Wallick, Carrier & Flora Families

Discovery in early 2006 that Alice KINGSBURY was Clarence M FLORA's first of three wives caused a search of newspaper items, one of which was from August 12th, 1892, page 3, Oswego Independent, to wit:

"Mrs L E Carries (sic), aunt and Miss Maud (sic) Wallick cousin of Mrs Alice Flora, deceased, from Chicago attended the funeral, as did, ...."

Miss Maud Wallick was Maude WALLICK (1870 IN-1940 CO) my maternal grandmother who wed William Walter FLORA (1871 KS-1922 CO) 21st August 1892 at Carthage, Missouri. Her wedding attendance card was signed, among others, by Mrs L E CARRIER.

Maude's Colorado death certificate gives her birth date as "March 21, 1870", yet 1870 census would lead one to believe 1869.

Pearle's Minnesota death certificate gives birth as "August 18 1973".

The two girls were the only children of Capt William F M WALLICK (1842 OH-1873 IN) and Elizabeth HAGEE (1843 PA-1877 IN), married June 25 1868 in Miami county, Indiana.

William W FLORA was youngest of three surviving children of the February 10, 1867 Lyon county, Kansas union between John Andrew FLORA (1845 IN-1934 KS) and Mary Elizabeth SHULTS (1851 OH-1874 KS). Clarence Morton (1868 KS-1924 OK) the eldest, with Harriette Amanda (Flora) Gray (1869 KS-1956 ME) between two brothers, then William Walter (1871 KS-1922 CO) raised from age three (after death of mother and sister Jennie G, 9 Nov 1874) till "young adulthood", ca 1885 by his maternal grandmother Harriet Catherine (Sterling) SHULTS (1824 NY-1905 KS).

Maude and Pearle were orphaned in 1877 with death of their mother, father died in 1873 but had three sisters, Orintha A (1838 OH-xxxx) married Henry Diebert 10 May 1860, in Miami county, Indiana, was in Topeka, Ks 1870 with two children, Walter, 4 and Maud, 3/12, next oldest is music teacher, Elmira (1842 OH-1901 IL) in 1870 living in household of Lyman B CARRIER, Grundy county, IL, married his son Lyman E CARRIER (1853 NY-1936 MI), nine years younger than she, 1 Jan 1873 in Grundy county, having no children and Mary WALLICK (1848 OH-xxxx), married Frank E KINGSBURY, 1869 in Miami county, Indiana with one daughter Alice born 1870/3.

1880 census of Kane county, IL has in Dr Lyman E CARRIER household, wife Elmira (Wallick) CARRIER, Mary (Wallick) KINGSBURY with daughter Alice (1873-1892 KS), later married C M FLORA in Oswego, KS --- 1900 census, Lyman, then a farmer in Ottawa county, MI, with wife Elmira and a servant Loretta KNISELEY (1870-1908 MI) whom he married in 1902, following Elmira's 1901 death. Loretta, died 1908 but they had one son, Lyman then married Elizabeth MILES Dec 1912, having four children. Lyman died in Kalamazoo, MI Jan 1936.

Lyman E's brother Charles W CARRIER (1850 NY-xxxxIL) was also a physician, later owner of drug business in Des Plaines IL, other brother Frank worked with his father.

Lyman's father (1827 NY-1908 IL), Grundy county, IL was building pumps and windmills moving his business to Joliet, IL where he died 1908.

It is unclear where Maude spent from 1880 census in household of Benjamin BANKS, Miami county, IN and the news article of 12th August 1892, or where/why she adopted the name "Gault", which could have been from an earlier marriage(?). She may have lived with her aunt Elmira in Illinois Her wedding notice in the Labette County Democrat August 25, 1892 said, to wit:

"His bride has been in Chicago for past year, but is well known in our city and is esteemed for her good qualities."

Possibly visiting the unknown relative with Alice between 1890 and 1892(?). They had two daughters born in Carthage, MO where they moved after wedding, and where his sister and brother-in-law, Carl Raymond GRAY with Frisco RR, lived from 1890 to turn of the century. Floras moving to Colorado Springs in 1900.

We found Pearle in 1880 census with a family named Akright in Muddy Bayou, Faulkner county, AR, listed as a "servant", age 7.There was an Arkright land owner in Miami county, IN once. Pearle was second wife of Albert D Jacobs (1874 GER-1963 MI) in Marquette, MI, moving to Duluth, MN early 1900s, they had one son, Pearle died in1930.

We may never know all the details of the lives of our ancestors, but with help from many others, we have learned much.   

Additional Comments:

Maude (Wallick) FLORA and William are buried Blk 58, Evergreen cemetery, Colo Sprgs, CO --- Pearle (Wallick) Jacobs is buried in Forrest Hill cemetery, Duluth, MN

Compiled by: William (Bill) Samuel BOGGESS (3 Dec 2007),  maternal grandson of Maude and Will FLORA, raised at Carthage, Missouri(ah)
File at: http://files.usgwarchives.net/co/elpaso/bios/wallick4bs.txt