Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

James C. and Laura (Stuart) Martin, 6 South 46 West

In 1880 Fayette County, Pennsylvania, James C. Martin is farming , 25, with Laura B. 19.
They're next to Sarah A. Martin 60, widowed, with Cary 22 and Robert 14.

In 1900 Furnas County, Nebraska, James is farming, born December 1854, married 20 years to Laura B. Feb 1861, both born in Pennsylvania. Bessie O. Feb 1883 and Althea M. Dec 1884 were born in Pennsylvania, Harry C. Feb 1887, Sarah F. May 1889 born in Iowa, and Mary V. Sept 1893 in Nebraska.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, James C. Martin is 56, born in Pennsylvania, married 32 years but no spouse, a farm laborer (next to Ludwig Mueller, also single.)

James 1855-1916 is buried in Kirk, Colorado # 67354595.

James claimed two quarters in section 18, 6S 46W in 1916.

Laura Martin is in Stratton, Colorado in 1920, widowed, a housekeeper

In 1930 Colorado Springs, Shirley Hitchcock drives a tractor for the county, 42, with Mary V. 36. Lyle is 11, Helen 8, Mildred 6, Fannie 4, and "housekeeper" Laura Martin 69 is with them.

Laura might be the one buried in Harlan County, Nebraska 1861-1932 # 68609108.


In 1910 Logan County, Colorado, Bessie O. is 26, married five years to Arthur J. Poppert 27 born in Nebraska. Ovive B. is 4, Walter M. 1, both born in Nebraska.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, next to sister Mary Hitchcock, Bessie is 36, farming with Arthur J. 37, with Walter M. 11, Virgil A. 9 and Eleanor 2.

In 1930 Elbert County, Arthur and Bessie are both 47, with Virgil A. 19 and Eleanor V. 12.

Daughter Olive B. is also in Elbert County in 1930, 24, married to Harold A. Bertch 34 , both born in Nebraska, with Andrene O. 2.


In 1910 Harlan County, "May A." is 24, married to Michael H. Poppert, 36, with Howard 4 and Mary 1.

Althea 1884-1971 is buried in Harlan COunty # 73208297, with Michael H. Poppert 1872-1967.


Harry Martin was also in Logan County, Colorado in 1910 - like sister Olive Poppert.

He's 23, married three years to Gertrude 18, born in Nebraska, and Lelia Belle 2 was born in Nebraska.

Harry Calvin Martin registered for WWI with an address of Kirk, Colorado, born Feb 12, 1887 at Shelby, Iowa, farming, with a wife and five children.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Harry is 32, Gertrude 28, Lelia B. 12, Evelyn B. 9, James L. 7, Elmer E. 6, Gerald 4, Ruby 2 (Evelyn, Gerald and Ruby born in Colorado), Irma six months in Nebraska, James and Elmer born in Nebraska.

Harry is divorced in 1930 Platte County, Wyoming, with James L. 18, Elmer E. 16, Gerald R. 14, Ruby R. 12, and Irma A. 10.

In 1930 Grand Island, Nebraska, Gertrude is 37, married to Robert Potts, a cafe cook, 37.
Gertrude Cline was born Sept 29, 1893 in Furnas County to Willard D. Cline and Hattie M. Franklin, as Potts in 1937, and as McKenzie in 1942.

In 1940 Yuma County, Harry C. Martin is a farm operator, 51, born in Nebraska, single.

He registered for WWII in Pueblo, Colorado, working for Colorado Fuel and Iron, living at 621 East Route, reference Vernie Leora Martin of the same address.

Harry died June 1973, last residence Denver.

Ruby Ravenal Martin was born at Kirk October 22, 1917 to Harry C. Martin and Gertrude M. Cline, as Cady in 1947.dying April 15, 1991.
She was in Denver in 1940, 22, with Harold Cady 35, Donald E. 5, and Gayle H. 2.

Gerald R. Martin 1916-1982 is buried in Thornton, Colorado # 42884130.


In 1910 Florence Friday is 20, born in Iowa, farming next to James Martin in Kit Carson COunty. Elmer is 26 born in Nebraska, and they have Everett 1 born in Nebraska.

In 1920 they're back in Lincoln, Nebraska, Elmer a garage mechanic, with Everett 10, Nebraska, Lee 8 adn Ruth 6 born in Colorado, John 3 and Lowell 1 in Nebraska.

In 1930 they're in Garden County, Nebraska, farming, with Lee 1q9, Ruth E. 17, John M. 14, Lowell 12, Ila 10, Ray 4, and Roger 4.

Sarah Florence Friday 1889-1979 is buried in Saline County, Nebraska # 93305082, with Elmer 1884-1960.

Daughter Ruth married James L. Cate, and they're in Unity, Idaho in 1940, James L. 39, Ruth E. 27, Lyle 14, James 3, and Jack 1.

Ruth Evangeline Cate, ate 88, died June 2, 2001 in Columbia County, Oregon.


Mary V. Martin married Shirley D. Hitchcock on September 17, 1913, recorded in Kit Carson County.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Shirley D. is farming, 31, born in Illinois, with Mary V 26 born in Nebraska. Lisle D. is 1.

In 1930 Colorado Springs, Shirley drives a tractor for the county, 42, with Mary V. 36. Lyle is 11, Helen 8, Mildred 6, Fannie 4, and "housekeeper" Laura Martin 69 is with them.

Mary V. Hitchcock 1893-1989 is buried in Colorado Springs # 34859842.

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