Town Directory 1911

Post office is six and one-half miles southwest of Antonito on the boundary line of New Mexico. Sheep raising is the principal industry.
The population of Ortiz and Los Pinos 500.
Abila, Manuela
Abila, Monica
Archuleta, Beneranda
Casias, M.I. (sheepman)
Casias, Pedro (teamster)
Casias, Ricardo (sheepman)
Casias, Tobias (sheepman)
Chavez, F.M. (rancher)
Dupont, Nabor (sheepman)
Duran, Alfredo (rancher)
Duran, Eusebio (rancher)
Duran, Polonario (rancher)
Espinosa, Benceslado (rancher)
Espinosa, Crescencio (rancher)
Espinosa, Jose G. (rancher)
Gallegos, Basilio (rancher)
Gallegos, Juan A. (sheepman)
Gallegos, Patricio (rancher)
Gallegos, Refugio (rancher)
Galves, Jose I. (rancher)
Garcia, Manuel (rancher)
Garcia, Pedro (rancher)
Garcia, Solomon (rancher)
Gutierrez, Abram (rancher)
Gutierrez, Agapito (rancher)
Gutierrez, J.P. (rancher)
Jeantet, Rev. John G.
Jackson, Leo L. (bricklayer)
Jackson, Raymond (mail carrier)
Jackson, S.L. (stone mason)
Jackson, Victor (plasterer)
Lopez, David (sheep)
Lopez, Epifanio (sheep)
Lopez, Juan J. (sheep)
Lopez, Luis (sheep)
Lucero, Andres (section foreman)
Lucero, Diego (section hand)
Lucero, J.D. (sheep man)
Martines, Amado (rancher)
Martines, Antonio F. (sheep man)
Martines, Eugeno (sheep man)
Martines, Felipe (cattleman)
Martines, Geronimo (cattleman)
Martines, Gregorio (sheep herder)
Martines, Jose de la Cruz (sheepman)
Martines, Jose C. (section hand)
Martines, Juan Estaban (sheepman)
Martines, Luciano (sheepman)
Martines, Manuel S. (sheep herder)
Martines, Maria Gregoria (rancher)
Martines, Santana (rancher)
Martines, Santiago (sheep herder)
Medina, Jose (sheep herder)
Narvais, Jose (shoe maker)
Ortiz, A.J.
Ortiz, Celestino (rancher)
Ortiz, J.F. (postmaster)
Ortiz, Severiano (rancher)
Pacheco, Theodore (rancher)
Romero, Encarnacion
Romero, Delfino (sheepman)
Romero, J.E. (sheepman)
Romero, Luis (sheepman)
Romero, L.F. (sheepman)
Salasar, Armenio (Rancher)
Salasar, Ciriaco (bartender)
Salasar, Doroteo (rancher)
Salasar, J. Francisco (sheepman)
Salasar, Pedro (blacksmith)
Salasar, Raquel (bartender)
Salasar, Salomon (rancher)
Salasar, Severo (rancher)
Salasar, Toribio (rancher)
Sandoval, J.V. (rancher)
Serna, Manuel (sheep herder)
Serna, Rafael (ranch hand)
Sierra, Eduvigen (sheep herder)
Sierra, Gabriel (sheep herder)
Sierra, Luis (sheep herder)
Sisneros, Antonio (sheep herder)
Sisneros, Roman (sheep herder)
Taffola, Luciano (sheepman)
Taffola, Ruperto (sheepman)
Trujillo, Donicio (sheepman)
Trujillo, Severo (laborer)
Valdez, Demecio (rancher)
Valdez, Florencio (rancher)
Valdez, R.E. (barber)
Valdez, Teleforo (rancher)
Vijil, Felipe (rancher)
Vijil, Juan de Dios (rancher)
Vijil, Marcelino (ranch hand)
Vijil, Pedro (rancher)
Vijil, Raquel (rancher)

** Information abstracted from: F.A. McKinney’s directory of Alamosa, Conejos County & Saquache County, 1911.