegos, Juan M. (rancher)
Gallegos, Margarita V.
Gallegos, Maurisia (rancher)
Gallegos, Senobia (rancher)
Gallegos, Thomasini (rancher)
Gallegos, Vicente (rancher)
Garcia, E.J. (rancher)
Garcia, Juan Igancio (laborer)
Garcia, Ramon (rancher)
Gerard, Lucas (rancher)
Girard, Emilio (rancher)
Gomez, Desiderio (laborer)
Gomez, Irineo (rancher)
Gomez, Jose L. (rancher)
Gomez, Fermin (rancher)
Gomez, Jose A. (laborer)
Gomez, Jose H. (laborer)
Gomez, Luis (laborer)
Gomez, Manuel (laborer)
Gomez, Telesforo (laborer)
Gonzales, Asisclo (rancher)
Gonzales, Diego (laborer)
Gonzales, Encarnaion (laborer)
Gonzales, Geronimo (laborer)
Gonzales, Jose Leandro (rancher)
Gonzales, Julian (laborer)
Gonzales, Luis E. (laborer)
Gonzales, Mariano (laborer)
Gonzales, Pedro (laborer)
Gonzales, Pedro Jose (laborer)
Goupil, Petra (laborer)
Hamil, J.P. (rancher)
Lopez, Amarante (laborer)
Lopez, Felipe (laborer)
Lopez, Manuel (laborer)
Lopez, Manuel S. (laborer)
Lopez, Sabino (laborer)
Lopez, Salustiano (laborer)
Lucero, Albino (rancher)
Lucero, Atalano (laborer)
Lucero, Calletano
Lucero, Gabriel (laborer)
Lucero, Maria E.
Lucero, Maria E.M.
Lujan, Baltazar (rancher)
Lujan, Miguel (laborer)
Lujan, Ramon Sabino (rancher)
Lujan, Zenaida C. (laborer)
Madril, Juan C. (laborer)
Maes, Enriques (laborer)
Marquez, Juan (laborer)
Martinez, Amado (rancher)
Martinez, Carlos A. (laborer)
Martinez, David (gen mdse)
Martinez, Decidario (laborer)
Martinez, Decidario D. J. (laborer)
Martinez, Juan F. (rancher)
Martinez, J.J. (laborer)
Martinez, Jose de Jesus (rancher)
Martinez, Leandro (rancher)
Martinez, Moises (rancher)
Martinez, Sisto O. (laborer)
Martinez, Reymundo (rancher)
Medina, Clemente (laborer)
Medina, Juan C. (laborer)
Mestas, Bonifacio (laborer)
Mestas, Lucas (rancher)
Mestas, Macario (rancher)
Mestas, Otobiano (laborer)
Mestas, Petrolina (rancher)
Montano, Antonio (laborer)
Montano, Hilario (rancher)
Montoya, Camilo (laborer)
Montoya, Manuel (laborer)
Montoya, Pablo (laborer)
Muniz, Augustine (laborer)
Muniz, A. Abelino (rancher)
Munoz, Augustine (laborer)
Munoz, Jose Damian (rancher)
Munoz, Jose L. (laborer)
Munoz, Samuel (laborer)
Olehy, Charles M. (rancher)
Olquin, Epifanio (laborer)
Olquin, Jose (laborer)
Ortiz, Felipe (rancher)
Ortiz, Felix (laborer)
Ortiz, Fidel (laborer)
Ortiz, Jose Hilario (laborer)
Ortiz, Jose de la Paz (laborer)
Ortiz, Juan A. (rancher)
Ortiz, Juan P. (rancher)
Ortiz, Romualdo (postmaster)
Pacheo, Alcadio (laborer)
Pacheo, Candalerio (rancher)
Quintana, Jose (rancher)
Quintana, Leandro (rancher)
Rivera, Antonio B. (laborer)
Rivera, Delfido (rancher)
Rivera, Emelio (rancher)
Rivera, Felix (gen msde)
Rivera, Jose Amado (rancher)
Rivera, Juan B. (rancher)
Rivera, Juan Luis (rancher)
Rodriguez, Eduardo (laborer)
Romero, Andres (rancher)
Romero, Bonifacio (laborer)
Romero, Camilo (laborer)
Romero, Encarnaion (laborer)
Romero, Enriques (laborer)
Romero, Eugenio (laborer)
Romero, Juan M. (laborer)
Romero, Marcelino (laborer)
Romero, Ramon (laborer)
Romero, Susano (laborer)
Rutledge, M.A. (rancher)
Ruybal, Antonio (laborer)
Ruybal, Antencio (laborer)
Ruybal, Encarnaion (rancher)
Ruybal, Paz (laborer)
Salazar, Maximia (laborer)
Salano, Manuel M. (rancher)
Salano, Regino (laborer)
Torres, Macario (laborer)
Torres, Placidio (laborer)
Torrez, Jesus M. (rancher)
Torrez, Jose E. (laborer)
Trujillo, Bonifacio (laborer)
Trujillo, Jose Luis (laborer)
Trujillo, Jose Rafael (laborer)
Trujillo, Jose Ramon (laborer)
Trujillo, Manuel (rancher)
Trujillo, Navor (laborer)
Trujillo, Rafael (laborer)
Trujillo, Rafael H. (laborer)
Trujillo, Ramon (laborer)
Trujillo, Sabino (laborer)
Trujillo, Tobias (laborer)
Trujillo, Tomas (rancher)
Valdez, Alejandro (shoemaker)
Valdez, Bernardino (rancher)
Valdez, Catarino (rancher)
Valdez, Crescencio (rancher)
Valdez, Damian (laborer)
Valdez, Elias (laborer)
Valdez, Eutimio (laborer)
Valdez, Francisco (rancher)
Valdez, Fulgencio (laborer)
Valdez, Hilario (rancher)
Valdez, Jose A. (rancher)
Valdez, Jose Lauro (rancher)
Valdez, Jose Ramon (rancher)
Valdez, Juan B. (laborer)
Valdez, Juan Francisco (laborer)
Valdez, Juan I. (laborer)
Valdez, Librado (rancher)
Valdez, Melquades (laborer)
Valdez, Nicolas (laborer)
Valdez, Nepomecino (laborer)
Velarde, Jose (laborer)
Velasquez, Anastacio (laborer)
Vigil, Alfredo (laborer)
Vigil, Enriques (laborer)
Vigil, Felipe (laborer)
Vigil, Francisco (rancher)
Vigil, Jose H. (rancher)
Vigil, Juan de Dios (rancher)
Vigil, Juan M. (rancher)
Vigil, Luis (rancher)
Vigil, Meliton
Vigil, Tomas
Vigil, Vanancio (laborer)

** Information abstracted from: F.A. McKinney’s directory of Alamosa, Conejos County & Saquache County, 1911.