Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Joseph Champlin Newberry, daughter Alice, 6 South 46 West

In 1850 Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, T Newberry is 48, farming, Anna 45, Joel 17 farming, Rua 14, and Joseph 7.

Joseph C. Newberry and Sophrona Clement married in Douglas County, Nebraska onDecember 26, 1876.

Joseph might be the one in 1856 Allamakee County, Iowa, age 14, with Theron Newberry 52, farming, and Anna 49. Joel is a carpenter, 23, Reney 20 - all born in Pennsylvania.

Anna Newberry 1801-1872 is buried in Worth County, Missouri # 26984247.

Theron Newberry 1805-1881 is buried in Worth County, Missouri # 26984260 "Husband of Anna._

(Ruey P. Keech was born Sept 3, 1835 in "Wilksbare" Pennsylvania to Theron Newberry and Elizabeth Newman,.
She's buried in Harrison County # 20986821.)

The Manning family history says Theron's first wife was Elizabeth Champlin, daughter of Wiliam B. and Elizabeth Champin, dying 1843 at Monroe CPennsylvania, having nine children.

In 1870, J.C. Newberry is 29, a real estate agent in Harrison County, 8Iowa, living with T.S. and Adelia Wolcott family.

In 1877 Joseph is in Cass County, Nebraska, age 35.

In 1879 Joseph is a notary public in Weeping Water, Nebraska.

In 1885 Cass County, Nebraska, Joseph Newberry is 44, born in Pennsylvania, a lawyer, with Sophronia 35 born in Illinois. Alice 6, Florence 5, and Edna 3 were born in Nebraska.

Thanks to Mitchell Newberry for the photo.

In 1900 Bureau County, Illinois, Sophronia is divorced, born December 1850. Florence December 1879 and Edna Feb 1882 are school teachers, and Elton Sept 1886 is at school. Alice M. Clement born Dec 1852 is a postmistress, and her mother Lacy Dec 1821, a capitalist are next to them.
Alice Newberry July 1878 born in Nebraska is a schoolteacher, granddaughter of Lacy.

1902 Bureau County "Miss Edna Newberry, of LaMoille, commenced her school in the Fairview district last Monday. This is her second year in this district."

When Alice traveled to Europe in 1927, the passenger manifest said she was born July 23, 1878 at Weeping Water, Nebraska,

Gilbert Clement, Lamoille, was born June 17, 1815, in Danville, Caledonia Co., Vt. He is one of our few early settlers who came here when this county was a mere wilderness. He was here as early as 1836. His parents, Merrill and Hannah (Morrill) Clement, were natives of New Hampshire, where the former died. The latter died in Hardin County, Ohio. She was an aunt of Taddeus Stevens, the statesman and anti-slavery man. Our subject is the youngest of a family of eleven children, of whom he and his sister, Mrs. Lydia Hatch, are the only survivors. Mr. Clement was reared in Vermont. In 1835 he, accompanied by his mother and oldest brother and family, removed to Hardin County, Ohio, where he resided one year, and then came to Bureau County, Ill. He traveled by water, coming down the Ohio, then up the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers, landing in Princeton in December 1836. Here he has made farming his principal occupation, but also followed the carpenter’s trade ten years. He has resided in Lamoille Township with the exception of six years, which he spent in Livingston County. He was married here to Lucy A. Barton, who was born December 4, 1821, in South Hadley, Mass. She is a daughter of Ezekiel and Nancy (Cadwell) Barton, and came to this county with her aunt, Mrs. Julia Church, in October 1836. She is the mother of the following children: Mrs. Elizabeth B. Bullard, Mrs. Josephine Eastman, Mrs. Hannah Sturdevant, Mrs. Lucella McCombs, Mrs. Sophronia Newberry, Alice M. Clement, Mrs. Chastine McCulloch, Eliza J. (deceased), Gilbert M., Edith M. and Norman B. Clement, the latter deceased. Mrs. Clement is an active member of the Baptist Church. Eight of her daughters have been teachers; of these seven have taught in this county, and thus added materially to the advancement of morality and intelligence in this community. Politically Mr. Clement is identified with the Republican party, and is greatly in favor of prohibition. He filled different offices in Clarion Township where he resided seventeen years. When the evening twilight of life gathered about him he removed to the quiet village of Lamoille, where he now resides.

August 1874 Omaha Nebraska

In 1880 J. C. Newberry was one of sixteen Republicans in Cass County, Nebraska signing a petition.
January 1883 Plattsmouth, Nebraska "Justice Newberry held court Monday and disposed of two cases on the docket. The amount involved in each case was small."

February 1883
July 3, 1883
In 1884 J.C. Newberry was a justice of the peace in Cass County, Nebraska.

Septembre 29, 1887 fair results
Plattsmouth, Nebraska - April 3, 1889

Joseph C. Newberry was admitted to the bar in Kit Carson County on Februar 12, 1890.

He was appointed a notary public on February 24, 1892 by Governor Routt.

J.C. Newberry began appropriating water from the South Fork of the Republican River in 1895, with the Newberry Ditch extending one mile, with a claimed capacity of 8 second-feet.

Joseph claimed a quarter in section 24, 6S 46W in 1899.
There's a "Newberry Ditch" near county roads 36 and LL in Kit Carson County, about halfway between Bethune and Kirk, Colorado.

Perhaps he was called upon for service in Kit Carson County.....
May 17, 1899

Benkelman was thirty miles away, but carried a lot of Kit Carson County items.

In 1900 Kit Carson County, Joseph is living alone, widowed, born July 1841 in Pennsylvania, a stock raiser.

February 3, 1910 an advertisement "Burlington Restaurant for rent - J.C. Newberry."

The 1910 census of Kit Carson County has - for the last entry in the town of Burlington, on a page by himself - a Newberry - no first name - 62 born in Pennsylvania, widowed, a lawyer.

September 16, 1910 Burlington "J.C. Newberry was quite ill the fore part of the week, but is able to be on the streets again."

Joseph C. Newberry, born July 16, 1841 in Pennsylvania, died in Orofino, Clearwater County, Idaho on October 1, 1921.
He's buried in Moscow, Idaho # 22586760.

He might be the "John P. Newberry" in 1920 Pocatello, Idaho, living in the Commercial Hotel, 69, born in Pennsylvania, divorced, a carpenter. Because the death certificate listed insanity as one contributing factor to his death a year later, the census of a hotel could very well include some differences.


Alice Orme, born at Plumstead, England to J. H. Orme and Alice Allen, married E.C. Newberry, a laundryman born in Louisville Nebraska on December 15, 1909 in Spokane.

In 1910 Spokane, Washington, Eldon is a wagon driver, just married to Alice M. , both 24. Alice was born in England.

Alice 24 and her mother Alice Orme 45 came in to the U.S. on the Empress of Ireland on April 1908, traveling to Spokane to meet Henry Allen.

Eldon registered for WWI with an address of Spokane, a salesman for International Cor. Schools,.

Eldon is a salesman in 1920 Spokane with Alice having Ethel 10, Eldon 6, and Cecil 5.

In 1930 all five are in Newberg, Yamhill County, Oregon, and in 1950 Saelm, Oregon Eldon and Alice are alone.

Eldon C. Newberry 1885-1971 is buried in Downey, California # 79636652, with Alice O. Newberry 1885-1967.
Daughter Ethel Florence (Newberry) Yergen 1910-2003 is buried in Newberg, Oregon # 98420499
Married to Roy Allen Brown -d. 1961 - then ____Gooch, then George Kenneth Yergen 1910-2001.

Eldon J. Newbrry 1913-1996 # 56630174 is buried in Salem Oregon, wtih Doris L. 1916-2000.

July 1958 Salem Oregon "Mr. and Mrs. Jomes Newberry (Kathryn King) who were recently married at the First Church of the Nazarene in Denver. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd King of Denver and the bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Eldon J. Newberry of Salem. The couple will live in Pasadena, Calif., while he completes his studies at Pasadena College."

June 9, 1938 Salem, Oregon "Vera Brock, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Brock, has completed plans for her marriage on January 10 to Cecil Newberry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eldon C. Newberry. The wedding will be solemnlzeed at the Fisrt Baptist church at four o'clock with Rev. Irving Fox officiating. Mrs. Dan Clement will be the only attendant for her sister and Mr. Eldon Newberry will be best man for his brother."

March 1963 Salem "Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert C. Towne are announcing the engagement of their daughter, Sharon Ruth, to Norman Charles Newberry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil T. Newberry. A July wedding is planned by the couple. Miss Towne will graduate from North Salem High School in June. Her fiance is a graduate of North Salem High and .attended Stout State College in Wisconsin. He is now employed by Capitol Cabinet Co. "

Cecil Theron Newberry 1914-1988 is also buried in Salem # 73114003, with Vera Z. 1920-2012.


In 1910 Bureau County, Edna is 28, married to Oscar Mitchell, farming. Oscar is 27, born in Illinois.

Edna is in Moscow, Idaho in 1930, 48, with W. Oscar 47, farming.
William Oscar Mitchell died January 1, 1939 in Moscow, Idaho.
He's buried there, # 22586755.

Edna is in Denver in 1940, widowed, with sister Alice Newberry 62. Edna was in Moscow, Idaho in 1935.


In 1910 Bureau County, Alice M. Clement is 58, born in Illinois, living with mother Lucy Clement 88. Carrie 12 was born in Illinois. On the same page is Sophronia Newberry, 59, widowed. She has a boarder Helen W. Elliott, 43, both with own income.

Alice proved up a quarter in 20, 9S 46W in 1910.

Alice reported that county school superintendent, Burnett failed to visit schools diligently, visiting her seibert school only once. Burnett ws replaced as county superintendent i nan 1895 elector, losing to Susie Morgan.

In her award-winning book, Staking Her Claim: Women Homesteading the West, author Marcia Hensley allows these women to tell their stories in their own words — through memoirs, letters, oral histories, and articles of the time — of adventure, independence, risk, failure, and freedom. You will meet Alice Newberry who wallpapered her dugout with newspapers to keep out the centipedes.
"But many women relished their single life.
Alice Newberry found that out while cooking for a hired hand and teaching in a country school in eastern Colorado. Marriage seemed unattractive, she wrote to her mother, because “cooking three meals a day, 365 days a year for the term of my natural life, is more than I can face.” " Denver Post 2004

Alice was teaching in Denver in 1910, 1920, and 1930, living alone.

In 1919-1920 she was teaching at the McKinley School, Louisiana Avenue and South Logan Street.

August 24, 1933
1941 Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania "Direct descendants of Chandler and Josiah Newberry, early settlers in this region who came here from Connecticut, Miss Alice C. Newberry and Mrs. W. O. (Newberry) Mitchell of 1421 Grant Street, Denver, recently visited Mrs. Phoebe G. Smith of Beaumont. These two ladies have thus far traced the lineage of Newberry relatives through several states, including Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania. They are visiting New York, Massachusetts and other New England States to view locations where relatives have lived. They were interested in a part of the Clark Charles Clark home which was built by Theron Newberry, their grandfather, and in the surveying instruments of Josiah I Newberry, which are in the possession of Scott W. Newberry of East Dallas. On their return from New England Miss Newberry and Mrs. Mitchell plan again to visit Mr. and Mrs. Clark.

In 1944-1945 The Colorado Genealogical Society officers included "Historian Miss Alice Newberry 1421 So. Grant St. PE. -6450 "

In 1927 Edna was living in Sunnyside, Washington, born in Chicago Oct 29, 1915, coming into New York from England - her aunt Alice Newberry on the same boady.

Edna Newberry Mitchell 1882-1946 is buried in Wheat Ridge, Colorado # 47976719.

Sophronia is living in Denver in 1920, 69, divorced, with daughter Alice C. Newberry 41.

Fronia C. Newberry 1850-1920 is buried in Wheat Ridge, Colorado # 29690817.
That's the same cemetery as daughter Edna (Newberry) Mitchell.

Alice's papers are in the collection of the Colorado Historical Society
"Correspondence between Newberry and members of her family, relating to her teaching career, her homestead, and her genealogical researches. A major correspondent is her sister Edna Mitchell, who lived on a farm near Moscow, Idaho.
Alice C. Newberry Collection (MSS #1202), Colorado Historical Society, Denver, Colorado.
Teacher in country schools in Kit Carson County, Colo. (1893-1909) and Denver public schools (1909-1938), who also homesteaded in Kit Carson County (1903-1909).


Florence A. Newberry arrived at Kijabe, Br. E. Africa on November 29, 1908 to do medical missionary work. She was born December 3, 1879 at Somerville, Nebraska. In the event of death, her relative weas Mrs. S.C. Newberry of 1421 S. Grant Street, Denver.
Her husband James S. Gribble went to Kijare British East Africa from 1908 to 1912, and the Belgian Congon in 1912, had Marguerite Edna Gribble in Chicago October 29, 1915. He and Marguerite went to Africa again in 1917, leaving on the City of Cairo from New Yormk as a missionary.

Florence Alma Newberry Gribble, a physician-missionary, died at Leopoldville, Belgian Congo on June 18, 1942, age 62. Her last address in teh U.S. was Ashland, Ohio. Her effets were willed to her ony daughter, Marguerite Gribble Dunning.
Her son-in-law was Dr. Harold L. Dunning, living in Yaloki, par Boali, par Bangui, A.E.F.

April 13, 1942

Harold L. Dunning and Marguerite G. Dunning 1915-2005 # 40758041 are buried in Gardena, California.

Macdonald Edward "Mac" Newberry, 92, died Saturday (Nov. 27, 2010), at the Grace Manor Nursing Home in Burlington, Colorado.
He was born Jan. 8, 1918, near Danbury in Red Willow County, Nebraska, the son of the late Calvin Orlando and Nellie Agnes (Yeater) Newberry. Mac grew up in the Danbury and Lebanon, Nebraska communities and graduated from Danbury High School in 1935. He attended the University of Nebraska where he majored in farm implement mechanics and served two years in the ROTC Field Artillery, 1936-39, in Lincoln, Nebraska.
On Sept. 9, 1939, he married Lillian Mae Nokes in Republican City, Nebraska. They made their home in Danbury before moving to McCook, Nebraska in 1941.
Mac entered the U.S. Army July 22, 1942, serving during World War II. Following his honorable discharge from the service on Feb. 5, 1946, the couple moved to Riverton, Nebraska, and then to Sharon Springs, Kansas where Mac was employed for 20 years as manager of the service department, and his wife was the bookkeeper for the Farmers Coop.
The couple returned to Danbury in 1980 and moved to McCook in 2000.
Mac moved to Grace Manor in Burlington in 2009. Mac was preceded in death by his wife, Lillian on April 28, 2004.
He is survived by his son, Donal Newberry and wife, Donna of Burlington; two grandchildren, Dana Maier and husband, William of Concord, North Carolina, and Darrin Newberry of Burlington; one great-grandson, Braxton Kallaus , and relatives and friends.
Funeral services are Wednesday, 10:30 a.m., at Herrmann Memorial Chapel in McCook with the Rev. Lance Clay officiating. Interment with military honors is in the Danbury-Marion Cemetery in Danbury. ---------------------------------

This one is not likely a close relative of Joseph - His grandfather Calvin Newberry was born in Ohio in 1849 to Samuel 47 of New Jersey and Margaret. His father Calvin was born in Nebraska about 1890.

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