Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

John and Sarah (Pike) Clair, sons John and Roy, daughters Ellen (Clair) Ackley, Ella (Clair) Babeon, daughter Bertha (Clair) Glaze, 6 South 45 West

In 1870 Marshall County, Kansas, Sarah J. Pike is 15, with Wilder S. 38 and Elizabeth 33, William S. 12, Priestly A. 9, George E. 6, and Nancy A. ten months.
(Elizabeth 1831-1895 is buried in Marysville, Kansas # 72253322.)

In 1880 Marshall County, Kansas, John Clair is 27, Sarah 25, William 5, Jose E. 3, and Mary ten months. Nex household is James Clear 46, a retired carriage builder, with Henrietta 49, Arthur 19, Adolph 12, and Lizzie 6.

In 1895 Marshall County, John is 42, Sarah 40, William 19, J.B. 17, Dolly M. 16, Ella M. 9, Roy 7, Newton 5, Jasper 3, and a month-old unnamed daughter.

In 1900 Osborne County, Kansas, John Clair is farming, born May 1852 in Iowa, married 25 years to Sarah J. Nov 1854 Illinois. Georgia E. (Georgia Ellen married George Ackley) July 1886, Roy B. Oct 1888, John N. Jan 1890, Jasper N. Oct 1892, and Ethal R. Jan 1898 were all born in Kansas.
In 1910 Yuma County, Kirk precinct, John is 55, Sarah J. 58, Newton J. 20, Jasper 18, and Ethel R. 12.
In 1920 Stratton, Colorado, John Clair and Sarah are both 64, hotel keepers, with one boarder.
Sarah Jane (Pike) Clair # 67354344 is buried in Kirk, with John 1852-1929 # 67354341. , and brother William Warren Clair 1875-1947.
January 21, 1932

Clair, Newton J., Farmer, S. 14, T. 6, R 47, P. O. Stratton. Mr. Clair was born in Kansas in 1889, settled in the county in 1900, and married Elizabeth Ketcher. They have two children.
Newton Clair married Lizzie W. Kechter on January 20, 1913, recorded in Kit Carson County.

Newton J. Clair claimed two quarters in 14, 6S 47W in 1917.
He registered for WWI with a Tuttle address, farming, with a wife and two children. He was born at Alton, Kanss January 19, 1891.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Newton is farming, 27, with Elizabeth W. 26 born in Illinois. Sadie M. is 6, Maudie I. 4, both born in Colorado.

Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob Kechter, passed away in 1925, according to Jacob Kechter's 1961 obituary. The stone in the Kirk cemetery has Elizabeth 1892-1925 # 67354338 and Molly November 18, 1895- May 17, 1933.

Sadie Mae Clair married Arthur E. Finley on December 13, 1930, reorded in Washington County, Colorado.
December 24, 1931 "Francis Finley and Miss Sadie Clair were married recently. We are unable to give the eact date or details of the wedding."

In 1940 Kit Carson County Arthur is farming, 27, with Sadie M. 26, Kenneth W. 8, Elizabeth 7, Clifford W. 5, and Richard A. 3.

1943 Kirk items "Mrs. Francis Finley was taken to the Burlington hospital last week. She was slightly improved Sunday. Her sister, Mrs. Arthur Finhley is caring for ther three little daughters.

In 1964, when Carrie Finley died, Francis Finley was living in Sterling, and Arthur in Syracuse, Kansas.

July 16, 1964. "Mrs. Sadie Hess of Ruleton, Kansas, underwent surgery i Burlington hospital July 10. Sadie is a former resident and will be remembered here as Saide Finley."
1966 "Mrs. Sadie Hess of Burlington underwent surgery October 26 in Denver at St. Anthony Hospital. She will probably be hospitalized for 10 days."

Sadie M. Hess 1913-2004 is buried in Burlington, # 89523938, with Henry W. M. Hess 1910-1986.

In August 1966 at a Finley reunion "Francis Finley family present were Maud Finley Anderson from Wray...

In 1940 Luna County, New Mexico, Newton is a carpenter 48, born in Kansas, married to Edna 47 born in Iowa.
They're in the 1940 El Paso, Texas diretory, with Edna L. at 917 Wyoming.

February 26, 1943 Deming, New Mexico "Mrs. Edna Laura Clair, 55, of Columbus, N. M. died last Thursday February 18th at Deming Hospital. Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at the Mahoney chapel, with Rev. Bryan Hall officiating. Burial was in View Mountain. Deceased is survived by her husband, Newton J. Clair of Columbus."
FindaGrave # 131204604 has her buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Deming.

Her father was L.A. Munson, her mother Addie H. Schermerhorn.

In 1946 El Paso, Texas, Newton John Clair pleaded guilty to a driving while intoxicated.

Newton John Clair 1891-December 1963 is buried in Douglas Arizona # 73601617.
" CLAIR, Newton John, born about 1891. Seventy-two years of age. Died Nov 14th. Burial Tues Dec 14, 1963 at Calvary Cemetery, Douglas, AZ. Brown Page Mortuary in charge of arrangements. "
In 1960 "Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Crist entertained for dinner for Mrs. Sadie Desatke, Mrs. Helen Meade and Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Johnson, all of BUrlington."

In 1960 "Kenneth Finley had a son born May 11, Kenneth Wayne, Jr. Maternal grandmother is Mrs. Dadie Dustake of Burlingotn."

When Jacob Kechter died in 1961, his grandchildren included Sadie Dustake of Burlington and Maude Anderson of Wray.

In 1966 at a Finley reunion "From the Arthur Finley family were Kenneth and wife Pat from Commere City and Richard and wife Edith of Northglenn."

1969 "Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hess are now living on their farm southesast of Kirk."

In 1980 Kenneth was living in Austin, Minnesota.

October 1963 "Mr. and Mrs. Jack Finley and children of Denver and Mrs. Maude Anderson of Wray were weekend guests at the Lester Scruby home."

Maude (Finley) Anderson 1915-1998 is buried in Kirk # 67354288.
Maudie I. Clair and Francis J. Finley had Duane Norman Finley on January 31, 1934 in Vona, Colorado. Francis J. Finley 1909-1966 is buried in Kirk # 67354447.

So is Duane N. Finley 1934-1997 # 67354444.


In 1910 Kit Carson County, Warren W. Clair is 35, Annie 34, Hattie 7, William 5, Walter 3, and Sarah 1.

Warren Clair claimed land in section 2, 6S 46W in 1913.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Warren is 44, Annie R. 43, Hattie M. 17, William J. 15, Walter W. 13, Sarah J. 11, Sylvia S. 9, Goldie A. 6, Jesse Willard 4, Gertrude M. 2, and John H. 1.
Clair, W. W., Farmer, S. 2, T. 6, R.46, P. O. Stratton. Mr. Clair was born in Kansas in 1875, settled in the county in 1907, and married Anna Lohf. They have nine children.

In 1930 they have Walter 22, Sarah 20, Jesse 15, Gertrude 13, and John 11.

In 1940, Warren is 64 - no occupation, Anna 63. John Henry Clair is 21, farming, Gertrude 22 is in government service NYA.

Anna R. (Lohff) Clair 1876-1949 is buried in Kirk # 67354337, with William Warren Clair 1875-1947 , # 67354345.

May 26, 1949 "Mrs. Anna Clair of Stratton spent the week end at the Jesse Clair home...

January 6, 1949 Kirk items in the Yuma Pioneer "Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Higgins are visiting a few days with the latter's brother, Mr. Jesse Clair and family."

John is buried in Bennett, Colorado 1918-1996, # 58457851, with Georgeia 1915-1995.

August 6, 1964

Sylvia S. Clair married Harold H. Higgins October 3, 1928, recorded in Kit Carson County.

Sylvia Sophia (Clair) (Higgins) Klein 191-1983 is buried in Lafayette, # 66407197, with Harold H. Higgins 1901-1969.

July 24, 1969 "Mrs. Ira Monroe and Jesse Clair received word Monday of the death of their sister's husband, Harold Higgins of Lafayette. Both the Monroe and Clair families attended the funeral Friday."

Goldie Agnes Clair married Willard Dewey Higgins on February 20, 1929, recorded in Kit Carson County.
Willard Dewey Higgins 1898-1970 is buried in Berthoud, Colorado # 33398158, with Goldie 1913-1996 # 33398219.

In 1930 Yuma County, Harold H. 27 and Sylva 18 Higins hav e Lela A. nine months.
In the same household are Dewey W. Higgins 29, Goldie A. 17 with Gerald W. eight months.

Both Higgins families are in Lafayette, Colorado in 1940. Dewey 42, Goldie 27, Gerald 10 and Eula 8.
Harold 38 and "Selvia" 29 have Lela 10, Bobbie 9, Charles 7, and Vergil 5.

Ira Monroe 1910-1992 is buried in Vona # 95399854 - with Gertrude M. Monroe on the same stone, 1917 - # 95399899.

Hattie Muriel Clair married Charles L. Clayton on November 22, 1920, recorded in Cheyenne County, Colorado.
Hattie Muriel Clayton 1902-2006 is buried in Napa County, California # 47731812, with Charles L. 1895-1971.

William J. Clair 1904-1995 is buried in Alamosa Colorado, with Lucye Belle (Tryon) Clair 1910-1998.

Jesse W. Clair married Elizabeth A. Crist on September 8, 1936, recorded in Kit Carson County.

In 1961 their daughters Mrs. Dean Weyerman of Bellvue had Ray Dean December 19, 1968 and on January 2, 1961 Mr. and Mrs. Wes Thomason of Burlington had Darwin D. Thomason. Both mothers were daughter of Jesse and Elizabeth Clair.

Jesse 1915-1988 is buried in Kirk # 67354340, with Elizabeth Alva (Crist) Clair 1919-1984.

Roberta Getter, born about 1937, married Ronald F. Kolch in Ventura County California December 12, 1964.
They divorced in Ventura County in November 19974.

September 25, 1969


In 1900 Osborne County, Kansas, Jones S. Clair is divorced, 45, with Alfred 16 and Albert 15.

Jones Salem Clair 1854-1916 is buried in Osborne County, Kansas, # 49292183.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, on the same page as Warren, Alfred is farming, with Francis, both 26, married six years. Annie is 5, Raymond 4, and Claud 1, all three born in Kansas.

Alfred E. Clair claimed land in 1, 6S 46W, also in 1913.

In 1920 Cheyenne County, Colorado, Alfred E. Clair is farming, 36, born in Iowa, with Sarah J. 35 Missouri. Hattie 18, Raymond 13, and Claude 11 were born in Kansas, Carl E. 9, Dora B. 7, and Louis B. 2 in Colorado.

Alfred Eathmer Clair, born August 3, 1883 at Blenda Iowa, registered for WWII in Lakeview, Oregon, reference Robert Clair of Lakeview.

In 1910 Marshall County, Kansas, Roy is a section hand, 21, boarding with the Charles Duver family.
In 1910 Kit Carson County, Molly Kechter is 15, with parents Jacob 39 and Elizabeth 41. Elizabeth is 17, Louise 13, Pauline 6, and Willie 3.

Roy registered for WWI with an address of Tuttle, Colorado, born Oct 28, 1888 at Marysville, Kansas, farming, with a wife and one baby.
In 1920 Kit Carson County, Roy is 33, Mollie 28 born in Colorado, with Ervin 4 and Pauline 1.

In 1922 Roy Clair owned two quarters in 20, 6S 45W - adjoining the Vickery and Turriff land.
In 1930 he's a laborer in a coal mine in Boulder County, Colorado, 40, with Mary 36 COlorado, Ivan E. 15, Marie 11, and Velma 8, all born in Colorado.
Roy 1888-1962, # 67354343 is buried in Kirk, Colorado.
Molly 1895-1933 is buried in Kirk # 67354342, daughter Marie (Clair) BHaxter 1919-2008 in Wheat Ridge COlorado.
Roy is widowed in 1940 Boulder County, 52, a laborer.
Velma Violet Clair was born July 13, 1922 at Stratton, Colorado, to Roy Clair and Molly Kechter, name Achziger in 1966, Belding in 1973, and as Monroe 1977, dying April 1988.
Ivan Everett Clair 1916-2001 is buried in Thornton, Colorado. # 45087386 "Ivan Everette Clair, 84, of Colorado Springs, a superintendent, died June 21. Graveside services were June 25 in Highland Cemetery.
Clair was born Aug. 18, 1916, in Tuttle, CO. In August 1936, he married MaryBelle Wright.
He was superintendent of the Thornton water and sewer department. His interests included travel, camping and fishing.
He is survived by his wife; a daughter, Linda Albrandt, Colorado Springs; six grandchildren; 14 great-grandchildren; and one great-great-grandson. "


G. Ellen Clair, 19, married George W. Ackley on May 5, 1903 in Marshall County, Kansas.

In 1910 North Platte, Nebraska, George is 27, Ellen 24, Syble 5, and newborn Jose.
In 1920 Kit Carson County, George W. is a mechanic, 46, Ellen G. 36, Sibyl A. 15, Josie M. 11, Lucie W. 8, Leveta F. 6, Eva A. 4, and Delilah E. 2.

In 1930 Sheridan County, Nebraska, George is a laborer, 55, Georgia 44, Josie M. 20 born in Kansas, Levi W. 18, Leueta F. 16, Eva A. 14, Delilah A. 12 born in Colorado, and Cleon W. 8 in Nebraska.

Georgia Ellen Ackley 1885-1934 is buried in North Platte, Nebraska # 13162297.

George William Ackley, born March 2, 1894, died in Caldwell, Idaho on April 22, 1941. Levie Ackley was the informant. Goerge was to be buried in New Plymounth, Idaho. The grave in Parkview Cemetery is unmarked, per # 14546798.

In 1900 Marshall County, Kansas, Christ Babeon is farming, born April 1869 in Germany, married eight years to Ella Dec 1873 Kansas, have Enna E. June 18894 and Bertha M. April 1897, both Kansas.
They're in Marshall County in 1910, with Elna 15, Bertha 13, George 8, Venssia 4, and Eugene 1.
In 1920, next to Roy Clair, Christ is farming, 50, Ella M. 46, George C. 18, Venissia M. 14. and Eugene 10.
C.G. Babeon owned two quarter is 20, 6S 45W in 1922, joining Roy Clair.
In 1930 they're living on Colorado Avenue in Stratton, Colorado. Christ G. 60 runs a shoe repair shop, Ella M. 55, George C. 28 has a barber shop, Venessia 24 is a telephone operator, and Eugene S. 20 is a farm laborer.
In 1940 Kit Carson, Cheyenne County, C.G. is a cobbler, 71, Eleanor 66, with Venssia M. 34 a contract manager for the telephone company.

George C. Babeon, 27 of Stratton married Nettie Wilbur, 23, of Denver on April 21, 1930 in Cheyenne Wells. It was recorded in Kit Carson County.

Delmer J. Glaze was born Feb 7, 1919 at Stratton, Colorado to Emmet E. Glaze and Bertha M. Babeon, dying May 1i, 1995.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Emmett E. Glare is farming 25, Bertha M. 22, with Delmer J. ten months.
They're back in Osborne County, Kansas in 1930, where Emmett is an oil well driller, 35, Bertha 33, Delmar 11, Lucile 9, and Richard 4, all born in Kansas.
Bertha Glaze is a cook, widowed in 1940 Denver, 42, with Delmer 21 a meat cutter, and Lucille 18 a waitress, both born in COlorado, Richard 14 in Kansas.
Lucille Vivian Glaze was born at Stratton August 13, 1920, dying June 4, 2007 a Lucille V. Gibble.
She's buried in Durango, Colorado with husband Floyd L. Gibble 1914-2006.

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