Colorado Springs High School Yearbook
Lever Annual 1922
(El Paso County, Colorado)

page 4
Bair, F.H. - Superintendent of City Schools
Grindle, R.M. - Principal of Lincoln Annex

page 5
Roe, W.S. - Principal of High School
Votaw, L.D. - Director of Extra Curricular Acitivies

page 6 & 7
Norton, Edwin - Editor-in-Chief
Van Diest, Eloise - Assistant Editor
Winter, Harold - Assistant Editor
Newman, Robert - Business Manager
Osborne, Margaret - Literary Editor
Wilt, Ruby - Organizations Editor
Crane, Christina - Alumni Editor
Brown, Albert - Athletic Editor
Gwillym, Katheryne - Faculty Editor
Sewell, Helen - Art Editor
Dennis, William - Snapshot Editor
Shook, Pearl - Mirror Editor
Danks, Louise - Mirror Editor
Malsbury, Mariam - Feature Editor
Lehman, Lawrence - Advertising Editor
Davidson, Addidtant Advertising Manager
Williamson, Dorothy - Cover by

Dawes, Miss Pansy
Hunt, L.M.
Parsons, Miss
Steele, W.H.
Votaw, L.D.

page 9 & 10
Albrecht, Joseph - Manual Training
Avery, Mary - Science
Ballinger, W.R. - Mathematics
Bartlett, Florence - Modern Language
Bateman, Lillian - English
Bateman, Mabel - Mathematics
Bateman, Ruth - Mathematics
Brooker, Lena M.
Clary, T.J. - Manual Training
Davis, Lizzie C. - Matron
Dawes, Pansy - Art
Dearling, Marjorie - English
Denton, Mildred - Secretary
Dessaint, Edna - Modern Languages
Fink, Fred - Music
Fowler, Leon - Manual Training
Gilfillan, Dorothy - English
Grant, Emma - Mathematics
Grant, Emma B. - Modern Languages
Graves, Cycil H. - Mathematics
Grindle, Ross M. - Principal of Lincoln School
Hale, E.H. - Manual Training
Hall, Edith - History
Harvey, Fred E. - Modern Languages
Hedblom, Edward - Science
Hoffmire, Clara B. - Music
Holm, Dagmer - Modern Languages
Hunt, L.M. - History
Jacques, Edna - Modern Languages
Jennings, Klara R.T. - Physical Training
Johnson, Lillian - History
Johnston, Elizabeth - Mathematics
Jordan, Harriet - English
Juden, Nancy - English
Kline, Dan - Coach
Langeridge, F.N. - Manual Training
Larson, Alma - Commercial
Lee, Edna M. - English
Lee, J.S. - Science
Maxwell, M.F. - Mathematics
McKenzie, Albert - Manual Training
Meier, Anna - Domestic Science
Mills, Leone - English
Norton, Winona - English
Parsons, Ernestine - History
Patterson, Ruby M. - English
Peckham, H.E. - Science
Phelps, Eunice - Assistant Librarian
Poer, Robert - History
Pratt, Lucile - Commercial
Read, Byron J. - History
Rehm, H.C. - History
Roe, William S. - Principal
Rouse, Mary Jan - Assistant Secretary
Russell, Maqrgaret M. - Registrar
Shelledy, Ruth - English
Shutts, Daniel - Science
Smith, Lulu B. - English
Sproul, Carrie B. - Commercial
Steele, W.H. - Science
Strachan, Mary C. - Mathematics
Strang, Madeline - Mathematics
Tarr, Laura - Cafeteria Manager
Taylor, Ella - Modern Languages
Tharp, Jennie
Trovinger, Vanita - Librarian
Turnbell, Belle - English
Turner, Pearl V. - Commercial
Vermillion, Ruth K. - Assistant Secretary
Votaw, L.D. - Extra Curricular Activites
Willis, Willet R. - Science
Woodworth, Harmony - English

page 16
Class of 1922
By Ruth Atnip and Malcolm Putty.
We the class of twenty-two,
Now bid you a sad adieu;
The class that's been surpassed by none;
The Class that's proven true.
Dear school, through these four years e've gone --
With hopes to graduate --
For Senior goals we've struggled on,
To learn Life's lesson great.
We've taken pride, our school, in you,
We've worked to lead the rest,
We've tried our uttermost to do,
What we believed was best.
And now we part, dear school of ours,
To go our many ways;
With memories of sweetest hours --
Which graced our high school days,

Although we go to differant climes
In other land or sphere;
We'll all remember school day times,
The days of joy and cheer.
The friends we've made while there each day,
Though numbered by the score,
Will in our minds as treasures stay --
Although we meet no more.
But e'er we go lets give a toast --
To all who are to come;
May they be qualified to boast
Of a class like twenty-two.
Just one more word as we pass by,
And go upon life's way,
May God look down on C.S. High --
And bless her every day.

page 20
Killen, Helen Marie
Kemp, Russell Rush
Knowles, Margaret Fleming
Kratz, Marjorie
Lisenby, Nora Elizabeth
McKerral, Ethel Mae
McCaw, Eith
McCaughey, J. Edwin
McCleary, Verda Bill
McDaniels, Carolyn

page 21
Shivers, George Clansman
Sewell, Helen Adeline
Trump, Harold
Tubbs, Losi Evadnae
Thomas, Ralph Anderson
Crews, Richard A.
Cole, Alice Eileen
Crump, Lillian Virginia
Cordingly, Nora Laura Ruth
Drumellor, G. Edgar

page 22
Edwards, Hazel
Engle, J. Curtis
Ecke, Estha Burdine
Edstrom, David
Edwards, Audrey
Leggett, Arline Elizabeth
Love, Sarah Jane
Lehman, Lawrence
Land, Marian Evelyn Oma
Louderback, Glen Haines

page 23
Harrison, Marjorie Elizabeth
Hagus, Edward
Huber, Genevieve Mary
Hollingsworth, Wilfred Pierce
Harless, Beulah Teral
Johnson, Mildred Burwell
Jones, Russell
Kier, Luella May
Kirst, Darward
Kwist, Lida Kathern

page 24
Theobald, Gladys Evelyn
Timmons, Thomas Albert Jr.
Thomson, Winefred L.
Topping, Charles H.
Theobald, Hazel Margaret
Mary Elizabeth
Lefton, Jacob Rex
Lester, Mattie Leona
Lester, Hattie May
Lester, James Buchanan

page 25
Reinking, Alice
Risher, Wilma
Rouse, Mary Jane
Strachan, Frank C.
Sanson, Mildred
Jamison, A. Noel
Johnson, Vivian Constance
Johnson, Virgil
January, Velta Blanche
Jackson, Marvin

page 26
Taylor, Davis Green
Thompkins, Dorothy Elizabeth
Thomas, Clare L.
Tarr, Phyllis Bently
Thomas, Fred
Bernhart, Reynold H.
Baum, Corinne Helen
Bixler, Mary
Bower, Florence Allene
Burt, Mildred Lucile

page 27
Newsome, Harold R.
Newman, Robert B.
Nassour, William
Norton, Edwin Weber
Neff, James Floyd Jr.
Gardner, Earl
Gossard, Lola Mae
Goss, Sanford William
Greenberg, Ruth Frances
Hathaway, Charles E.

page 28
Spurgeon, Robert L.
Sellergren, Louise Edna M.
Schlegel, Beatrice Lois
St. Clair, Charles Truman
Scrimpf, Bonnie Lee
Allen, Laurine Fletcher
Acuff, William Fred L.
Atnip, Cracia Ruth
Armit, John Lees
Andrews, Ulysses J.

page 29
Strang, Hubert Cozine
Shook, J. Pearl
Sumner, Lawson D.
Smith, Juanita
Sheff, Robert L.
Dunning, George Freeman
Dobbin, Marjorie M.
Daugherty, Larua Gladys
Davidson, Kenneth
Dennis, William A.

page 30
Danks, Helen Louise
Daily, Edwin Francis
Danielson, Edith
Essman, Viola Esther
Evers, Lillian Rosina
Broadbent, Vivian E.
Beck, Robert Irwin
Broyles, Nellie Maude
Bassett, Clyde
Brown, Bess Estella

page 31
Vermillion, Ruth Keller
VanDiest, Eloise Margaret
Vaughn, James L.
Wilt, Ruby Alice
White, Harold A.
Patterson, Mary Minerva
Paullins, George E. Jr.
Rawley, Freda Eleanor
Rahm, Irene Mildred

page 32
Murphy, Edith
Onufrock, Frank
Osborne, Margaret Delano
Olmstead, Royal Elwin
Ormes, Robert Manly
Larkin, Ruth Anne
Loub, Ogden F.
Long, Louise
Lackey, Milford Fiske
Lipscomb, Clifton

page 33
Hanna, Lois
Hopkins, Charles Dickenson Jr.
Hendricks, Anna Laura
Hymas, Clen L.
Heckman, Jeanette
Metz, Joyce E.
Monck, Olive Margaret
Macnche, Walter C.
Mehring, Edith Lucile
Mraz, Clotilda

page 34
Milliken, John Tait Jr.
Malsbary, Mariam Ketih
Mathis, Blanche E.
Mosely, Maurice
Mercer, Naomi
Shady, Melva Glennerne
Sutton, Katherine Black
Sharp, Arthur Gideon Jr.
Sheesley, E.
Scott, Harriet

page 35
Cody, Louise Clement
Clark, Lowell Archie
Clow, Daisy Agnes
Crane, Christina Adella
Coray, Peggy
Williamson, Dorothy Margaret
Winter, Harold Levison
Wallace, Helen Esther
Wallace, Asher
Wolgamood, Charlotte

page 36
Yates, Jack
Young, Ruby
Zeigler, Beatrice Neola
Range, Robert
Baleck, Alfred
Hupp, Lawrence
Humm, Gladys M.
Hamrick, Gled O.
Holt, Dolora Frances
Holland, John Frederick

page 37
Broyles, Eugene
Bullard, Olive May
Brady, Harriet
Henderson, Helen F.
Clark, Eva
Warner, Daniel Esterman
Winchester, Reava L.
Weiss, Arthur Gordon
Wasserstrom, Helen Phyllis
Wells, G. Warren

page 38
Windolph, Leo E.
Wigton, Alida Secily
Wheeler, Carlton H.
West, Grace Pauline
Wolgamood, Leo
Postlethwaite, Isabel

page 39
Wetherell, Carlita Poole
Weaver, Marion Wright
Wilkins, Mary Helen
Walton, Rodger Francis
Wemyss, Teresa
Perkins, Edith
Poley, Margaret Susan
Putty, Malcolm Davis
Patterson, James Russell
Poley, William

page 40
Shay, Alice
Sturdivant, Carl R.
Steuert, Helen Margaret
Stout, Eva Bernice
Sunderlin, Clark Norris
Auld, Edwin C.
Briggs, Myron L.
Bernhardt, Erna
Brewington, Gertrude
Brundage, Lucille

page 41
Fritchle, Clifford
Fraser, Mary
Goff, Ruth
Guley, Hazel Mae
Gilmore, Derwood S. Jr.
McBurney, Helen Margaret
Malsbury, William Mahan
Mortimer, Muriel Elizabeth
Miller, Norma
Miller, Oliver Jackson

page 42
Gwillim, Katharyne Morgan
Goodrow, Earl
Galley, Enid Wella
Gardner, Wray Rodger
Griffith, Florence G.
Brice, Charles
Bosley, Ruth Irene
Bish, Esther Leona
Brown, J. Albert
Blacklock, Isadore Erma

page 43 (no class pictures shown)
Elkins, Anna Almira
Curtis, Helen
Keyte, Ross
Mahan, James Wright
Schmitt, Anna Lee
Spingler, Leslie
Strain, Otha
Whitlow, Wrenn
Wood, Dorothea Mae