List of Colorado Springs, CO Men and Women in Military Service 1917-1918 K-S

WWI Service List, Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado

Thank you to Milt and Mary Lou of the Pikes Peak Genealogy Society and to Penrose Library

for donating the index cards so they may be placed on-line!


Last Name       First Name                Address                                    Branch Listed       Comments
Kaessner,       Grover Andrew             515 Cheyenne Rd., City
Kahl,           Otto Robert Herman        Star Ranch, City
Kalar,          Harry L.                  2327 W. Bijou
Kambes,         Earl                      528 E. Bijou
Kaminomka,      Louis B.                  C/O C.A. Baldwin, Broadmore
Kampf,          Fred                      1506 N. Tejon St.
Kapelke,        Paul                      818 E. High
Keen,           Iliff Basil               507 W. Colorado Av., City
Kenner,         Geo. H.                   426 E. Cache La Poudre
Keezer,         James G.                  Manitou
Kelleher,       Thomas C.                 724 N. Nevada Ave.
Kelsey,         F.G.                      108 E. Boulder St.
Kennedy,        Lee Roy                   Motor Route A., Colo. Sp'gs.
Kennedy,        William                   842 E. Moreno St.
Kenner,         Alfred W.                 1820 N. Wahsatch Ave.
Kenney,         Dyas                      1001 Lincoln Ave.
Kennock,        J.W.                      323 E. Cucharras
Kern,           William B.                516 W. Platte Ave.
Kester,         Guy B.
Kidd,           Earl D.                   1729 Hayes St.
Kidd,           Henry Phillip             1729 Hayes Ave.
Killgallon,     Bert                      308 N. Walnut St.
Kinzey,         Herbert Paul              Motor Route A., Colo. Sp'gs.
Kinding,        Theodore P.               1131 N. Chesnut
King,           Arthur D.                 1117 N. Nevada Ave.
King,           Rudolph Joseph            307 S. Seventeenth St.
Kinsey,         Elmer                     626 S. Sierra Madre St.
Kinsley,        Arthur C. Capt.           1340 N. Weber St.
Kinsman,        Earl                      1610 S. Tejon St.
Kinsman,        Robert                    1610 S. Tejon
Kirby,          Deane                     1123 N. Weber
Kirby,          Benjamin Harrison         117 W. Second St., Ivywild.
Kirkland,       A.C.                      1414 N. Tejon St.
Kitner,         Merwin Harold             26 W. Huerfano
Kittleman,      Sam W.                    J.G.K. 1512 N. Tejon
Klein,          Max                       27 Boulder Crescent
Knight,         Emmett                    211 N. Institute St.
Knight,         J. Alfred                 919 N. Wahsatch Ave.
Knockles,       Sidney
Knowles,        Thomas R.                 St. Francis Hospital, 1723 N. Nevada Ave.
Koerner,        Lawrence F.               312 W. St. Vrain
Koonz,                                    822 E. Moreno
Kramer,         Harry S.                  1122 N. Cascade Ave.
Krause,         George H.                 1421 Wood Ave.
Kurth,          Norval A.                 1216 N. Wahsatch Ave.
Kyle,           Clifford                  210 Jefferson
Lacey,          David                     3019 W. Bijou
LaClave,        James                     818 N. Nevada
Lagerborg,      Alexander H.              720 E. Uintah St.
Lane,           Elmus E.
Lanning,        Edward Albert             Motor Route A., City
Lansing,        Charles B.                1938 Wood Ave.
Larkin,         Cecil M.                  226 Main, Roswell
Larkin,         Louis D.                  818 S. Wahsatch Ave.
Larreson,       Cecil                     508 W. Bijou St.
Larrison,       Herekel                   508 W. Bijou
Larrison,       Homer                     508 W. Bijou
Larsen,         Lloyd C.                  1319 N. Nevada St.
Law,            J.W.                      1012 E. Moreno
Law,            Ruth                      816 N. Weber
Law,            William Eugene            Motor Route A., City
Lay,            Harry T. Major            Woodman P.O.
Le Bas,         Raleigh Bascom            Manitou, Colorado
Le Blere,       J.D.                      818 N. Nevada Ave.
Lee,            Charles                   218 E. Victoria St.
Lee,            Norman J.                 615 E. Yampa St.
Leeman,         Frank S.                  620 W. Bijou
Leeman,         Harry V.                  20 W. Bijou
Lendrum,        Alex M.                   1018 N. Weber St.
Leonard,        Henry Major               1435 N. Cascade Ave.
Lesher,         David B.                  409 N. Tejon St.
Lester,         Harvey Virgil             141 Osage St., Manitou
Levey,          Milton M.                 525 E. Cache La Poudre St.
Levine,         Sam                       Manitou Ave., Manitou
Lewis,          Wm. A.                    723 W. Colo. Ave
Lierd,          Cliffton L.               18 S. 13th St.
Liljestrom,     George W.                 1117 N. Nevada Ave.
Lindsay,        George E.                 171 Ute Ave., Manitou
Lindsay,        H.E.                      Manitou
Ling,           Philip E.  C.C.           1122 N. Cascade Ave.
Lippiat,        Herbert C.
Lister,         Eugene Fitzgerald         Ruxton Ave., Manitou
Lloyd,          Robert                    1528 N. Nevada Ave.
Lloyd,          William Jr.               1528 N. Nevada Ave.
Lockhart,       Robert Lee                1607 N. Royer
Lodwick,        Paul N.                   1230 N. Tejon St.
Logan,          Benjanin H.               427 S. Nevada
Lomeli,         Ramon                     2 1/2 mi. west of Manitou
Long,           Floyd (Fluke)             709 S. Sawatch.
Longfield,      John Mark                 830 E. Cache La Poudre
Longstaff,      Clarence W.               1018 Lincoln Ave.
Lonjers,        E.F.                      428 N. Prospect St.
Lonjers,        Henry William             Atkins Gardens, City
Loomis,         Elton F.                  3306 W. Colorado Ave.
Loomis,         Harold W.                 420 E. Del Norte St.
Loomis,         Phillip A.                1414 Culebra Ave.
Lorraine,       Joseph M.
Losey,          J.W.                      428 N. Walnut St.
Losh,           John Louis                Union Printers' Home
Loud,           William B.                1203 N. Tejon St.
Louvenstein,    Joe                       Motor Route A., City
Lovett,         John H.                   309 S. Wahsatch Ave.
Lovewell,       Percy A.                  831 N. Spruce St.
Lowell,         Charles L.                727 N. Nevada Ave.
Lowndes,        Charles F.                22 W. Buena Ventura
Luckinger,      Wm. B.
Luenberger,     Ray C.                    326 East St. Vrain
Luke,           Carles O.
Luking,         Francis Joseph            Manitou Ave., Manitou
Lunt,           Lawrence K.               431 N. Cascade Ave.
Lyle,           Lloyd R.                  210 Jefferson Ave.
Lynch,          J.V.                      516 W. Bijou
Lynch,          Leo E.                    516 W. Bijou St.
Lynch,          Thomas                    1002 Colorado Ave.
Lyons,          Gus                       316 E. Second St.
Lyons,          Thomas                    R.R.L., Colorado Springs
McAdams,        Theodore P.               319 E. Rio Grande
McAlester,      Louis A.                  Manitou, Colorado
McBride,        W.H.                      922 N. Cedar St.
McCabe,         T.J.                      709 S. Nevada Ave.
McCabe,         Wm.                       Manitou
McCaffrey,      Frank D.                  1102 Washington Ave.
McCaffrey,      George J.                 1102 W. Pikes Peak
McCaffrey,      John L.                   11 W. Boulder St.
McCammon,       Frank J.                  14 S. Eighteenth St.
McCammon,       Floyd F.                  14 S. Eighteenth St.
McCarten,       Daniel C.                 729 W. Cucharras St.
McCartin,       Emmett J.                 729 W. Cucharras St.
McCaskill,      R.E.                      31 N. Nevada Ave.
McCauley,       Charles A.                1006 S. Nevada Ave.
McClain,        James W., Jr.             911 N. Nevada Ave.
McCleave,       William                   15 E. Fountanero St.
McClintock,     Donald                    931 N. Corona St.
McClinton,      Carl L.                   15 E. Fountain
McCoy,          Lawrence W.               925 S. Conjos St.
McCoy,          Orlando Z.                521 S. Tejon St.
McCrory,        Wayne                     749 E. Kiowa St.
McCuan,         Joe H.                    930 N. Weber St.
McCulloch,      Arthur C.                 308 Washington Ave.
McCune,         David W.                  Plaza Hotel, Colo. Springs
McCune,         Jonas F.                  Formerly 631 N. Cascade Ave.
McDaniel,       Paul Leo                  631 E. Willamette
McDaniel,       Verne C.                  631 E. Willamette
McDouagh,       Matthew                   1324 Lincoln Ave.
McDonald,       Patrick                   2205 W. Pikes Peak Ave.
McDonald,       William A.                805 S. Cascade Ave.
McDougall,      John A.                   1215 N. El Paso St.
McDougall,      Robert D.                 1215 N. El Paso St.
McDowell,       Frederick Warren          Manitou Ave., Manitou
McDowell,       Leslie G.                 911 W. Cucharass
McFarland,      L.L.                      14 E. Fountain
McFarland       Lyle L.                   707 S. Tejon St.
McGregor,       H.B.                      109 S. Nevada Ave.
McHenry,        Ray L.                    10 E. Cimarron
McIntosh,       Wilfred W.                840 E. Platte Ave.
McKesson,       Claude L.                 631 N. Weber St.                           1st officer training camp at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas 1st lieut in E.C.
McKesson,       William B.                631 N. Weber St.
McKinley,       Ashley                    911 N. Nevada Ave.                                             Mother, Kappa Sig
McKinley,       Ashley A.                 911 N. Nevada
McKinley,       Kennett                   911 N. Nevada Ave.                                             Mother, Kappa Sig - 911 N. Nevada
McKinnie,       Lewis Hugh                1816 Wood Ave.
McKnight,       M. Luther                 112 Lincoln Ave.
McLennan,       Clarence K.               224 N. Spruce St.
McLennan,       G.W.                      224 N. Spruce
McLennan,       Malcolm R.                224 N. Spruce St.
McLennan,       Walter                    224 N. Spruce St.
McMahon,        Floyd G.                  415 E. Kiowa St.
McMartin,       Harold                    61 S. Tejon
McMillin,       Harry Earl                Broadmoor, City
McNillan,       Neil                      1122 N. Cascade Ave.
McNeil,         Fred
McNulty,        George Eddy               387 Manitou Ave., Manitou
McPherson,      John C.                   2215 W. Colorado Ave.                                          (Mrs. Mary ---- )
McTheney,                                 1118 W. Cucharras
Mack,           Charles E.                918 N. Weber St.
Mackay,         Edwin W.                  525 N. Royer St.
Madden,         John
Maderia,        J.P.                      6 Cheyenne Rd.                                                Mother, Mary F.
Madejan,        Charles Edward            933 Cheyenne Rd., City
Magee,          Dave                      525 N. Wahsatch Ave. (Geo. Elliott)
Magee,          Robert                    525 N. Wahsatch
Magnusson,      Emil                      610 N. Cascade
Mahan,          Dwight                    31 Tenth St., Ivywild                                          Father, J.W.
Mahan,          Virgil
Maharry,        Earl M.                   905 N. Cedar St.
Mann,           Albert F.                 423 Adelaide Place
Manning,        Chas. E.T.                601 N. Nevada
Mansholt,       Herman E.                 Gillespie, Ill. 9 S. Wahsatch
Marbough,       Dr. E.M.                  601 N. Cascade Ave.
Mark,           John Henry                727 N. Wahsatch Ave.
Marker,         Preston                   1123 N. Corona St.
Marquis,        H.G.  Corporal
Marsh,          James I.                  311 Grant St.
Marshall,       Earl Martin               331 N. Main St., City
Marshall,       Eugene                    314 E. Willamette
Marshall,       G.L.                      402 S. Tenth St.
Marshall,       Wade O.                   813 W. Moreno
Marston,        Rowland                   1319 N. Nevada Ave.
Martin,         Earl G.                   1111 Wood Ave.
Martin,         Edward Frederick          309 Cheyenne Blvd., City
Martin,         Ernest D.                 1411 S. Tejon St.
Martin,         Harry W.                  2119 W. Bijou St.
Martin,         Thomas                    2119 W. Bijou St.
Mason,          Glenn                     Manitou
Mason,          Ralph C.                  619 N. Prospect St.
Massaro,        James                     Ranch, Colorado Springs
Matejka,        Frank                     Motor Route A., Colorado Springs
Matheny,        John Wesley               118 W. Cucharras
Matheny,        W.H.                      1118 W. Cucharras
Mathews,        Arthur D.                 822 N. Corona St.
Mathews,        Carroll B.                24 Tenth St., Ivywild
Matzen,         Elmer                     Cook at McRae Resturant
Matzinskey,     Oscar F.                  636 E. Monument St.
Maxwell,        Elden                     826 E. Moreno
Maxwell,        R.W.                      1517 N. Weber St.
Maxwell,        W. Floyd                  1517 N. Weber St.
May,            Edward J.                 1609 W. Cheyenne Rd.
Mayer,          C.F.                      525 N. Watch
Meenach,        Parlie                    Manitou
MeisCahn,       Ernest                    1140 Lincoln Ave.
Meislahn,       Edward                    3165 W. Pikes Peak
Merrill,        Glen                      1319 N. Nevada Ave.
Meservey,       Thomas A.                 2007 N. Tejon St.
Miessley,       D.C.                      1115 Washington Ave.
Mickle,         Vernon R.                 416 N. Walnut St.
Miller,         Benjamin                  1021 W. Kiowa St.
Miller,         Benjamin F.               2928 N. Cascade Ave.
Miller,         Charles                   210 N. Cedar St.
Miller,         Chas. F.
Miller,         Chester B.                211 E. Huerfano St.
Miller,         C.F.                      127 1/2 S. Tejon St.
Miller,         Clinton V.G.              1319 N. Nevada Ave.
Miller,         Don                       833 E. Cache La Poudre
Miller,         William Walter            P.O. Box 747, Colorado Springs
Millette,       Fred George               Manitou, Colorado
Mills,          Frank F.                  1128 E. Monument St.
Milton,         G.N.                      210 E. Cucharras
Minor,          Clarence                  333 S. El Paso St.
Mitchell,       Curtis L.                 748 E. Costilla
Mitchell,       F.N.                      513 W. Bijou St.
Mitchell,       Leslie E.                 1114 E. High St.
Mitchell,       Lorin B.                  515 W. Bijou St.
Mitchell,       R.W.                      202 S. Eighteenth St.
Mithcell,       Thomas                    202 S. 18th St.
Mitts,          Leslie                    1440 N. Weber
Moberly,        Dulany                    Motor Route A., Colorado Springs
Mollenhauer,    John William              Washington Ave., Manitou
Monsanto,       Hubert Francis            126 E. Cucharras
Montague,       Frank                     230 W. Platte Ave.
Montgomery,     Paul Leslie               123 W. Fountain
Montgomery,     R.J.                      833 E. Willamette
Montgomery,     William E.                509 Cheyenne Rd.
Moore,          F. Stillwell              123 E. Fontanero St.                                           C.S. High School
Moore,          Harold S.T.C.             320 N. Wasatch
Moore,          James C.                  320 N. Wasatch
Moore,          John H.                   1020 E. Boulder
Moore,          Maurice J.                1709 W. Cucharras
Moore,          Roy E.                    216 N. Tejon
Moore,          V.C.                      2111 W. Pikes Peak Ave.
Moore,          W.R.                      9 E. Dale St.
Moraites,       George                    28 1/2 N. Tejon St.
Morath,         Ed. H.                    17 E. Jefferson St.                        F.A.M.
More,           Philip W.                 1 Cheyenne Blvd.
Morris,         Rolland R.                127 N. Nevada Ave.
Morris,         V. Irving                 202 N. 24th St., West C.S.
Morrison,       Dr. C.S.                  2217 W. Colorado Ave.
Morrison,       William George            2807 N. Cascade Ave.
Morrow          Walter Thomson            8 Hazel Ave., Broadmoor
Mortenson,      Harold                    Stratton Farm, City
Mortenson,      Ralph                     314 Berkley St.
Morton,         Edward                    1715 Hayes Ave.
Moslander,      Harry E.                  411 N. Cedar
Moye,           Dale                      315 E. Uintah St.
Moye,           E.H.                      315 E. Uintah St.
Moye,           K.J.                      315 E. Uintah St.
Moye,           Ralph                     315 E. Uintah St.                                              C.C. Grad 1914
Moyer,          Raymond R.                418 1/2 Colorado Ave.
Mudd,           Louis R.
Muir,           James F.                  611 N. Tejon St.                                               Employed by J. Thompkins of the Princess Theater before he enlisted.
Mullen,         Howard C.                 1718 S. Cascade Ave.
Mulloy,         M.E.                      137 Ruston Ave., Manitou
Munson,         Clarence Gustav           Manitou Ave., Manitou
Muroney,        Joseph                    319 E. Second St.
Murphy,         Arthur
Murphy,         Lloyd Cecil               Motor Route A., City
Murphy,         Morgan R.                 324 Colorado Ave.
Murphy,         Roy
Murray,         Charles                   728 S. Cascade Ave.
Murray,         Maurice L.                728 S. Cascade Ave.
Musser,         Alva Leonard              310 W. Fountain, City
Myers,          Charles R.                1025 S. Weber St.
Myers,          George                    504 S. Ninth St.
Myers,          Ned Kenneth               Colorado Springs
Myles,          Carl P.                   501 W. Bijou St.
Nash,           E.W.                      421 N. Spruce St.
Naught,         Everett                   422 Colorado Ave.
Naught,         Everett M.                414 Lincoln Ave.
Naught,         Lloyd                     414 Linclon, W. Colo. Spgs.
Naylor,         Ward Floyd                Ruxton Ave., Manitou
Neel,           Frank                     Eames, Dairy, Nob Hill
Neff,           J. Floyd                  1214 N. El Paso St.
Nellessen,      Edward H.                 529 Tremont, City
Nellingan,      T.J.                      724 S. Sahwatch Ave.,                                          Mr. A.N.
Nelson,         Albert                    217 N. Cedar
Nelson,         Clayton M.                2 W. Costilla
Nelson,         Elmer S.                  2027 Colorado Ave.
Nelson,         Ernest Milton             1419 N. Wahsatch
Nelson,         James A.                  2806 W. Kiowa St.
Nelson,         Hubert S.                 217 N. Cedar St.
Nelson,         Walter                    Colorado Springs
Neucomb,        J.E.                      602 E. Williamette
Newton,         George                    1319 N. Nevada Ave.
Newton,         Robert P.                 10-20 S. Fifth, Colo City                                      Son of Whitney N.
Nifong,         E.C.                      2328 Colorado Ave.
Nighswonger,    Neil Andrew               2807 W. Bijou
Highswonger,    Oscar R.                  2807 W. Bijou
Nixon,          Albert E.                 521 E. Pikes Peak Ave.
Nockels,        Sidney                    Broadmoor Ave., Broadmoor
Noon,           Thomas Henry              4 Beach Ave., Broadmoor
Norris,         Samuel E.                 1423 N. Corona
Norris,         William R.                1423 N. Corona St.
Northrup,       Charles R.                411 Manitou Ave., Manitou
Norton,         Albert C.                 1020 N. Wahsatch Ave.
Nostrum,        Alfred                    2411 W. Boulder St.
Nowells,        Kenneth Busey             721 W. Cucharras
Noyes,          Roland C.                 808 N. Walnut St.
Nycum,          Ord                       1424 N. Chestnut St.
Nye,            E.L.                      12 E. Huerfano
Nygren,         Harry                     815 S. Cascade                                                 (James L. Snelling)
Oaks,           H.J.                      722 S. Tejon St.
Oaks,           James Henry               722 S. Tejon
O'Brien,        William E.                1210 Wood Ave.
Odgers,         William                   903 Colorado Ave.
Odgen,          J.L.                      2904 W. Colorado Ave.
Ogden,          Roy Ervin                 Motor Route A., City
Ogilbee,        Donald W.                 148 Canon Ave., Manitou
Ogle,           W. Glenn                  2328 Colorado Ave.
Olander,        Ed W.                     835 E. Costilla
Oldfield,       Fred R.                   680 S. Tejon
Olson,          Carl                      322 Camerson St.
Olson,          Samuel E.                 1629 Hayes
Olson,          Wm. J.                    1629 Hayes
Olvey,          E.E.                      523 N. Nevada Ave.
O'Neill         Samuel H.                 Holland Dairy, City
Ooley,          Howard A.                 403 E. Costilla
Oprandi,        Vince
Oreues,         Fergreson                 1623 N. Tejon St.
Organ,          Robert J.                 1222 Colorado Ave.
Orr,            Charley                   Jack O, Park Bakery
Orr,            Owen O.                   321 N. Tejon
Orsatti,        Phyllis Guillerms.        230 E. Yampa
Osincup,        Gilbert H. Lieutenant     1430 S. Tejon St. (?)
Ostby,          Harry E.                  1006 S. Nevada Ave.
Oswald,         Stanley                   21 E. Moreno
Overholt,       William A.                Pilot Nob, Manitou
Owen,           Edward (Leonard) Joseph   444 N. Walnut
Ozburn,         Isaac Jefferson           Motor Route A., City
Pace,           George A.                 21 S. Wahsatch
Padgette,       Zeddie Roy                387 Manitou Ave., Manitou
Page,           Roy                       City
Paine,          Samuel E.                 26 E. Fountain
Painter,        Charles E.                319 E. Bijou St.
Painter,        Chas. E.                  424 N. Spruce St.
Palmer,         John Chirstopher          Rear 176 Manitou Ave., Manitou
Parish,         John C.                   224 E. Yampa St.
Park,           L.A.                      315 E. Pikes Peak
Park,           Lynne L.                  315 E. Pikes Peak Ave.
Parker,         Frank A.                  328 S. Tejon
Parker,         Fred John                 P.O. Alamo Hotel, City
Parks,          A.C.                      724 S. Cascade Ave.
Parks,          Lloyd A.                  315 E. Pikes Peak
Paroda,         Louis                     Y.M.C.A.
Parody,         Jesse Felix               13 W. Fountain St.
Parr,           Elza W.                   1119 N. Weber St.
Parr,           Perry L.                  1119 N. Weber St.
Parsons,        Edward S.                 1130 Wood Ave.
Parsons,        James Sumaker             P.O. Box 439, Colorado Springs
Partridge,      W.R.                      601 S. Tejon St.
Patchen,        John Lloyd                219 W. Second St., City
Patrick,        Thomas                    Motor Route A., City
Patterson,      Chester A.                11 E. Fountain
Patterson,      James R.                  817 W. Pikes Peak Ave.
Patterson,      Oscar                     Rex Hotel, City
Patton,         George                    817 S. Cascade
Patton,         J.E.                      2316 W. Cucharras
Paul,           John James Michael        Printers' Home, City
Paulson,        Adolph Edward             Modock, Manitou
Peak,           Charles F.                1703 N. Royer
Peak,           E.W. Corporal             1703 N. Royer St.
Pearson,        Don B.                    City
Pearson,        Frank                     2010 W. Pikes Peak Ave.
Pearson,        Glen                      431 W. First St.
Pearson,        Raymond A.                431 W. First St., Ivywild
Peck,           James                     917 N. Nevada Ave.                                             Mr. Frank G
Peel,           C.A.                      730 E. Moreno
Peel,           Chester Arthur            703 E. Moreno
Peel,           Robert                    730 E. Moreno
Pendroy,        Harry Leland              1617 Cheyenne Blvd.
Pennewill,      R.O.                      Elks' Home, City
Penney,         E.M.                      843 E. Monument St.
Pennington,     Lloyd A.                  2208 N. Nevada Ave.
Pennoyer,       Paul                      City
Pepper,         Hub                       C/O Smith Packing Co.
Pepper,         Hut                       522 S. Nevada Ave.
Perry,          Chadwick J.               315 E. St. Vrain
Perry,          George C.                 1707 N. Royer
Perry,          Harold T.                 1707 N. Royer
Perry,          Hubert W.                 315 E. St. Vrain
Perryman,       Lloyd W.                  1809 N. Tejon St.
Personetti,     Wm. B.                    121 S. Corona
Persons,        Warren M.                 123 Tyler Pl.
Peters,         John H.                   310 E. San Rafael
Peterson,       Andrew                    419 W. Bijou St.
Peterson,       H.L.                      828 S. Cascade Ave.
Phillips,       James Holden              City
Phillipson,     Jesse V.                  1317 W. Kiowa
Philpot,        D.H.                      709 S. Sierra Madre St.
Pierce,         L.J.                      210 S. El Paso St.
Pierce,         Leo S.                    735 E. Kiowa
Pierce,         Valentine                 8 S. Corona
Piercy,         Frosty Warren             22 Center St., City
Pinello,        Joe                       Box 65 R.F.D. #1, Colorado Springs
Pinello,        Patrick Tony              Box 65 R.F.D. #1, City
Pinkerton,      A.R.                      23 W. View Place
Piper,          J. Leo                    1621 N. Corona St.
Poe,            Everette Ewing            Motor Route A., City
Polant,         Harry                     101 W. Cheyenne Rd.
Poley,          Horace S., Jr.            2414 N. Nevada
Pollock,        Leland W.                 534 E. Platte Ave.
Pond,           Edwin J.                  1207 W. Pikes Peak Ave.
Pond,           Harold                    1207 Washington Ave.
Poppino,        James W.                  Manitou
Porter,         Oscar                     Motor Route A., City
Portner,        R.W.                      211 N. Institute St.
Potter,         V.D.                      813 S. Weber St.
Poulos,         Angebus                   128 S. Weber St.
Powell,         Arthur L.                 323 E. Bijou St.
Powell,         Everett A.                405 S. Nevada
Powell,         Everett R.                405 S. Nevada
Pray,           Fred William              153 Ruston Ave., Manitou
Preston,        Eugene D.                 1728 N. Nevada Ave.
Price,          H.P.                      729 N. Cascade Ave.
Price,          Thomas                    729 S. Cascade Ave.
Primmer,        Harvey Don                711 Griswold, City
Pringle,        Earl M.                   610 E. Boulder St.
Prior,          Donald                    516 E. Huerfano
Prior,          Frank H.                  720 N. Tejon St.                           Camp Logan
Pritchard,      Leo L.                    Colorado Springs
Probert,        Edwrd M.                  319 W. Bijou St.
Prosser,        Clyde H.                  Kennebec Hotel
Prosser,        Harold                    815 E. Platte Ave.
Proudfoot,      John L.                   429 N. Nevada
Puckett,        Thos. J.                  1316 Glenn Ave.
Quillen,        Edward K.                 12 N. Pine St.
Radcliffe,      William                   415 Cache La Poudre St.
Rahm,           Arthur A.                 806 S. Weber St.
Raines,         E.D.                      215 N. Cascade
Randolph,       Vernon C.                 1003 N. Tejon St.
Ransom,         Raleigh                   324 E. Columbia
Rathvon,        Edgar                     2817 N. Cascade Ave.
Raubecher,      John                      Startton Park, City
Recuero,        Joaquin                   Cragmor, City
Reed,           Calvin                    27 E. Vermijo
Reed,           Cecil                     111 E. San Miguel
Reed,           Daniel C.                 228 N. Seventh St.
Reed,           Frank Elsworth            Gen. De., City
Reed,           Frank M.                  428 E. San Miguel
Read,           George                    123 N. Weber St.
Reed,           George Groves             Motor Route A., City
Reed,           James Abraham             P.O. Box 438, City
Reid,           Herbert L.                505 N. Weber St.
Reid,           Russell L.                1331 Colo. Ave.
Reilly,         James T.                  24 N. Seventh St.
Reinhart,       K.M.                      710 E. Cache La Poudre
Reisinger,      John                      Canon Ave., Manitou
Renault,        Marcel J.                 1606 Colo. Ave.
Rene,           Chas. D.                  Manitou
Retherfor,      William James             Motor Route A., City
Rhea,           Robert                    15 E. Del Norte
Rhoades,        Clinton                   Postal Telegraph
Rhodes,         Frank C.                  403 E. Caramille
Richards,       James A.                  717 N. Wahsatch
Richards,       John Desel                3003 Colorado Ave.
Richards,       Leonard W.                Columbine Hotel
Richardson,     Edward R.                 1328 S. Tejon
Richardson,     James B.                  Manitou, Colorado
Richardson,     Orville                   1328 S. Tejon St.
Richardson,     R.R.                      511 Cache La Poudre
Richmond,       F.M.                      1824 N. Tejon
Richter,        Harry B.                  411 Platteau, City
Rigg,           Francis
Riggs,          Lawrence                  829 E. Cache La Poudre
Riley,          James Thomas              24 M. 7th St.
Ripley,         William E.                3144 W. Colorado Ave.
Roark,          Frank L.                  832 N. Corona
Robbie,         Walter R.                                                                                Parents' Address - 1119 W. Colorado Ave.
Robbins,        J.W.                      411 E. Bijou St.
Robbins,        Gilbert James             Greenwood Ave., Manitou
Robbins,        Richard Randolph          409 S. Ninth St.
Roberts,        W.O.                      1032 W. Pikes Peak
Robinson,       James L.                  1715 W. Colo. Ave.
Roche,          T.J.                      643 E. St. Vrain
Rockefeller,    Clarence                  610 W. Pikes Peak
Rockefeller,    John D.                   610 W. Pikes Peak
Rockie,         J.M.                      602 E. Boulder
Rodney,         Albert                    City
Rodney,         G.A.                      806 S. Cascade Ave.
Roe,            Burton B.                 1606 S. Tejon
Roeser,         Edmund                    120 Canon Ave., Manitou
Roeser,         Jacob Jr.                 120 Canon Ave., Manitou
Rogers,         Everett                   Cragmor San., City
Roller,         Donald D.                 928 Colorado Ave.
Rogers,         Herbert O.                1120 N. Cascade
Roller,         Sam                       406 S. 9th St.
Rollestone,     Edwin H.                  Antlers' Hotel, City
Rollins,        George                    540 E. Costilla
Roloson,        Hugh L.                   1318 N. Chestnut St.
Romero,         Santos                    Motor Route A., City
Romex,          Frank                     115 S. Nevada
Ronayne,        Leo J.                    Joyce Hotel, City
Rooney,         Thomas Francis            Colorado Springs
Root,           Kenneth H.                1804 N. Prospect
Rose,           Thomas Hugh               General Delivery, City
Ross,           Ray Vaughn                629 Hamlin St., City
Ross,           Thomas Wynne              33 Ivy Place, City
Ross,           Willard C.                1720 Wood Ave.
Ross,           William A.                208 Cheyenne Rd.
Rosson,         Edward A.                 1532 N. El Paso
Rotert,         Harry                     839 E. Monument St.
Rouse,          Frank E.                  1012 S. Cascade
Routh,          John William              207 S. 23rd St.
Routh,          Samuel                    207 S. 23rd St.
Row,            B.J.                      212 S. 12th St.
Rowan,          Chester A.                1311 Colorado Ave.
Rowley,         R.M.                      436 E. Kiowa
Rownewell,      W.R.                      701 Hamlin
Rowton,         Lee H.                    1128 Washington Ave.
Runym,          F.B.                      1631 Cheyenne Blvd.
Rupe,           H.A.                      1104 E. Pikes Peak Ave.
Ryan,           Donald                    516 E. Heurfano
Ryan,           George D.                 718 S. Corona
Ryan,           John D.                   521 W. Pikes Peak
Ryan,           Martin L.                 718 S. Corona St.
Ryan,           Patrick                   214 W. Rio Grande St.
Ryan,           Walter R.                 718 S. Corona
Ryan,           Wm. J.                    718 S. Corona
Sabin,          Gerould                   1319 N. Nevada Ave.
Safronek,       H.                        331 N. Institute St.
Saidy,          H.A.                      Manitou, Colorado
Sanders,        James R.                  120 E. Rio Grande St.
Sanderson,      Robert W.                 802 S. Tejon St.
Sanford,        Fred H.                   432 N. Weber St.
Sapp,           Christopher               418 E. Boulder
Saulman,        George                    834 1/2 E. Monument St.
Schiesswohl,    Chris J.                  327 E. Columbia St.
Schillinger,    Paul Franklin             Motor Route A., City
Schlesinger,    Eric Max                  Cragmor San., City
Schlessman,     Gerald L.                 1402 S. Nevada Ave.
Schmitz,        Joseph                    1108 E. High St.
Schneider,      Charles M.                18 McKinley Place
Schneider,      Edward C.                 218 E. Uintah St.
Schneider,      William C.                1120 N. Institute St.
Schnitzius,     Lloyd J.                  311 N. First St.
Schnell,        G.J.                      820 N. Pine St.
Schnell,        Louis J.                  820 N. Pine St.
Schrepfer,      B.A. Sergt.               120 N. Wahsatch Ave.
Schoeden,       Theorder E.               2829 Colo. Ave.
Scibird,        R.E.                      713 N. Tejon
Scott,          F.P.                      324 N. Custer Ave.
Scott,          George W.                 2025 N. Nevada Ave.
Scott,          Homer                     407 N. Nevada
Scully,         William A.                Member Staff, Evening Telegraph
Seabury,        Lawrence C.               842 E. Platte
Sebring,        Lawrence                  842 E. Platte
Sebring,        Louis
Selby,          C.T.                      Alta Vista Hotel
Sell,           Edward C.                 2920 W. Kiowa
Sellmeyer,      Harry Leslie              Motor Route A., City
Sells,          C.W. (Clinton)            745 E. Boulder St.
Settle,         Roscoe Conklin            175 Osage St., Manitou
Seymour,        Luther Charles            612 Franklin St., City
Shadowen,       Carl A.                   1106 N. Weber St.
Shapcott,       Walter C.                 827 N. Cascade
Shapire,        Louis                     1315 N. Wahsatch
Shantz,         Fred H.                   2004 Armstrong St.
Shapcott,       Wallace G.                827 N. Cascade Ave.
Sharp,          George L.                 20 N. 7th St.
Sharp,          Lewis Emmanuel            1524 Cheyenne Blvd.
Sharp,          Roy Wood                  Waltham Ave., Manitou
Shattuck,       John Allen                Cloverdale Ranch, City
Shaw,           Lloyd                     3rd & Mesa Rd., Broadmoor
Sheehan,        Vincent                   712 N. Spruce St.
Sheeran,        Peter J.
Sheeron,        John E.                   1302 Washington Ave.
Sheffer,        Wilhelm G.                411 W. Kiowa St.
Sheldon,        Charles T.                428 N. Nevada Ave.
Sheldon,        Frank C.C.
Sheldon,        Willard B.                18 E. Dale St.
Sheley,         Ed L.                     10 N. 22nd St.
Shellenberger,  Chasley                   122 N. 7th
Shellenberger,  Percy                     122 N. 7th St.
Shellenberger,  Phillip E.                122 N. 7th St., City
Shelton,        Floyd M.                  912 E. Cimarron St.
Sherman,        P.A.                      31 Highland St.
Sherratt,       John                      540 Main St., Roswell
Sherwood,       Alvin                     Colorado Springs
Sherwood,       Harry                     515 W. Cheyenne Rd.
Shettle,        Harold                    1803 N. Tejon St.
Shields,        J.R.                      718 E. High St.
Shields,        Thomas                    2519 N. Nevada
Shober,         Pemberton H.              Braodmoor, Colorado Springs
Shober,         S.L., Jr.                 Broadmoor Ave., Cor 2nd, Broadmoor
Shockley,       Arthur Talbert            118 E. Costilla St.
Shoemaker,      Harry                     412 S. Tejon
Shoemaker,      Homer                     412 S. Tejon
Short,          Elmer                     1707 Hayes Ave., City
Shoffer,        W.L.                      1030 W. Colorado Ave.
Shoup           Merrill                   1131 N. Tejon
Shoup,          Oliver H., Jr.            1131 N. Tejon St.
Shouts,         Harvey I.                 Box 147, Colo. Spgs.
Shuttle,        Harold                    1903 N. Tejon
Shuyver,        W.O.                      41 1/2 S. Tejon St.
Silver,         Abe                       601 W. Pikes Peak
Siman,          James                     3 E. Pikes Peak
Sin,            Wong                      Box 86, City
Sinclair,       C.J.                      211 N. Prospect St.
Sinton,         Ernest J.                 431 S. El Paso St.
Sinton,         George Taylor             So. Prospect Lake, City
Sinton,         Grant                     503 S. El Paso
Skamster,       Richard M.                643 E. Willamette St.
Skinner,        Charles W.                1103 E. Boulder St.
Smiley,         Dave R.                   Ruxton Ave., Manitou
Smarsh,         John Kermit               Gen. Del., City
Smith,          Albert H.                 1726 N. Tejon St.
Smith,          Archie                    1202 W. Pikes Peak
Smith,          Charles Raymond           2332 W. Vermijo St.
Smith,          Chester A.                1202 W. Pikes Peak
Smith,          Emmet Robert              Gen. Del., City
Smith,          Ernest J.                 444 E. Kiowa St.
Smith,          Frank C.                  Ruxton Ave., Manitou
Smith,          Frank L.                  Adams Crossing, W. Colo. Springs
Smith,          George C.                 Evening Telegraph
Smith,          George W.                 Baty Motor Co.
Smith,          Harry L.                  Ruxton Ave., Manitou
Smith,          H. Alexander              1515 Wood Ave.
Smith,          Ira C.                    1812 N. Corona St.
Smith,          Lewis W.                  114 S. Wahsatch Ave.
Smith,          Merle N., Dr.             505 N. Nevada Ave.
Smith,          Merlin L.D.               1611 Cooper
Smith,          Roger P.                  710 E. Cache La Poudre
Smith,          S.                        Colorado Springs
Smith,          Wayne Everett             Golden Cycle Mill, City
Smitson,        Paul                      711 N. Nevada
Smyth,          D.D.                      827 N. Corona St.
Smythe,         Donald                    827 N. Corona St.
Smythe,         W.R.                      827 N. Corona St.
Snider,         Benjamin F.               Manitou, Colorado
Snider,         Elmer E.                  Manitou, Colorado
Snider,         W.E.                      2808 E. Platte Ave.
Snyder,         Glen Ellsworth            Colorado Springs
Snyder,         Roscoe E.                 424 E. Boulder
Snyder,         Roy L.                    320 N. Tejon
Sonnickson,     Max G.                    National Hotel, W. Colo. Spgs.
Sorenson,       Ike                       Stratton Farm, City
Sorenson,       Nels Christian            931 S. Royer
Spear,          Ray                       611 E. St. Vrain
Spears,         Benjamin                  722 S. Weber
Spears,         Charley Walter            Motor Route A., City
Spencer,        Dwight                    2015 N. Tejon St.
Spencer,        Muran Kenton              330 E. Bijou
Spese,          Charles                   Martha Holt Co., Colo City
Springer,       Roger                     La Veta, Colo.
Squires,        George Addison            Motor Route A., City
Stackley,       F.A.                      Manitou, C/O R.L. Bontwell
Standiford,     Paul W.                   1111 N. Custer
Standish,       Miss                      Nob Hill Sanatorium
Standler,       Arthur                    609 S. Sierra Madre
Stanley,        Henry B.                  426 E. Espanola
Stanley,        W.B.                      426 E. Espanola St.
Stanton,        J.E.                      223 N. Sixteenth St.
Stark,          Edwin T.                  423 N. Wahsatch
Stedman,        Louis R.                  2411 W. Cucharas
Steers,         Charles J.                220 E. Las Animas
Stephens,       Clarence M.               213 E. Fountain
Sterling,       Earnest H.                1602 W. Kiowa
Steuben,        John Stephen              219 S. Institute
Stevens,        C.M.                      213 E. Fountain
Stevens,        Harry G.                  Bear Creek Rd, West Colorado Springs
Stevens,        W.R.                      21 E. Jefferson St.
Stewart,        Carlton                   4 E. Costilla
Stewart,        Harold L.                 14 S. Corona St.
Stewart,        Ora E.                    312 W. Mill St.
Stewart,        Walcott                   1228 Wood Ave.
Stockbridge,    Sidney                    325 E. Colorado Ave.
Stirwalt,       Ernest                    1409 S. Tejon St.
Stines,         Ira Russell               Motor Route A., City
Stines,         Jesse Harrison            Motor Route A., City
Stockle,        W.E.                      319 W. Bijou St.
Stonehouse,     Cecil                     1336 N. Weber St.
Stough,         Charles F.                1628 N. Nevada Ave.
Stratton,       Frank E., Jr.             1832 N. Tejon St.
Startton,       Herbert E.                1832 N. Tejon St.
Strausenbach,   Charles Ernest            Adams Crossing, City
Stray,          Walter James              Cheyenne Court, Broadmoor
Strickland,     Frank O.                  1724 N. Tejon
Strieby,        Maurice                   805 N. Cascade Ave.
Stringham,      Jesse O.                  122 Navajo Ave., Manitour
Stringham,      Wm. W.                    726 E. Huerfano
Stroud,         William E.                913 S. Conejos St.
Stubbs,         Roy A.                    218 E. Willamette
Stuchbury,      James E.                  213 S. Weber St.
Stukey,         David C.                  225 N. Weber St.
Strum,          Cecil Roy                 Motor Route A., City
Sullivan,       Alexander M.              702 S. Sahwatch
Sullivan,       G.H.                      731 E. Boulder St.
Sullivan,       James Daniel              17 W. Rio Grande
Sullivan,       James Daniel              108 W. Mill St. or 702 S. Sawatch
Summer,         John R.C.                 211 E. Uintah St.
Summers,        John Marvin               Grand Ave., Manitou
Swan,           Howard I.                 Swan & Sons Undertaking Co.
Swenson,        Sigurd                    Star Ranch, City
Swope,          Freeman                   203 Second East, Nob Hill