Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Abram and Ella (Caven) Clawson, 6 South 44 West

In 1850 Tippecanoe County, Indiana, Abraham Clawson is 1, with parents Frederick and Agnes Clawson, both 32.
They're in Fountain County, Indiana in 1860, and in Vermilion County Illinois in 1870.

Abram Clawson married Ellen Cavin June 1, 1876 in Vermilion County.

In 1880 Vermilion County, Illinois, Abraham is 32, Ellen 21 both born in Indiana. Emma is 2, Mary 1.
Milley Cavin is on the same census page in Vermilion County in 1880, widowed, 54, born in Illinois, with John 20, and Lizzie 10. Abram cash-claimed a quarter in 25, 6S 44W in 1891. He also cash-claimed a quarter in 23, 7S 44W in 1891.
He filed a record for a homestead in 7S 44W, but it doesn't appear to have been completed.

Abraham Clawson in 1900 Payne County, Oklahoma, born August 1848 married 24 years to Ella April 1855, both born in Indiana, with Howard May 1881 Illinois, Thos Earl, July 1886 Nebraska, Effie Jun 1889 Colorado, and Leland May 1893 Colorado.
In 1910 Payne County, Abram 62 and Ellen 50 have Effie 22 and Leland 17.
In 1920 Payne County, Abram 70 and Ella 60 are still farming.
(Garrett B. Clawson died in 1924 in Geneva Nebraska, and his brother Abraham Clawson of "Zale" Oklahoma was alive.)
In 1930 Payne County, "Adran" is 81, Ellen 70, no occupations.

In 1940 Payne County, Ella is 80, widowed, with daughter Mary Dennis 61, divorced, born in Illinois.

Abram J. Clawson # 25571856 and Ella 1859-1941 are buried in Yale, Oklahoma
So is Millie J. Nicholas 1835-1910 # 25572456, "Wife of Nathan Nicholas" that one tree said is Amelia (York) (Caven) Nichols, mother of Ella.
Millie's mother, per one tree, is Sabra (Freeman) York 1803-1864, buried in Montgomery County, Indiana # 22464189.
In 1850 Montgomery County, Indiana, James York is 44, a wagonmaker, with Sabra 46. Marita is 22, Abram 20, John 18, Eliza A. 13, James 11, Jesse 8, and Eleanor 6.
In 1860 Vermilion County, Illinois, James is farming, 54, with Sabra 56, Abram 28, William 24, James 19, Jesse 17, Ellen 15, , and a female W. H. York 24 and son W. J. York, 3.
Mary was born October 23, 1878 in Vermilion County, Illinois to Abraham Clawson and ella Cavin Clawson.

Mary Dennis is in Payne County, Oklahoma in 1920, 42, married to Jim Dennis, 42, farming. They're on the same census page as AAbram and Ella.
Mary 1879-1959 is buried in Yale, Oklahoma # 25571876.

In 1910 Pawnee County, Oklahoma, James is 28, married seven years to Kathrine J. 20, with Evert L. 6, Ora R.A. 4, and Thomas three months.
In 1920 Catherine has remarried to Howard Hatchcock, and they have Fern 1, and the three Clwson kids. In 1930 Fern 8, Everett Clawson 26 and Thomas Clawson 20
James 1881-1917 is buried in Yale, Oklahoma # 25572167.

Everett 1904-1987 is buried in Tulsa # 72098818
Earl Thomas Clawson 1885-1914 is buried in Yale, Oklahoma # 25572419.

Thomas Howard Clawson 1910-1974 is buried in Tulsa # 13957364.

Emma May Clawson, 16, married E.L. Covey, 22, both of Burlington, married there February 25, 1894.
In 1900 Payne County, Oklahoma, E. L. Covey born Feb 1872, married five years to Emma M. May 1878, both born in Illinois, have Stella April 1898 and Gladys March 1900

In 1910 McIntosh County, Oklahoma, Eli L. Covey is 38, Emma M. 33, married 16 years, with Stella 12, Gladys 10, Edmund E. 7, Opanl 5, Muriel 2, all kids born in Oklahoma.

Leland registered for WWI in Yale, Oklahoma, born May 19, 1893 at "Burlinton" Colorado, with a wife and two children, farming.
Leland L. Clawson 1893-1973 # 7435897 is buried in Yale, with Minnie (Bickell) Clawson 1893-1974. "She was from Stillwater."

Effie Elizabeth (Clawson) Luke 1888-1956 is buried in Yale, Oklahoma # 25568714.

John and Mary E. "Bigham" Cavin had Jennie Lenore Cavin October 9, 1883 in Vermilion COunty.
Mary Ellen Cavin, born 1862 in Odell Indiana to James Bingham and Harriette Canaada, died at Alvin, Verminlion County January 14, 1936, buried in Bethel Cemetery.
In 1900 Vermilion County, Mary Cavin is widowed, born July 1862 in Indiana, with Jessie Oct 1883, Ollie M. June 1885, Willie G. March 1887, and Maudde J. March 1889, all kids born in Illinois.
Brothers James E. Brigham Sept 1857 and Alfred Aupril 1870 are with her.

One family history said Asa White born 1819 had married Mary Williams, who died in 1882, and then he married "Millia" Cavin November 1882.
Lizzie Cavin married Charles Ford November 21, 1888 in Vermilion County, Illinois.

Lizzie M. (Cavin) Ford 1872-1905 buried in Vermilion County # 36010676 "daughter of John Cavin and Mary J. York."
MAUDE E DR CAVIN married October 14, 1909 in Vermilion Co, IL, daughter of John and Mary Ellen Cavin. She was born March 23, 1889 in Alvin, IL, and died June 30, 1942 in Williamsport, IN, buried Bethel Cemetery, Vermilion Co, IL
Maude Alison's obituary said surviving sisters were Mrs. Ollie Bevans and Mrs. Jennie Draper, both of Alvin, and a brother William Cavin of California.
Mary Ellen Cavin 1862-1936 is buried in Vermilion County. # 15716919.

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