Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Conrad J. and Mary M. Bretthauer, 6 South 46 West

On November 5, 1901, the Lake Ontario arrived in Quebec from Liverpool. Conrad Bretthauer, a farmer 35 from Walker Russia was goin got Lincoln, Nebraska to a relative Jacob Bretthauer. Marie is 30, David 7, and Heinrich 3.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Conrad is 44, Mary 39, David 15, Henry 12, all four immigrating in 1901, born in German Russia, Lydia is 8, born in Colorado.

Conrad claimed two quarters in sections 3 and 4, 6S 46W in 1913.

Henry 1898-1914 is buried in Kirk # 67354312.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Conrad J. is farming, 52, Mary M. 48, Lydia 17, and Esther 9.

Walter Colony, 22 September 1921
To C. Bretthauer, Stratton, Colorado

Deeply loved brother and family:
We received your letter today with great happiness. Thus I wish to immediately reply that we are very glad that God has managed it so that we can again exchange letters with one another. Thanks to God that he has kept us alive up to now.
From your letter we see that you are still healthy and have no difficulties. Would to God that He also should do thus with us. But with us there is widespread misery and misery at home. With you the harvest was good this past year and the prospects are good for this year's harvest. With us it was the exact opposite. Last year the harvest was poor and this year we harvested almost nothing because many people did not have seeds: and if you do not sow you cannot harvest. Potatoes and cabbage have turned out well for us. Many people also do not have these and therefore they have nothing at all. Wheat and rye amounted to nearly nothing. How we are to maintain our life in the future only God knows. If He does not do something special, many people will die of hunger.
There have been great changes among us, the Grim Reaper has already snatched many people here. Brother-in-law Helfrich and sister Katrinlisbet died, one shortly after the other. Brother-in-law in May and sister in August. Fortunately it rained well during the late summer and our garden brought in something. If you were here you could eat your fill of apples. Up to now God has protected us from starvation. If it were not so far you could visit us sometime, there is much for us to discuss and the both of us could loudly and joyfully cry at our goodbyes. Now I greet you all and kiss you in spirit.

Write again soon,
Your brother

David A. Bretthauer, 23, married Edna B. Scruby, 20, both of Kirk, on April 8, 1919 in Kirk.

Lydia Bretthauer, 18, married H.A. Burkart, 10, both of Stratton, on March 15, 1921 in Stratton.
Present were "husbands father Jacob Burkhart witnesses David A Bretthawer and Mrs Edna Bretthauer "

In 1930, they have only Esther, 19.

In 1940, John C. 72 and Mary 68 are alone in Kit Carson County.

Conrad 1867-1940 is buried in Kirk # 67354308. So is Mary 1872-1974 # 67354313.

May 30, 1940

April 3, 1941

August 29, 1974

David 1895-1981 "Co C. 13th Infantry 8th Division is also buried in Kirk # 67354309.

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