Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

James O. Austin, 6 South 45 West

In 1885 Pottawattame County, Iowa, J.O. Austin is 35, News York, Anna 31 Delaware, Clark 18, Adella 11, and Frank 9, all three born in Illinois.

James proved up a quarter in 3 and 4, 6S 45W in 1899. br>In 1880 Ford County, Illinois, Adella Austin is 7, with James 31 and Anna 27, Clark, 9, and Frank, 5.
(James and Anna are in Fort Morgan, Colorado in 1900 through 1930 census records, and Frank is there - when registering for WWI he was a janitor for the high school.) James O. Austin 1849-1933 is buried in Fort Morgan # 74307346, with Anna E. 1853-1935 # 74307364.

Clark E. Austin married Eva May Madden March 17, 1895, recorded in Kit Carson County.

In 1900 Morgan County, Colorado, Clark E. Austin born Oct 1870 in Illinois, married six years to May born May 1872 Ohio, with Lile June 1898 Colorado. Frank L. Austin brother, June 1875 is with them, all cattle herders.
In 1910 Morgan County, Clark is farming, 38, Mae 31, Leah 12, Yule 9, Elois 7, and Dorotheea 6.
In 1920 Morgan County, Clark 48, Eva 40, Yule K. 19, Eloise H. 17, and Doratha M. 15.
Clark 1871-1924 is buried in Fort Morgan # 73936171.

Adella married Burt Ragan, who claimed land near the Austin claim.

Leah Fern Austin married Francis H. Hutchinson March 19, 1918, recorded in Morgan County.
Yule Kenneth Austin married Ruth K. Carr May 9, 1920, recorded in Morgan County.
Elayse H. Austin married Cecil George Huskey August 25, 1920, recorded in Morgan County.
Dorothea Maude Austin married Hezel K. Clemmer September 1, 1920, recorded in Morgan County.

Frank L. Austin married Ethel B. Hoff August 18, 1909, recorded in Denver.

Frank Lewis Austin registered for WWI in Morgan County, born June 9, 1875, with Ethel Belle Austin. He was a janitor at the high school.
In 1920 Fort Morgan, "Bryan" Austin is 44, Ethel 39, Anna 9, Phillis 2, and Ethel's sister Sarah Noff (Huff), a nurse 41, born in Illinois.
1927 Decatur, Illinois "Mrs. Ethel Austin of Fort Morgan, Colo, was a guest Tuesday in the home of Mrs. Dora Burk.

In 1930 Frank and Ethel have only Phyllis J. 12.
Frank I. Austin # 75577733 died in 1947, buried in Fort Morgan with Ethel B. dying 1964 # 75577725.

Phyllis Austin married Milson Porscher February 12, 1936, recorded in Morgan County.

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