Town Directory 1911

Town twenty-two miles south of Alamosa on the D & R G Railway. It has a bank, lumber yard, a new $25,000 hotel building and a store which sells everything from” a needle to a threshing machine, and from a rat skin to a ranch”. Population 200.

Beecroft, Parley
Biggs, E.M. (store)
Bush, E.S. & Nellie F. (lumber)
Burdick, Charles H.
Carr, John D. & Fronie (carpenter)
Carr, John H. & Mary P. (carpenter)
Carter, Wm. H. & Nora M. (foreman)
Cress, James W. & Emma (rancher)
Crow, Andrew (rancher)
Crow, Jesse (teacher)
Culler, N.P. (rancher)
Duran, Balentino & Ortence (laborer)
Eddy, C. Harry (VP Biggs Store)
Edwards, R.B. (rancher)
Felt, Zeph Chas. (Bank director)
Fullenweider, John G. (rancher)
Galbreath, Rev. Robert F. & Eva L. (pastor)
Gray, Lloyd W. (laborer)
Gunter, W.A. (rancher)
Harness, Harry H. (rancher)
Harshberger, Joseph & Gladys (engineer)
Haynie, J. Parley & Jane (postmaster)
Heald, A.W. (carpenter)
Huffaker, George W. & Fanny J. (livery)
Huffaker, I. Hart & Carrie M. (ranch hand)
Huffaker, Wm. M. & Jennie (teamster)
Hunt, A.D. (rancher)
Jewett, Jack R. (rancher)
King, Wilburn C. (blacksmith)
Koepoke, Walter (rancher)
Langley, J.C. & Ione (manager Biggs store)
Layton, Luther (rancher)
Lobato, Amaranti (laborer)
Lopez, Miguel (laborer)
Luna, Mack & Brenilda (laborer)
McClelland, Frank G. (rancher)
McClelland, John S. (rancher)
McGee, Howard V. & Emma C. (bookkeeper)
McGee, Mrs. Mary
McGee, Nina (music teacher)
McVey, Edwin P. & Minnie G. (Pub. Romeo Record)
Machen, W.W. (rancher)
Macon, John (agent RR)
Martinez, Herman & Geronima (ranch hand)
Martinez, Seberino (clerk)
Messmer, Mrs. Minda
Mickelson, J.R. (rancher)
Miller, Wm. C. & May V. (laborer)
Montano, Alberto & Emilia (laborer)
Montano, Deloy (laborer)
Montano, Genaro R. & Rosa (ranch hand)
Morehouse, Charles F. & Luella M. (carpenter)
Neel, Homer & Lavinnie E. (rancher)
Osborn, Clayton M. & Christina W. (rancher)
Parker, Thomas & Rachel R. (laborer)
Pena, Antonina
Perea, Jose (laborer)
Perea, Nestor & Altagarcia (laborer)
Perea, Stephen (laborer)
Rumsey, D.V. (rancher)
Salazar, Max & Eliza (ranch hand)
Shores, Wm. & Amanda (rancher)
Shores, W. Parley (ranch hand)
Thomas, Albert (carpenter)
Thomas, Wm. F. (carpenter)
Tullis, John B. (rancher)
Weeks, W.H. (rancher)
Weist, Mabel (teacher)
White, Mrs. Isabel
White, John H. (rancher)
White, Margaret (dressmaker)
White, Samuel M. (cashier)
Winters, Frank C. & Nellie J. (blacksmith)
Wood, J.W. (rancher)

** Information abstracted from: F.A. McKinney’s directory of Alamosa, Conejos County & Saquache County, 1911.