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  • QUACKENBUSH, S. H. - A frightful accident occurred at Minturn early yesterday morning, in which two railroad men lost their lives. Train No. 2 had just arrived at the station having been pulled in by engine No. 518, with Engineer S. H. QUACKENBUSH and Fireman SALENE in charge. Just after the train stopped at the station the locomotive exploded with terrific results. Engineer QUACKENBUSH was instantly killed and his body blown several hundred feet through the air.

    Fireman Irvine SELENE was badly injured but alive when found. He was put aboard No. 2 and Dr. STUART of this place telegraphed to meet the train. The doctor responded but the injured fireman died just as the train was leaving this station and before anything could be done for him. In fact, he was fatally hurt in spite of anything that might have been done had medical attention been secured sooner.

    Thomas RICHARDSON, caller, and Alex WILSON, round house foreman, were slightly scalded. William VANNATTI, a track walers, was slightly hurt by flying debris. These men were in the vicinity of the engine when it blew up. The depot and its occupants had a narrow escape from destruction. The engine appears to have gone straight into the air and turned over before lighting. It was a complete wreck.

    Those who examined the wrecked locomotive say the condition of the crown sheet indicates that the water was allowed to get low and the explosion was caused by letting cold water into the boiler. Engineer QUACKENBUSH was one of the oldest engineers on the road, upwards of fifty years of age, and it is considered strange that such an accident could happen to an engine in his care. Others, therefore, believe the engine to have been defective.

    The body of the engineer was taken to Grand Junction for interment. The deceased was a married man, and a member of the Masonic fraternity.

    Fireman SALENE was a young man, single, and owned considerable property in Minturn.(28 Dec 1899, Eagle County Blade, p.3)

  • QUADE, William Henry of Eagle died Oct. 13 at his home. He was 83 and had lived here since March 1993

    QUADE was a heavy equipment mechanic and service representative in Cape Girardeau, Mo. with Fabick Brothers Equipment and was member of Operating Engineers Local 513

    Survivors include a daughter, Doris ANSELM of Eagle; granddaughter Dara ANSELM of Eagle; grandson Miles ANSELM of Wasilla, Alaska; great-granddaughter Danielle ANSELM, also of Wasilla; three brothers and seven sisters

    Services and entombment were held in Cape Girardeau on Oct. 18 Family members request donations to the American Cancer Society or the hospice of your choice in lieu of flowers. (Eagle Valley Enterprise 10/21/96)

  • QUINLAN - Man is Drowned in Eagle River. Wednesday afternoon the body of a man was found in the Eagle river above Minturn. It was later learned that the body was that of a man named QUINLAN, one of the Rio Grande section hands. He had evidently tried to cross on the ice which gave away. The body was taken to Minturn.[20 Jan. 1911, Eagle County Blade, p1]

  • QUINLAN, J. P. - Another one of the old pioneers of Eagle county was called to his reward last Saturday night, September 16, when J. P. QUINLAN passed away at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Lawrence MOSHER, in Gypsum.

    Mr. QUINLAN had lived on a ranch below McCoy, and was still making that his home when he was taken with illness several weeks ago. About ten days ago he suffered a relapse from which he never recovered.

    Funeral services were held in Gypsum last Monday afternoon, and were attended by a large number of friends among whom were many of his former neighbors from the McCoy district. Busied at Gypsum.[22 Sept. 1933, Eagle Valley Enterprise, p1]


    Last Saturday night between 10 and 11 o'clock, at the ranch of Mrs. Barbara KUHN, two and a half miles from Wolcott, Daniel De. FIELD shot and instantly killed John D. QUINN. FIELD gave himself up to the officers and claims self defense, and the coroner's jury found the killing to have been justifiable.

    FIELD is the son-in-law of Mrs. KUHN, and QUINN was a hired man. QUINN had been employed on the ranch for a long time - in fact had made the KUHN ranch his headquarters for several years. A few weeks ago FIELD and his family moved to the ranch, going from Leadville. At the time of the killing there was only one other person beside the two principals to the tragedy on the ranch - Mrs. FIELD. FIELD's story of the affair is in substance as follows:

    For some time QUINN has apparently entertained enmity toward FIELD, and FIELD claims without cause whatever. Saturday QUINN was discharged and paid off, but before Mrs. KUHN left the ranch, which she did that evening, QUINN was engaged to go some distance to a neighbor's and secure the services of a man there to come and irrigate for Mrs. KUHN the next Monday. Between 10 and 11 o'clock QUINN returned to the ranch and gave GIELD and his wife ten minutes in which to leave. FIELD asked to be allowed to stay until morning, whereupon QUINN refused, and at the same time took down a single barreled, breech loading shot gun which hung on the wall. FIELD ran out of the house and toward the barn, QUINN in pursuit. As FIELD ran around the barn QUINN fired at him, but missed, and FIELD reached the house again safely. He secured a 30-30 Winchester rifle and met QUINN as he approached the house. FILED shot three times, each shot taking effect and QUINN fell dead.

    FIELD guarded the body the remainder of the night and early next morning rode five miles to the home of Deputy Sheriff Norman ASHLOCK, to whom he gave himself up. Deputy ASHLOCK took him to Wolcott and informed the authorities at Red Cliff of the tragedy.

    Sheriff Frank FARNUM and Coroner W. H. FARNUM drove to Wolcott Sunday afternoon. On Monday FIELD was taken before Justice SPENCER, pleaded not guilty to a murder charge, waived the preliminary hearing and was held to the District court. Sheriff FARNUM returned to Red Cliff Monday with FIELD and lodged him in jail.

    Cornorer W. H. FARNUM held an inquest over the body of the dead man on Monday. One shot struck QUINN in the jaw at the right of the chin and came out at the back of the head; another entered the neck just above the collar bone to the left of the center and came out of the back to the right of the center, and another entered the right shoulder blade and came out of the left breast. Either wound was fatal.

    A jury as follows was impaneled:

    Messrs. PLAYFORD, RIDGEWAY, LESTER, SHELDON, HAWLEY, and GIBSON. The witnesses who testified were: Mrs. KUHN, Mrs. FIELD, William BOOCO, Al DUNNINGTON and Deputy Sheriff ASHLOCK. Dr. COFFMAN was also present at the inquest. The jury found that John D. QUINN came to his death by gun shot wounds inflicted by a gun in the hands of Daniel D. FIELD, and that the killing was justifiable.

    The funeral of QUINN occurred on yesterday with burial at Edwards cemetery.

    QUINN has long been a menace to the peace of the community in which he resided. He was a typical would by bad man, and especially when drinking was of a quarrelsome and desperate nature. Gun plays were a frequent pastime with him. He was twice an ex-convict, having been convicted in Lake county of both cattle stealing and highway robbery. Public sentiment about Wolcott is entirely with FGIELD. FIELD is 20 years of age and has a wife and two children, while QUINN was 31 years of age and single. The latter is said to have well to do and respected relatives at Lansing, Michigan.(29 May 1902, Eagle County Blade, p.1)

  • QUIRK, Patrick - Patrick QUIRK died at about the noon hour on Saturday, March 18, at Mrs. RYAN's boarding house at Bell's Camp. Mr. QUIRK was taken ill the preceding Sunday in Red Cliff and the attack rapidly developed into a severe case of pneumonia. Every care that his friends could bestow, aided by the best medical attention available was devoted to the stricken man without avail. He had not been in rugged health for several years and from the first approach of pneumonia it was feared he could not recover.

    Pat QUIRK came to Red Cliff with his parents among the pioneers of the early days when a boy, and has resided here almost continuously ever since. His death occurred on the 38the anniversary of his birth. The deceased followed the avocation of a miner and was an expert in that line of work. On Sunday the body was taken to Eagle for interment, where funeral service were held on Monday. The deceased's mother, Mrs. Dennis QUIRK , and Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McGUIRE, of Eagle, and Mr. and Mrs. Dan QUIRK, of Leadville, were summoned, but only Mr. McGUIRE arrived in time to see his relative alive. (23 Mar 1899 Eagle County Blade p. 3)

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