Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

John P. and Louiza (Stuart) Youngson, brother Henry Youngson, 6 South 45 West

In 1870 Porter, Indiana, Peter Youngson is farming, 39, Helena 34, John 11, Peter 9, Henry 7, George 6, Emma 4, Anna 3, William six months.

In 1880 Kearney County, Nebraska, Helen Youngson is 44, widowed, born in Hanover, John 20 Indiana, Peter 17 Indiana, Emma 13 Indiana, Anne 12, Indiana, William 10 Indiana, and Adolph 8 Indiana Lewis born in September 1879 in Indiana, is with them.
Henry is in Delaware County, Iowa, working on the George Pound farm, 18, father born in Denmark, mother Hamburg.
In 1885 Kearney County, H.C. is 22, Mary 21, with Henry four months.

In 1890 Minden precinct, Kearney County, Nebraska, John and Peter J. are farming. Henry Youngson is farming in Osco precinct.

Henry Youngson timber-claimed a quarter in 7, 6S 45W in 1898.
In 1900 Henry is in Kearney County, Nebraska, farming, born July 1862 in Indiana, with Mary June 1864 Russia, Henry Jun 1884, John March 1886, Harry Jan 1889, Alfred June 1895, Emma Feb 1897, and Anna Feb 1899 all si born in Nebraska.
In 1910 Kearney County, Henry is farming, 47, Marie 46, Johnny 24, Harry 20, Alfred 14, Emma 13, Annie 11, James 8, and Elzie 6.
In 1920 Kearney County Henry 57, Marie 55, Anna 20 is a school teacher, James 19, and Elsie 17.
In 1930 Kearney County, Henry and Mary have only Anna Olson, divorced daughter, with her son Eugene Olsen 4.

Henry C. Youngson 1862-1958 # 79759209 Mary 1863-1953 are buried in Kearney County # 79759229.
and Anna Youngson, born Feb 7, 1899 to Henry Youngson and Mary Scheider, married George D. Olsen in Salt Lake City May 10, 1924.
In 1940 Anna is married to Ed Wilkinson, farming in Kearney County, 49,. Anna M. is 41, Gene is 14 born in Utah, James 6 and Anenette M. two months were born in Nebraska.
Gene D. Wilkinson 1925-1997 is buried in Kearney County # 62523932.

John P. Youngson proved up a quarter in 8, 6 South, 45W in 1893.
He timber-claimed another quarter there in 1898.
1897 Goodland Kansas "G. L. Lundy of Burlington, county clerk of Kit Carson county, Colo., accompanied by Mr. Youngson of the same place, spent Saturday and Sunday in Goodland. "

March 1898 Goodland, Kansas "John P. Youngson of Burlington was in Goodland Saturday."

December 1898 Goodland Kansas "John P. Youngson of Burlington, Col., was in Goodland the latter part of last week on his way home from Jacksonville, Fla., where he had been with a car of horses."

In 1900 Kearney County, Nebraska, John P. Youngson is a stock dealer, born July 1859 in Indiana, married 19 years to Louiza A. Dec 1861 Indiana. They have Herman N. June 1885 Nebraska, Hellen E. July 1887 Nebraska, Alvin P. April 1890 Colorado, May A. May 892 Colorado, and Lulu B. Jan 1896 Colorado.

In 1910 Minden, Nebraska, L.A. said she was widowed, 48, with Helen 22, Almon P. 20, May A. 17, and Lulu B. 14.
In 1917 Lincoln, Nebraska, Luiza A. (wid John) Lulu B. a teacher, Helen E. a clerk, and Almon P. a travel Agent , and Nellie a bookkeeper all live at 826 S. 18th.
Louiza is widowed in 1920 Colorado Springs, lodging in a rooming house of about ten people, with Helen 32 - neighter have occupations.
Louiza and Helen are in Colorado Springs in 1930 - Helen E. is a saleslady.

John and Louiza's daughter May said he sold his farm in Colorado to raise horses. and on a trip to Florida to sell horses he was robbed. Louia moved back to Minden to be near hr parents. John returned to Colorado and then went on to Calliforn ia to the gold country. There in Greenwood he lived iwth Herman and Herman's wife Bertha.

John Peter Youngson 1858-1939 is buried in Greenwood, California # 111055382, with Louize Adealine Virginia (Stuart) Youngson 1861-1932.

Herman Mervin Youngson 1885-1954 is also buried in El Dorado County, California
"Herman M. Youngson, 69, born June 19, 1885 in Nebraska died in his sleep on May 15. He had been a rancher in this area the past twenty-seven years. He is survived byhis wife Bertha Youngson, two sisters and one brother (no names mentioned) Graveside services will be held Tuesday in Georgetown, and Mrs. Youngson requested no flowers, but donations to favorite charities be made."
From his obit found in the same paper:
Mr. Youngson was the secretary of the Georgetowen Masonic Lodge and was a member of the Excelsior Lodge No 310 I.O.O.F. San Francisco.
His brother was Almon Youngson Long Beach, CA; sisters, May Long of Glenridge, NJ and Helen Youngson of Long Beach. "

Helen was a saleslady in 1940 Los Agneles with a dozen lodgers.

Helen Elizabeth Youngson 1887-1975 is buried in Colorado Springs # 35155223.

Almon Peter Youngson, born at Burlington, Coloardo to John R. Youngson and Louiza Adaline Virginia Stuart, married Priscilla Davis in Cass County, Iowa June 14, 1916.
He registered for WWI in Carroll, Iowa, born April 21, 1890, a traveling salesman, supporting a wife and mother.
In 1930 he's a furniture soliciter, 39, Priscilla D. 38 Iowa, with William D. 12 born in Nebraska, and Charles R. 8 Califronia.
In 1940 Los Angeles Almon is a furniture salesman, 49, Priscilla 47, with Charles R. 18 a newspaper carrier.
In 1942 he was working for Pacific Coast Fabricator Inc., living at 4128 Colorado Street in Long Beach, reference was William Youngson of 3615 Olive Avenue, Long Beach.

Almon died March 1969, last residence Long Beach.

In 1940 William is married to Helen A. 20 California - her sister Bertha Hl. Muhlbradt, sister-in-law? born in Germany is with them.
William Youngson dying May 11, 2003 is buried in Colma, California # 87541779.

In 1920 May W. Long is in Essex County, New Jersey, 26, married to Maurice B. Long, an electrical engineer born in MIchigan, also 26.
Still in Essex County in 1930, they have Dorothy J.9 and Margery M. 4.
In 1940 they have only Jean, 19.
May Agnes Long, born May 29, 1892, died April 11, 1984 in Napa County, California, mother Stewart, father Youngson.

May wrote a nice article, including photographs in the "History and Genealogy of Peter and Helen Youngson family" By Charlene Villars, Pat Villars Erickson.


In 1920 Thurston County, Nebraska, Lulu Youngson is a teacher, 23, rooming with the Edwin Rose family
In 1925 Floyd, 32, Lula 28, Virginia 3, and Betty 2 Rose are in Sioux City, Iowa.
In 1930 Atoka Oklahoma, Lulu is married to F.A. Rose, 28, running a general store. They have Virginia 8 and Betty 7, both born in Nebraska.
In 1940 Floyd and Lulu are in Fremont, Nebraska, with Virginia and Elizabeth both 18 ?
They're in Los Angeles in 1942, where Floyd work\s for the California Spring Company.
Lulu Belle Rose, born January 27, 1896 in Colorado, died August 31, 1952 in Los ngeles, mother Stuart, father Youngson.

Floyd Allen Rose 1892-1947 is buried in Los Angeles National # 53807394.
Virginia Mayone Rose, born to Floyd and Lula Oct 5, 1921 at Winnebago, Nebraska, name of Bilava in 1951, Robinson in 61 and 1997.
One tree said Betty was married to Donald E. Engle in 1947 Femont, Nebraska.
Henry and John's brother Peter Youngson died in 1879 in Kearney County, with his widow moving to Denver.
One daughter of Peter, Anna M. (Youngson) (Farell) Hamilton 1868-1957 is buried in Wheat Ridge, Colorado # 142488187.

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