Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Charles H. Bronson, 6 South 45 West

Charles is a laborer in 1860 Kalamazoo County, Michigan, 19, with parents D.S. and Emaline. Eugene C. is 25, Ellen is 16, Josephine 11, and Eva 7.

Charles enlisted 1861 in the 2nd Michigan Cavalry as a bugler, and reenlisted 1864, and was discharged 1865 at Macon, Georgia. He was 5/8", blue eyes, protestant, a machinist. In 1915 when he was admitted to Leavenworth National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, his nearest relative was his sister Mrs. Eva B. Moore of Galesburg Michigan, and Horace Humphrey of Lamar, Missouri.

(Letter from Eugene H. Bronson of Comstock, MI, to Harriet (“Hattie”) N. Taylor, also of Comstock, MI, dated May 30, 1863, from a camp near Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Bronson served as a sergeant in Company C of the Fourth Michigan Cavalry Regiment until his death at Nashville, Tennessee on November 7, 1863. In this letter, Bronson discusses his health and dread of hospitals, rumors concerning the Battle of Vicksburg and the siege of Richmond, his promotion, and news about residents of Comstock.)

In 1870 Kalamazoo County, C. Brownson is 29, farming born in New York, with Phebe 29 Michigan. They're working for Henry Fley 78 and his wife Anna 66, both born in Holland.

David S. Bronson died October 1, 1884, aged 80 years.

When David S. Brunson filed a will in November 1884, he gave property to his wife Emeline, daughters Ellen Clark, Josephine Phillips, Eva Moore and grandson Archie Bronson.
Charles is not mentioned in the will. If anyone has information on his locations for the 1880 and 1900 census, pleas let us know.

One tree said Charles married Phoebe Jane Goodrich in 1867 in Kalamazoo County, Michigan, and they had Archie in 1871.
In 1910 Kit Carson County, Charles Bronson is a farm laborer, 69, born in New York, widowed. The census has him as a head of household, but he's not a separate number. He's with the John and Mette Vaughn family.

In 1912, Frank Walters of Hermes, Colorado was a witness, along with Charles Evans, Andrew C. Harlen, and Charles A. Bartles, for the claim of Charles H. Bronson for land in 14, 6S 45W.
Charles, of Bethune, Colorado, proved up two quarters in 14, 6S 45W in 1913. Witnesses were Frank Walters, Charles Evans, Andrew C. Harlen, and Charles A. Bartles, all of Hermes, Colorado.
October 3, 1912 "C.H. Bronson was a passenger for Kansas City Thursday evening."

The tree said Charles died in January 1920, Phoebe in 1914.
Charles is in Kalamazoo County, Michigan in 1920 (Census was taken January 2), 78 widowed, with son Archie 48 and his wife Jennie 47, daughter Josephine H.7, all three born in Michigan. Archie's half-brothers Ole W. Durkee 39 and Thomas P. Durkee 36 are with them.
Charles died January 6, 1920, father David S. Bronson.
In 1899 Kalamazoo County, Mrs. Emeline lives in Galesburg, Frank L. in Vickburg, George L. Pavilion, Horace E. a carpenter in Pavilion, and William E. Vicksburg.
In 1900 Kalamazoo County, Emeline Brunson, born Nov 1811 in Vermont, is living with daughter Eva B. Moore Nov 1852 and her husband Levi A. Moore 52, a carpenter.

In 1880 Kalamazoo, Archie Bronson is 9, and his mother Phebe 39 is married to Zebine Durkee, 41.
Application filed July 8, 1889. Serial No. 316,786. (No model.) ie it known that I, ARCHIE BRONSON, a citizen of the United States, residing at Charleston, Galesburg P. 0., county of Kalamazoo, State of Michigan, have invented a new and useful Road-Grader."

In 1910 Archie was in Kalamazoo, 3 with Jennie 37.
Phebe J. and Zefina B. Durkee are in Kalamazoo in 1910, too, with their sons Del 28 and Thomas 25.

Phoebe 1840-1914 died in Kalamazoo, # 48840567.

Charles H. Bronson # 13217525 is buried in Kalamazoo "Bugler, 2 Mich Cavalry"

Archie Bronson 1871-1946 is buried in Kalamazoo # 48840204.
Zezina (sic) B. DURKEE, a native of Kalamazoo county an a life-long resident, died suddenly at 1:30 o’clock yesterday afternoon at his home in Galesburg. Though he had been in ill health for some time, Mr. DURKEE was about the house yesterday. Death was due to neuralgia of the heart. Seventy-one years ago Mr. DURKEE was born on a farm about two miles south of Galesburg and on the Comstock and Charleston township line. Here he grew to manhood. His education was received in the district school. He lived on the old homestead for 65 years, when he purchased a home and moved into Galesburg. For the past few years, Mr. DURKEE had not been actively engaged in business. Since going to Galesburg he had dealt some in real estate. Failing health prevented his farming and he moved into the village to pass his few remaining days. Mr. DURKEE was a charter member of the Masonic lodge at Galesburg and one of the early members of the Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Association. He was also greatly interested in the Kalamazoo Pioneer Society. Always a Democrat, Mr. DURKEE was an active partisan, though he was never an office seeker. He was, however, a public-spirited man and was with the leaders in any move which was for the advancement of the county and the village in which he later resided. He is survived by a widow, two sons, Oel W. and Thomas P. DURKEE; one step-son, Archie BRONSON, all of Galesburg and a sister, Miss Sarah E. DURKEE of Kalamazoo. The funeral will be held at 2 o’clock Tuesday afternoon from the home in Galesburg. Burial will be in Oak Grove Cemetery. source: Galesburg Express Dec 1910 (submitted by a volunteer, no family connection)

Charles' sister Ellen Bronson married James Clark, both born in New York, and had Nora L. in Iona County, Michigan September 4, 1867.
They were in Eaton County, Michigan in 1880, with two daughters.

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