Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

William E. and Carrie Crabtree, 6 South 45 West

William E. Crabtree of Elbert County, Colorado, cash-claimed a quarter in 4, 6 South, 45W in 1890.

W. Crabtree is farming in 1885 El Paso County, Colorado, 25 - Ohio, with Carrie 28 - Indiana, and son R.E. 2.
In 1892 Denver, Mr. Carrie Crabtree is living at 3050 Williams. She might be the widow of William Crabtree that # 13463335 has buried in Denver, 1856-1891. Denver death records have him dying September 12, 1891.

Carrie is widowed in 1900 Arapahoe County, born May 1856 in Indiana. Robert Sloan 45 a boilermaker, is boarding with her.
In 1903 Denver Carrie , Alvie W - a teamster, and Rollie - a laborer all live on Nevada between south 8th and s 10th (Valverde area, the same area that they wein 1885._
Carrie Crabtree married Lee Roy Wright June 27, 1906, recorded in Jefferson County, Colorado.
She might be the one in 1910 Cherokee County, Oklahoma, 47, married four years to Roy Wight 44, Ohio. She's on her second marriage, Roy on his first. Carrie's had three children, all living.

Rollie E. Crabtree was in Denver in 1900, single. He married Mamie Woods March 4, 1903, recorded in Larimer County, and in 1910 is married to Mamie A. 30, Missouri, with three kids, Mamie's father Thomas H. Woods and sister Jewell 19, WOods, Missouri. John A. Crabtree, 23, brother a labore in a coalyard, is also with them.

In 1920 Denver, Mamie A. is widowed, 43, with Grace 16, Laveta L. 13, Brontion R. 11, Kenneth 7, and her father Thomas H. WOods, 71, widowed.
One post said Mary Alice (Mamie) Crabtree died February 1921, and is buried in Olinnger Crown Hill, Colorado..

The Rollie B. Crabtree who married Martha Wickhorst in Denver August 8, 1931 is his son, per one tree.
Carrie Grace (Crabtree) Libby 1903-1964 is buried in Colma, California.
Laveta is in Jackson County Oregon in 1940, married to Andrew McMahon, 42, Ohio. They were in Salinas, California in 1935.
In 1966 Denver, Andrew R. and Laveta L. McMahan are retired, living at 223 22nd Street.

John Arrie Crabtree was born June 27, 1888 at Agate, Colorado.

William Alvie Crabtree was born April 22, 1886 in Denver, and registered for WWII in Denver, unemployed.
Social Security index has him born in Tuttle, Elbert County (whTuttle was in Elbert County in 1886, before Kit Carson County was organized.)
In 1910 Denver, William A. is 24, a journeyman, married to Hazel M. 18.
In 1920 Denver, William is 33, with Hazel M. 28, Vera 8, and Leroy 1, all born in COlorado. Vera probably married a Harkness.
William 1886-1943 and Hazel M. share a tombstone in Denver # 53757785.
Hazel M. Kemp married Wiliam A. Crabtree Sept 15, 1909, recorded in Denver.

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