Marriage Register for 1879

The Colorado Springs Gazette
Sunday, January 4, 1880; page 2

Marriage Register for 1879

We give below a list of the marriages which have been recorded in the office of the county clerk during the past year.


5th - Frank E. KIMBALL and Minnie Clare ELLISON, by Rev. R.C. Bristol.

16th - Donalson LYNCH and Mrs. Jennie OSBORN, by Rev. J.A. Stayt.

27th - Solomon DAWSON and Rachael FARRIS, by Rev. R.T. Cross.

28th - Henry TEMPLETON and Mrs. Nellie HERWING, by Rev. J.A. Stayt.

30th - Adan HEMENWAY and Miss Alice BARTON, by Rev. J.A. Stayt.


1st - Wilson E. HAMMON and Deborah A. HIGHEBY, by Rev. G.A. Crissman.

9th - Phillip KILOWN and Aanie CANNON, by Rev. F. Bender.

19th - Leroy CATTLETT and Tilly McLAUGHLIN, by Justice I.M. Hensley.

19th - F.M. LINN and Ona K. JONES, by Justice E.P. McAlroy.

26th - Isaac G. ERICSON and Zade B. BRISCOE, by Rev. R.T. Cross.


3rd - Elmer PHILLIPS and Celia LEGORE, by Justice G.H. Stewart.

10th - George W. PHILLIPS and Lillie BAILIE, by Rev. J.A. Stayt.

20th - Hugh M. HARBERT and Mattie L. KENNEDY, by Rev. R.T. Cross.

20th - J. W. IRWIN and Minnie M. EDWARDS, by Rev. F.C. Millington.


6th - Collins A. COLLIER and Mary E. COLEBY, by Justice W. T. Plumb.

17th - George F. NEWTON and Elizabeth CANE, by Rev. J.A. Stayt.


1st - James DONOVON and Ellen MELAY, by Rev. F. Bender.

9th - Charles WILSON and Mary CROW, by Justice G.H. Stewart.

23rd - Joseph F. MORLEY and Mary S. LAWTON, by Rev. R. T. Cross.

27th - Harry T. WARE and Lizzie L. GRAFF, by Rev. O.L. Lindell.


8th - Malgert WILKINS and Mrs. Ada LEBAN, by Rev. J.A. Stayt.

9th - Henry COBY and Candis A. ABBEY, by Justice James Roberts.

18th - John KING and Lucinda MULLEN, by Rev. R.T. Cross.

24th - A.P. FAPLENDER and Mary H. BECK, by Justice G.H. Stewart.

25th - R.U. SHEA and Sarah S. SUTIZIS, by Justice James Davis.

30th - Frank FLANNAGAN and Anastasia O'DONAGHAU, by F. Bender.


1st - George MAKLY and E.M. NUTTANK, by Rev. F. Bender.

1st - Huskel WILLARD and Anne SHOCKLEY, by Justice W.J. Hardy.

7th - R.W. ROUNDS and America J. BRADBOURN, by Justice Levin Crapper.

9th - Samuel L. GRIFFIN and Mary J. HALIBY, by Justice E. Price.

11th - Jacob HEWITTSON and Dicy Ellen HALBERT, by Justice W.T. Plumb.

16th - James B. MURPHY and Allice L. PARKER, by Rev. R.T. Cross.

17th - Charles J. PATIN and Mary FELTON, by rev. R.T. Cross.

18th - James P. KILLEN and E.P. DOBBIN, by Rev. H.B. Gage.

19th - Thomas M. SALEM and Eliza M. SHIDLER, by Justice J.D. Woodruff.

23rd - William A. NOEL and Hattie E. COLBERN, by Rev. James Goodman.

26th - George M. WANMAKER and Mrs. Nettie F. FAY, by Rev. R.T. Cross

27th - Shannon B. STURGES and Mary RILEY, by Justice W.T. Plumb.


2nd - Jessey CRAFT and Clara DIXON, by Justice E. Price

6th - G.W. CASTEEL and E.E. GILMAN, by Justice E.P. McAlrey.

9th - Charles M. HOBBS and Sabina S. BLAINE, by Rev. R.T. Cross

20th - Wilbur LEWIS and Flora E. COLBURN, by Rev. A.L. Vail.


7th - Daniel C. ADKINS and Lora C. GUIRE, by Rev. George B. Armstrong.

9th - Ira P. HOLCOMB and Perlia N. PACKARD, by Rev. R.T. Cross.

10th - Charles E. DURKEE and Rose M. WOOD, by Rev. James Goodman.

14th - George S. CARPENTER and Katie A. BROWN, by Rev. W. A. Hyde.

15th - Edwin C. GITTINGS and Ella P. BEECHER, by Rev. R.T. Cross.

18th - J.F. TINER and E.J. FAGAN, by Rev. James Goodman.

20th - Charles C. KINGBURY and Melissa BERNARD, by Justice G.H. Stewart.

24th - Charles E. KNAPP and Eliza SUMERVILLE, by Rev. R.T. Cross.


6th - Marshall A. BACON and Carrie C. BRAINARD, by Rev. W.L. Slutz.

14th - Zeb BRADEN and Ellen CANFIELD, by Rev. E.A. De La Hanty.

20th - G.W. MARTIN and Mary DOOLEY, by Rev. George B. Armstrong.

26th - David F. BURSON and Ralie MEDNER, by Rev. W.L. Slutz.

28th - Russell GATES and Ellen W. COVEY, by Rev. W. L. Slutz.


2nd - William H. MACKEY and Carrie E. LISER, by Deacon James P. Easterly.

11th - J.W. DOUGHTY and Bertha BIDLE, by Rev. George B. Armstrong.

13th - Geroge L. BAKER and Bettie BELCHER, by Rev. W.L. Slutz.

19th - Sheldon C. HALL and Mary RYAN, Rev. W.L. Slutz.

26th - William L. JARVIS and Anna Bell RHODES, by W.W. Perkins.

27th - James W. HURST and Della S. RIGGS, by Rev. W.L. Slutz.

30th - George THOMPSON and Ruey A. MACKEY, by Deacon J.P. Easterly.


10th - F.C. GOUDY and Ida GEPHART, in Valley Falls, Kansas, by Rev. D. Wilson.

24th - Alexander THOMSON and Minnie SCOTT, by W.D. Westervelt.

24th - Winfield SCOTT and Jennie THOMSON, by Rev. W.D. Westervelt.

25th - Harry ILES and Adelle A. CLEMENT, by Rev. W. L. Slutz.

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