Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

John Koel , 6 South 44 West

John cash-claimed 160 acres in 28 and 33, 6S 44W in 1890.

Possibly the Jan Koel, who arrived in New York from the Netherlands in 1890, a merchannt, 51.
He and his sons ended up in Iowa, Herbert 1866-1954 # 107239033. One tree said John died in 1903 in Alvord, Iowa.
"March 13, 1903 Hull (Iowa) Index
Sudden Death in a Cornfield.
A Doon special says: A man named Koel who lived with his son. Claus Koel, on a farm near Alvord, died Wednesday nightt in a cornfield He started in the evening; after the cattle, and as he did not return searoh was made and continued until 7 o’clock in the Thursday morning, when his body was found in the corn field. He was 70 years of age and evidently died of heart failure. (Jan Koel was born at Krommenie North Holland Netherlands abt 1839, married Maartje Krijgsman born about 1839 at Krommenie, on 19 Jun 1859. The wife and several daughters live in the Netherlands, several sons and one daughter came to the USA. Known sons are John, Klaas and Dirk, Dirk lived in the Carmel area. ) "

Possibly the John "Cole" who was a railroad laborere in 1880 Elbert County, 48, born in Delaware.

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