Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

James T. Mace, 6 South 45 West

James T. Mace married Martha M. Stafford in Wells County, Indiana April 25, 1848.
They're in Wapello COunty, Iowa in 1850, with Martha 20 and Nancy A. 2. Joshua Stafford is 22.
In 1854 Wapello County, Iowa James T. Mace's family has just him and a female.

In 1870 Wapello County, James if farming 54, Martha 39, James 15, Rachel 13, Wm. F. 11, John 8, Chas W. 6, Mary A. 4, Anna L.2, and Ernest six months.
In 1880 Wapello County, Jamess 64 and Martha M. 51 have William L. 21, John A. 18, Charles S. 16, Mary A. 14, and Anny E. 12.
In 1885 Wapello COunty, James F. is 8, Martha M. 55, William 25, Mary 19, Anny L. 17, and Laura E. 15, all kids born in Wapello Ciunty. With them are Alice Honn 20 and Harriet Honn 18.
Mary A. Mace, 21, married Chas F. Kight in Ottumwa, Iowa Feb 18, 1887.
She was born Dec 24, 1865 at Ottumwa Iowa, and died April 18, 1946 in Matagorda County, Tgexas, to be buried in El Campo, Texas.
She's buried in Wharton County, # 44840307.

In 1900 Lansing precinct Arapahoe County (now Yuma County) James is farming born Sept 1815 in Virginia, married 53 years to Martha M. Sept 1829 Ohio. She's had 16 children, seven living.
In 1900 James T. Mace (has to be James Marion Mace's father) born Sep 1815 in Virginia and Martha M. Sep 1829 in Ohio, are in Lansing precinct. James T. Mace had married Martha M. Stafford April 25, 1848 in Wells County, Indiana.
James T. Mace cash-claimed a quarter in 8, 5S 47W in 1891, and William F. Mace one just south of him in 1890. William also timber-claimed a quarter in section 9 in 1900.
"Heirs of James T. Mace" proved up 120 acres in 4, 6 South, 45W in 1906.

That's the same section that James F. Mace proved up 40 acres in 1922.
James Townsend Mace 1815-1900 died in Kit Carson County, per # 136095364. Martha M. Mace 1829-1908 is buried in Pueblo Colorado # 111277642. BUT the big stone in Walsenburg # 89011122 has her name.

His son James Marion Mace 1853-1908 is buried in Vernon, Colorado # 129064001 "James married Nancy Hurley July 3, 1877 in Wapello County, Iowa He graduated Harvard University around 1878 and practiced law for many years. "
James Mace, 22, married Myrtle McDanniel, 16, in Yuma September 25, 1915 - minister W. W. Howard of Mildred.
James F. Mace proved up on a quarter in 22, 5S 47W in 1915.

James Franklin Mace, son of William Franklin Mace and Ada Clark, married Luda Ruth Ganoung in Goodland, Kansas, April 12, 1914.
Another source says "James Franklin Mace, 23, son of William Franklin Mace and Ada Clark, married Luda Ruth Ganoung, 18, daughter of Simeon Oatman Ganoung and Mary Elsina Owen, on April 12, 1914 in Warren County, Iowa.
James F. Mace in 1920 is in Kit Carson County, 26, married to Ludah H. 24, Iowa, and they have Florence Marie 4 and Mabel E. 2, both born in Colorado. "
James and Ludah R. Mace divorced in Denver in 1925.
He married Annetta Schoolcraft Oct 17, 1925, recorded in Jefferson County.
James F. Mace and Alice Mildred Titus married January 29, 1930, recorded in Denver.
In 1933 Denver Louis A. and Gladys M. Mace live at 4667 Thompson. So does Jas F., a carman for the UP RR.
James F. Mace divorced Alice Mildred Mace in 1934 in Denver.
James F. Mace married Letha L. Bashor June 4, 1939, recorded in Arapahoe County.

James' daughter Florence Marie 1915-1997 had married Glenn William McCormick in Colorado Sept 22, 1934, recorded in Kit Carson County., and they died in Oregon.
When Fred Marion Mace registered for WWII in Portland, Oregon, he said James F. Mace of 4671 Thompson Court, Portland, was his reference.

Another daughter of James T. and Martha is Amy Louisa Nordholm 1868-1956, buried in Minneapolis # 122268111.
She and William Nordholm, a machinist born Aug 1866 at sea, are in Minneapolis in 1900, married

Charles S. Mace was in Spokane, Washington in 1900, and in 1910 he's doing odd jobs in Fowler, Colorado, with Vesta 34, Marxhall 10, Gladys 8, Violet 2, and Marven six months.
He's a junk dealer in 1920 Walsenburg, Colorado, 35, with Vesta 43, Marshell 20, Violet 12, and Fred 23. Fred is his nephew, son of Wiliam and Ada Mace, who were in Idalia in 1900.

Charles Stafford Mace 1863-1926 is buried in Walsenburg, Colorado #89010010, with Vesta L. )Jackson) Mace 1876-1959.
Gladys Gertie Mace 1901-1918 is also buried there, , and Marvin Everett 1909-1919.

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