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1899 Business Directory for Eagle Co. Towns

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(Late Aspen Junction)
Important Railroad town in Eagle County, 52 miles west of Leadville and 18 miles from Aspen Division point on the Colorado Midland Ry. Has railroad round house and shops and is the junction of the Aspen Branch railroad with the main line of the Colorado Midland Ry.
Population 600. Altitude 6,600.
Auld, John Contractor
Bancroft, C. S. Master Mechanic, C. M. Ry
Barker, F. C. Justice peace
Boyce, H. W. Painter
Bureman, J. J. Painter
Connell, John Road master, C. M. Ry
Cramer, Sam'l Vegetable Farm
Fleming, W. G. Agt, Colorado Midland Ry
Frey, W. W. Genl mdse
Gaboury, O. S. Contractor & Builder
Goloury, Mrs. A.M. Restaurant
German, D. Blacksmith
Gillispie, H. B. Prop, El Jebel Farm
Givens, Mrs. Lodging
Hanson, M. Boots & Shoes
Harvey, Fred Railway Eating House, P. F. Nott, Mgr.
Hull, G. W. Coal & Transfer
Jacobs, Wm. Manager Climax Fruit Farm
Journal, (w) R. H. Zimmerman, Pub.
Kelley, E. B. Saloon
Lucksinger, Jacob Dairy
Lupion Bros. Saloon and meat market
McMillen, J. P. Postmaster
McNeilan, M. Physician
Mather, C. H. Station & Express Agent, D&RGRR
Methodist Ep. Church P.P.F. Dearborn, Pastor
Rald, John Barber
Rucker, P. T. Physician
Ruland, Grant Princ Schools
Smith, John A. Genl mds
Smith, Mrs. Nellie Restaurant
Stauffacher, Ed Cheese Factory and Stock Dealer
Stiffler, H. Cigars & Tobacco
Sutcliffe, Dean Constable
Tierney Merc. Co. Genl Mdse.
Willits, Lee R. Mgr El Jebel Farm, County Commissioner
Willits, Pearl Teacher
Zimmerman, R. H. Drugs


Postoffice in Eagle County, on the D.&R.G.R.R.
Cevard, A. Hotel & Saloon
Doll, Schliff & Co. General Merchandise


County Seat of Eagle County. Mining Camp on the D.&R.G.R.R. 25 miles from Leadville.
Altitude 8,300. Population 1,200.
Ackley, S. N. County Judge
Baldwin & Henry Saloon
Booco, Mrs. Eva County Supt. Schools
Bowland, Geo. E. County Clk.
Brown, A. R. Attorney
Bucholtz, N. Assessor
Carlson, Frank Blacksmith
Catholic Church   
Congregational Church   
Cress, Ben L. Civil & Mining Engineer
Disxon, Wm. Livery
Eagle County Blade (w) Jno D. Nims, Pub.
Eagle County Times (w) Ed McCabe, Pub.
Eagle Hotel P. Latem, Prop
Edwards, M.N. Lumber & Livery
Evans, T. N. County Surveyor
Farnum, H. Undertaker & Transfer
Fleck, Mack Sheriff
Fleming & Evans Hardware & Furniture
Goodall, Mrs. L. Prop. Quartite Hotel
Graham, M. E. Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats & Shoes
Green, J. L. Physicain & Coroner
Greiner, Mrs. Dora Drugs & Postmistress
Henry & Baldwin Saloon
Little, A. S. County Treasurer
McCabe, Ed. Pub. Eagle Co. Times
McDonald, A. A. Prop. Beldon Mine
Mountain House Wm. McMillen, prop.
Nims, John D. Pub. Eagle County Blade
Quartzite Hotel Mrs. L. Doodall, Prop.
Simonton, Bros. Grocery & Meats
Smith, Frank Barber
Stuart, E. A. Physician
Summ, Christ Saloon
Tague, P. Clerk District Court
Tate, S. A. Livery

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