Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Isaac Bonny, son Isaac William Bonny,6 South 43 West

"William Isaac Bonny Jr. was born 1865 in Waterloo, Blackhawk, IA and he died 20 Oct 1944 in Sandpoint, Bonner, ID. He went by his middle name of Isaac. He was the son of William Isaac Bonny Sr from Holland (1822-1898) and Margaret Stimple from Germany, (1832-1919). William married Laura Anna Van Dyke and together they had two children: a son, Isaac Bonny (1886-1966) and a daughter, Laura Anna Bonny (1887-1941). Isaac also had a daughter, Minnie Bonny, by his wife's sister, Luella Van Dyke, (1877-1959) in 1896. Minnie died in 1954 in Sandpoint, ID. "
In 1900 Rooks County, Kansas, Isaac Bonney born March 1864 in Iowa, married 14 years to Laura Dec 1864 Illinois , have Isaac Wm. May 1886 Kansas, Laura A. Dec 1887 Kansas, and Winnie May 1893 Wyoming. Isaac's mother Margaret Dec 1832 born in Germany is with them. So are Laura's sisters Lulu Van Dyke 23 and Maud Van Dyke 18.
In 1910 Rooks County, Minnie Bonny is 16, born in Wyoming, father Iowa, mother Kansas - she's a "protege" of Leander and Luella Rogers. Luella said she's had tthree chldren two living. Elsie L. 4 and Charles L. Rogers four months, both born in Kansa.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Isaac is 24, married two years to Floy, 17, with Pearl five months. All were born in Kansas.
Isaac proved up two quarters in 6 and 7, 6S 43W in 1914.
Isaac Bonny proved up two quarters in 1,2 and 11, in 1917.
He married Floa Elizabeth Snow and together they had four children: Pearl Flossie, Casey Floyd, Mildred Florence and Lyle Isaac Bonny. His father was William Isaac Bonny Jr (1865-1944) and his mother was Laura Anna (Van Dyke) Bonny (1865-1928.
William Isaac Bonny registered in Kit Carson County, with nearest relative "Floa" E. Bonny, and in 1920 they're in Bonner County Idaho.
Isaac is farming, 33, Floa 38, Pearl 10, Casey 5, Mildred 6, and Lyle 2.
William Issac Bonny (b. 1822) and his wife, Margaret Stimple (b. 1830) both natives of Holland, had six children, 1865-1879, born in Iowa and Kansas. They migrated from Iowa to Ash Rock Township, Kansas, between 1875 and 1879. Their son, Isaac William Bonny (1865-1944), married Laura Van Dyke (1865-1928). They had one son born in 1886. Their son, Isaac Bonney, and his wife, Floa, moved to Kit Carson County, Colorado, in 1910. His parents moved there ca. 1912 and opened a general store. The Bonny post office was established in the store in 1915. In 1919 or 1920, Isaac sold his property to Charlie F. Barnhart and moved to Samuels, Idaho. Isaac and Laura Bonny died in the Grouse Creek area of Idaho. Isaac's brother, Jacob Bonny (1870-1947), married Laura's sister, Maud Van Dyke (1880-1918). They had six children, 1907-1917, all born at Ash Rock, Kansas. After their mother's death, the youngest four children went to live with their aunt and uncle, Laura and Isaac Bonny. They moved to Idaho with the family, and then except for the youngest boy, who had been legally adopted, back to their father at Ash Rock Township. Much of the record is the memories of Velma Bonny Jacobs, one of these children, of her family, childhood, and Bonny, Colorado.
"Title Bonny, Colorado: A High Plains Ghost Town : the Families of Ike and Laura Bonny and Charlie and Jennie Barhart
Author Velma Bonny Jacobs "
"Isaac Bonny Sr. 78, resident of Grouse Creek since 1918, passed away at Community Hospital last Friday following an illness of several months, three weeks of which was at the hospital. He was a native of Waterloo, Iowa, born March 28, 1865, and had been a farmer all of his life. Mr. Bonny is survived by one son, Isaac Bonny Jr. of Sandpoint and three grandchildren. Funeral Services were held at the Grouse Creek school house by Reverend Merrill Skaug of the Sandpoint Baptist church Wednesday afternoon and burial was in the Pack River Cemetery."

Bonny was a post office from 1915 to 1924, in Kit Carson County.

Isaac "Ike" Bonny 1886-1966 is buried in Yakima, Washington # 13910557, with Floa Elizabeth (Snow)

Leander 46 and Luella 42 Rogers are in Kit Carson County in 1920, with Elsie L. 13 and Charles L. 10. George Rogers 63 divorced Illinis and his son Lloyd 17 Coloardo are the next household.
Leander, Luella, and Charles are in Kit Carson County in 1930, too.

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