Official USGenWeb policy on lookups forbid any copyright violations.

Look-up requests should be limited to one name, or two if it is a married couple and no more than 30 minutes research time.

Please do not ask for everybody listed under a certain surname or an entire family group, or for hardcopies to be mailed.

If the book is out of copyright (50 years after the author's death), the look-up volunteer can supply as much information as they want. THANKS!

If you would like to be a volunteer, please email Mary Ann Thomas.

 Rules for Requesting Information

 1. Please indicate the county and type of reference you are requesting. For example: 1900 Fremont County census look­up. (Please do NOT request census lookups without a page number, each census takes at least an hour and half to do a page by page search. There are no indexes for the Fremont County censuses)

 2. Include : last names, dates, places and any other information (name of spouse, siblings, nick names, etc.] that might help the volunteer in the look­up.

 3. Remember to say "THANK YOU" to the volunteer for their time and effort. The USGenWeb Project is based on volunteers who contribute their time and effort for free. Many have jobs and other responcibilities so please be patient.


Will do

   Carolee Schrader Carolee Schrader passed away 28 Oct 2004. She will be missed by many people.
Kelley LaSalle "The Men and Women in WW II from Fremont County"