Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Arthur L. Crist, Clarence L. Crist, 6 South 43 West

Clarence Lincoln Benjamin Crist was born 1862, at birth place, Ohio, to Benjamin Riggle Crist and Lorinda P. Crist (born Hildebrant).

1880 census Nebraska Jefferson County, Newton precinct
Adam Crites self farmer 54 PA PA PA
Charity Crites wife 42 MO MO MO
Theodore Crites son 19 KS PA MO
Della Crites dau 13 KS PA MO
Edgar Crites son 11 KS PA MO
George Crites son 8 NE PA MO
Willie Crites son 6 NE PA MO
Minnie Crites dau 3 NE Pa MO
Charles A Crites son 1 NE PA MO
next door
James Early self 36 farming MO VA MO
Mary Early wife 17 KA PA MO (married Mary Crites June 26, 1858 in Phillips COunty, Kansas
Charles Early son 1 son KS MO KS
Theodore A Early son eleven months NE MO KS
Adam Crites(sr.?) 80 Wd PA PA PA "

In 1900 Phillips County, Kansas, Clarence L. Crist born May 1862 in Ohio, married 15 years to Dorothy M. Jan 1867 Kansas. She's had six kids, four living. Arthur L. Oct 1889 Kansas, Clarence E. June 1891 Colorado, Unice June 1893 Colorado, and Lizzie L. April 1898 Kansas.
In 1910 Kit Carson County, Clarence 48, Nellie 43 have Arthur 20, Una 16, Rena 12, Gladys 6, Elmer 7, Emma 3, and Rawleigh 1.
In 1910 C.L. Crist was elected a constable in Precinct No. 3.

Clarence proved up a quarter in section 30 in 1911. His witnesses were Israel Broadsword of Morris, Colorado, William Koroeger, Joseph Jones, and Sidney Jones, all of Burlington."


Also in 1912, C.L. was installed as Prelate of the Lone Star Lodge of the Knights of Pythias.

Arthur proved up two quarters in 33, 6 South, 43W in 1916.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Clarence is 56, Della M. 53, Gladys P. 16, Emma C. 13, William R. 11, and Ray W. 7.
Clarence L. Crist 1862-1928 # 19696165 is buried in Filer, Idaho, with Della M. Crist 1867-1936 # 19596166.

Lorena L. Crist, 15, married Arthur W. Allen, 29, in Burlington on March 9, 1914.
"husband previously married and divorced December 1911 Smith Center KS spouses mother Della M Crist"

UNA PEARL Una, per one tree, was born June 6, 1890, and died 1955 in Portland, Oregon - and she married Charles Hubert Power in 1889 in Crete, Nebraska.
1912 "Charles Herbert Power and Miss Una Pearl Crist, both of Burlington, were united in marrige (sic) Monday, June 12, by Judge Haynes."

Charles Hubert Power is buried in Solano County, California 1889-1956 # 65361128.
In 1920 Burlington, Charles is a drayman, and the whole family is living with Ira Gaines. Charles is 31, Una 27, Velma 7, Hubert 5, Laverne 3, and Leo 1.
Son Hubert Cleo "Curly" Power 1914-1993 born in Kit Carson County, is buried in Sacramento # 65323815
Son Leo M. Power 1917-1993 is buried at Golden Gate National, # 53300698.
Arthur L. Crist married Maud W. Myers June 15, 1915, recordded in Denver County.

Arthur is married in 1920 Kit Carson County, 30, farming, with Maude W. 35 born in Pennsylvania.
In 1930 Arthur, a railroad machinist, and Maud are in Grand Junction Colorado, with her mother Margaret I. Meyers, 82, born in Pennsylvania.
In 1934 Portland, Oregon, Arth Crist, a machinist, and Maude live at 206 NE 28th.
Maude Crist
Birth Date: September 7, 1880 Death Date: August 1937
Married to Arthur
Obituaries Grand Junction Daily Sentinel page 7 - August 27, 1937
Arthur is a vanadium miner, widowed in 1940 Gateway, Mesa County, Colorado.
ARTHUR LESLIE CRIST Birth Date: October 22, 1888 Death Date: June 4, 1950 Marriages Carrie E. Davidson, per obituaries in the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel June 5 and 12 1950.
LAWRENCE Laurence W. Crist married Marie Fast July 10, 1911, recorded in Kit Carson County.

He claimed two quarters in 12, 6S 48W in 1912.

Elmer married Opal Atkinson in 1923 in Twin Falls Idaho, and in 1930 Twin Falls he's a warehouse laborer, with Opal 23, Cecil R. 4 and Peggy J. 2.

Elmer Cecil Crist 1902-1961 is buried in Warranton, Oregon # 112372678, with Opan Grace (Atkinson) Crist 1906-1980.
One tree said Lulu 1887-1889 is buried in Smith County, Kansas.

In 1930 Ray W. Crist, 17, is a farm worker for Leroy D. Halle in Owyhee County, Idaho.
Ray Wilbur Crist 1912-1968 is buried in Filer, Idaho # 19596167.
William is in Twin Falls County, Idaho, in 1930, 20 born in Colorado - listed as married but no spouse. He's farming, lodging with Russell and Fay Hamm
In 1940 White Pine County, Nevada, William Crist is 31, Ethel 20.

William Rawleigh Crist 1908-1977 is buried in Spanish Fork Utah # 12184696.

The family has a nice history, of which this is a part: It was about this time that a young Della May Crites must have caught Clarence's eye. She had dark hair and dark eyes. Della was a hardworking frontier farm girl. Having been born in Indian Territory, Nebraska, Della had probably never seen a building over 3 stories. She would have been familiar with Indians and have young childhood memories of seeing the herds of innumerable bison. He must have seemed like a world traveler to her. He had grown tall and lanky-like his father. His hair was dark, and he most likely wore a beard or mustache. Clarence would have courted Della by taking her driving in a buggy, attending dances, attending church and other socials together. The two were married on Sunday 3 May 1885 by Reverend R. S. Osborne. They were most likely married either in a Church or in Della's parent's home.
The young couple made their first home near Kirwin, and soon welcomed children into their home. Carl Crist was born on Tuesday, 9 Feb 1886. They moved about 20 miles north to work. Della gave birth to a little girl Lulu May. What grief Clarence and Della must have felt as they laid little Lulu to rest in the Fairview Cemetery (Stone Cemetery), Smith County, Kansas. The couple had "Lulu May Crist, d. 28 Feb 1889, daughter of C.E. & D.M. Crist" inscribed on her tombstone. Clarence's mother Lou died just a month before on 18 Jan 1889, and was buried in the Ash Rock Cemetery, Woodston, Rooks, Kansas.
Arthur Leslie came soon after Lulu's death. He was born on Tuesday, 22 Oct 1889. In 1892, another boy, Clarence E. was born. Della had three little boys filling her home. The next year Una Pearl was born. More children came Lorena "Rena" Lucille was born in 1898, Sylvia may have been born before Rena and died before 1905 (we really have no proof of her other than undocumented family records). Elmer Cecil was born in 1902, and Gladys Grace came in 1904.
With so many little ones to care for, Clarence and Della began looking for land of their own. On a Tuesday morning, Clarence submitted an application for a Homestead 165 miles away in Burlington, Kit Carson County, Colorado. The application was accepted and Clarence and Della moved their growing family to the plains of Colorado. The 160 acre homestead was legally described as "North West Quarter of Section 30 in Township 6 of Range 43, West of the 6th Prime Meridian." Together Clarence and Della would have experienced dust storms and droughts, but they would not have been unfamiliar to them. Their children would have attended a small one room school house learning things similar to their parents. The horizon of Kit Carson County is flat with few trees to break it up. You can look for miles and miles without seeing anything. The saying "the world is flat" comes to mind. Clarence would have first cut the tall coarse grass. He would have seen sage hens, and many other kinds of song birds. At night there would have been owls, and bats flying through the night. The insects, snakes and mice would have been prevalent in the undisturbed landscape. He would have made provisions for his cattle first, and perhaps Della and the younger children stayed in Kansas until Clarence and the older boys had the dugout built for the family.
Burlington was a stop on the Colorado Rock Island & Union Pacific railroad. There was a hotel in town, and many other businesses having to do with agriculture and shipping. More children were born in Colorado, Leonard was born before 1905 and passed away before 1910 (once again we have no documented evidence of him), Irma was born in 1907. William Rawleigh was born on Monday 27 Jul 1908. They called him Rawleigh during his early days, and Bill as he got older.
On Saturday 27 August 1910, Clarence met with Walker Glaister, the Clerk of the Kit Carson County to "prove his claim." He had cultivated about 125 of the 160 acres. He had planted and harvested cane and corn, wheat, kaffir corn, barley, speltz, and 5 acres of alfalfa. Kaffir corn is also a type of durra. Durra is a cereal grass, and its flour is used to make some types of bread. Clarence listed the many improvements he and Della had made on the Claim, "House of 3 rooms, sod. Dugout of 2 rooms. Frame barn 14X40 ft; Frame henhouse 10x14 ft, 1 frame granary, 14x20 ft.; 1 frame granary 8x16 ft; Frame corn crib 8x16 ft; Frame cattle shed 11x32 ft. Well with pump, windmill and tanks; 1 ½ acres fenced with hog wire. The whole claim is fenced and cross fenced with posts & wire fencing; Value of the improvements $1200.00." Clarence and his boys had also planted "about a thousand small trees both fruit and forest."
The eggs were traditionally the wife's property. She would trade them to the store for sugar, coffee, thread, yarn, and other household needs. Sometimes the woman would save her egg money, jealously guarding over it until Christmas, birthdays, or until she had enough to buy herself or her home something "pretty". Della cooked on a coal stove, and washed clothes with a washboard. We wonder if the windows in her sod home were glass or just oilpaper.
The baby of the Crist family came on Rawleigh's 4th birthday; Ray Wilbur was born on Saturday, 27 Jul 1912.
It was in this time raising their children that Clarence and Della made a mistake that would haunt their descendants for many generations. A large keg of beer was kept in the corner behind the coal stove. Anyone could drink of the beer at anytime, and the children were not taught the evils of alcohol. Several of the children including Rena, and Bill became alcoholics extremely young. Bill told his wife Ethel that he was drinking heavily by the time he was 8 years old. Perhaps Clarence and Della also had this same problem.

In the winter of 1915-1916, Clarence once again returned to the state of his birth. Uncle Abraham recorded bits of his visit: "January, Monday, 3rd - Fair & not very Cold, with light easterly wind. Clarence & I went to the City to day. Sight seeing. Tuesday, 4th - Fair & quite warm with Brisk Southerly wind. Clarence went to Madisonville this afternoon. Sunday, 9th - Fair to Cloudy with light Southerly & turning much warmer. I took Clarence to Madisonville this forenoon, As He leaves us to day for his Colorado Home." (Uncle Abe's diary from 1915 has not survived.)

We wonder if he was glad to be home in quiet Burlington. Burlington was beginning to change as well. In 1915, a large steel water tower was built near the train station. Automobiles began to appear, and some of the more wealthy farmers were investing in a Fordson Model F tractor. Clarence and Della would have come to town in the early 1920's to listen to the radio in the grocery store, or the gas station. Clarence and Della would have brought their family to town to shop in stores like; "Coca-Cola," "W&R Drugs, Carlson's Ice Cream," "Red Front Grocery," "Midway," "Burlington Cleaners Grocers," and "Ford".

Their family was changing as well. Arthur had married Maud Myers, and had his own homestead nearby, Una Pearl and Rena had also married and Clarence's father Ben had passed away on 8 Jul 1913. It is unclear whether he died in Kansas or in Ohio, but he was buried in the Leasburg Cemetery, Smith County, Kansas. Clarence and Della continued to live on their claim until after 1920. Arthur moved to Twin Falls, Idaho.

Perhaps health problems, agriculture, or economic problems prompted Clarence and Della move to the Twin Falls area. Clarence died in Twin Falls County, Idaho in 1927. He is buried in the Filer Cemetery, Twin Falls County, Idaho. His headstone reads "Clarence L. B. Crist 1862-1928".

1908 "The Holyoke Republican has changed hands, Editor McFadden having sold out to T.C. Crist. Not only has the material been transferred but its politics has switched to democracy. This will necessitate a change of name as well."

" Levi L. Crist claims the distinction of being the first white person born within the limits of Washington County, Nebraska, and has spent most of his life in that state. He was born at DeSoto, February 12, 1858, third of the eight children born to John W. and Sarah (Hull) Crist. He has one brother, George B., who lives in Custer County. When sixteen years of age he went to Iowa and spent a couple of years there, then returned to the old home in Nebraska, and in 1882, secured a homestead on one hundred and sixty acres of land on section twenty-seven, township sixteen, range seventeen, where he lived several years. On March 24, 1883, Mr. Crist married Eunice M. Highly, who was born in Nebraska, a daughter of G. W. and Mahala Highley, and in 1894 moved to Missouri. After spending about four and one-half years in that state Mr. Crist removed to Arkansas, then leaving Arkansas on account of poor health, landed at Topeka, Kansas, Mrs. Crist died January 28, 1900, at Topeka, Kansas, being survived by her husband and the following six children: Alva, married, has two children and living in Colorado; Arta, wife of Bert Sell, of Colorado, has four children; Etta, wife of Hershel Sherbeck, of Custer County, has one child; George Milton, married Mae Burdick, and living in Custer County; Elsie and Elver Lester, at home. In the fall of 1901, Mr. Crist returned to Custer County and has settled on section sixteen, township seventeen, range thirteen, a part of his father's timber claim. He is a patriotic son of Nebraska and always took a commendable interest in everything pertaining to the welfare of his County and state. In political matters Mr. Crist is a socialist. He is a member of the Disciples of Christ, and has always been recognized as a reliable, substantial citizen. During his long residence in Nebraska he made many friends For some years having been troubled with asthma Mr. Crist in 1911 decided on going west for his health, so on Thursday, October 12, 1911, with his bible in his pocket and a white ribbon on his coat he left the loved home, and people and state, and started for Colorado in a covered wagon, driving four good horses. He took with him Elver Lester, his son, leaving his daughter, Elsie Highly Crist, with Etta Sherbeck, her sister, for the present, expecting her to join them in Colorado in the near future. His present address is Carey, Colorado. "
Levi 1859-1937 is buried in Kirk # 67354384.

Sarah S. Crist of Carey, Kit Carson County, 18, married Tom Thompson, 21, of Kirk, on August 29, 1916 in Burlington. "witnesses L W Crist and M Crist.

Lawrence Wesley Crist registered with a Kirk address, born May 14, 1888 at Kingston Nebraska, working as a "garage man", married, with a child.
Lawrence, 31 and Marie 26 born in Colorado, are farming in Kit Carson County in 1920, with Goldie M. 7, born in Colorado.

On the same page are Ira G. Crist 56 Illinois, and Rosy S. 52, Ohio.
Also on the page is Alva B. Crist , 35, Nebraska, with Ethel E. 30 Nebraska, Faye L. 10, Nebraska, Cecil E. 9, COlorado, Heron E. 7/dColorado, and Elizabeth A. two months.

Alva B. Crist claimed a tract in section 34 and 35, 5S 48W, and section 2, 6S 48W in 1925.

Alva and Lawrence's families are on the same page in 1930 Kit Carson County.
Alva and Ethel have Faye L. 20, Cecil C. 17, Heron E. 15, Elizabeth A. 10, and Bruce P. 6.
Lawrence and Marie have Goldie M. 18, Archie W. 9, Sylvia 7, and Lee E. 2. Anna Fast - mother-in-law, 64, is with them.

April 21, 1932
This is Anna (Nightengale) Fast, 1860-1932, per # 67346864.

In 1940 Kit Carson County, Alva and "Ethal" have Faye 30 and Philip 17.

December 1965

Lawrence Wesley Crist 1888-1953, is buried in San Joaquin County, California # 130204618.
Marie Crist, born in Colorado March 13, 1893, to John and Annie Fast, both of Holland, died Spet 9, 19671 in Grangeville, Idaho.
Goldie Marie (Crist) Hosleyh 1912-1972 is buried in Grangeville, # 104723572.
Spouse Ralph Arthur Hosley.
Archie W. Crist, born Aug 12, 1920 in Colorado, died Oct 7, 1877 in San Joaquin County, California.
Elise H. Crist married Clair D. Hyatt, both of Vona, on January 2, 1918 in Burlington.
Heron Edward Crist 1914-1986 is buried in Sherman County, Nebraska # 85426005, with Dorothy M. Crist 1921-1991.

Susie C. Crist of Vona, 18, married Willie L. Thompson of Vona, 23, on August 25, 1917 in Burlington "witnesses L W Crist and Marie Crist.

Elver Lester Crist, born 1899 in Pulaski County, Arkansas, died July 19, 1981 in Burlington, and is buried in Kirk # 67354378.
His brother Alva Bracht Crist, born 1884 in Nebraska, died Dec 12, 1965 in Burlington, and is also buried in Kirk. # 67354375

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