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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

George A. Matson, 6 South 45 West

He might be the George Matson farming in 1900 Hitchcock County, Nebraska, with Phoebe married two years, and Mildred born August 1900 nine months old? (Mildred Delsie Matson was born Aug 5, 1899 to George Matson and Phebe Smith, mane Eakins in 1961, and Mildred Delsie Cooper in 1985.. She died Dec 1988)
In 1906 Hitchcock County, George is listed as a farmer and stockraiser in section 14, Driftwood precinct - getting his mail at Herndon, Kansas, coming to Hitchcock County in 1882.

Still there in 1910, with Mildred 10, Barton 6, Irma 3, and Eric one month old.
George cash-claimed a quarter in 13, 6 South, 45W in 1910.

George Arthur Matson is farming near Culbertson Nebraska, when registering for WWI.
In 1920 he's still there, 42, born in Nebraska, with Phebe A. 41 Iowa. Midred D. 20, Burton R. 15, Erma 13, and Eric 9 were all born in Nebraska.

George Arthur Matson 1877-1947 is buried in Hitchcock County, Nebraska, with Phebe A. )Smith) Matson 1878-1961.

George Arthur Matson, seventh child of John Gomery Matson and Phebe Ann Coles Matson, arrived into the world on 18 May 1877. He was born in Nuckolls Co., NE. He moved with his parents to the southeastern area of Hitchcock County in 1881. His parents were farmers. He and his future wife, Phebe Ann Smith, received their schooling in Dist. #3. They were united in marriage 3 Oct, 1897. They raised a big crop of corn the first year and sold it for 15 cents a bushel. They lived near Marian, NE when they were first married. In 1899 they homesteaded 160 acres in Hitchcock co. They lived there for 5 years before they could prove up on it.
"Times were pretty hard for several years and George worked out most of the time. Part of the time for 50 cents a day only getting home on weekends. Our livestock we had when we started out was a little team of mules, a crooked legged horse and a heifer. The first house we lived in on the homestead was made of sod. We dug out a bedroom on the side of the house. It had a ridge log with tree limbs for rafters with the brush and dirt for a roof. It had a dirt floor and I sewed gunny sacks together to make a carpet and scrubbed it with a broom." (Phebe Ann Matson's diary 1952) The children born to this union were: son 31 May 1898; Mildred Delsie 5 Aug 1899; Barton Rea 31 Jan 1904; Erma Fern 16 June 1906; Erie 21 Feb 1910; and Verla 14 Oct 1920.
The young couple suffered many hardships including drought, prairie fire, and the loss of their first child. They milked lots of cows and sold the cream to help make a living. At one time they moved north into the sandhills for a short time. George carried mail from McCook on a start route from 1934-1938. Phebe stayed home and cared for things. They reared their two granddaughters who's mother burned to death when they were babies. They were Dorthy and Beulah Matson. The church to which they belonged held church in the homes of the members. They often had a number of preachers living with them. Phebe Ann Smith was the daughter of Erie L. Smith and Mary Rosella Doherty Smith. Her birthdate was 16 Sep 1878 and her birthplace was Warren Co., IA. Her father died when her brother was 2 years old and she was 10 months. Her mother married Simpson Edwards in 1880 and the family moved to Hitchcock Co. in 1887. George died in his sleep the morning of 5 Jun 1947. Phebe lived the last three years of her life in McCook where she was cared for in the home of one of her church members. She died 13 Oct 1961. Borth are buried in the Grove Cemetery, Hitchcock Co., NE.
by Alta Fahrenbruch

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