Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

John and Susannah (Spriggle) Noll, daughter Maud (Noll) Seeburg, Henry F. Noll, Kirk

In 1900 Snyder County, Pennsylvania, John Noll, born March 1865, married fifteen years to Susannah June 1867, farming, with Henry F> April 1886, Maud Sep 1887, Sallie Mar 1893 and Edward March 1897.

September 17, 1909 Wray Rattler " Mr. Noll, of Kirk, is enjoying a visit from his daughter."
"Mr. John Spriggle arrived from the east Tuesday and went out to Kirk to visit his mother."

In 1910 Yuma County, Kirk precinct, John Noll is 49, Susanna 42, with Edward J. 12.

In 1920 Yuma County, John is 56, Susan 50, Edward 21. Maud Seeburg is 30, widowed, with Ethel 7, Edna 2,and Susan eleven months. Their father was born in Missouri.

John is widowed in 1930 Denver, living with Maud Seeburg, a car cleaner, both widowed. Edward Noll is 32, a truck driver. Ethel Crist is 18, married but no spouse. Edna Seeburg is 12, Susie 11. WIlliam Siebert II is 1, grandson of Maud.

John Franklin Noll 1860-1943 is buried in Kirk # 67354622, with Susannah Spriggle) Noll 1867-1924 # 67354623.


Edward G. Noll married Frances I. Douglass on September 23, 1933, recorded in Jefferson COunty, Colorado.


In 1910 Red Willow County, Nebraska, Maude is 22, living iwth sister Sallie E. Nelson 18, married to Fred Nelson 23 a locomotive engineer. Henry W. Nelson is six months old.

Maude Noll married C.N. Seeburg on December 11, 1917, recorded in Boulder County.

"She married CARL AUGUST SEEBERG about 1912. They had 3 daughters: Ethel Seeberg born 1913, Edna Seeberg born 1917, and Susan Seeberg born 1919. Carl died in 1919 when his daughters were very young. Maude then lived with her parents who were residing in Kirk, Yuma County, Colorado. Later she moved to Denver, Colorado. "

Ethel Crist and Richard Crist divorced in Denver September 7, 1933.
Samuel Keeler and Ethel Crist married December 7, 1933, recorded in Denver.

In 1940 Denver, Ethel is 29, a butter wrapper at a creamery, with Sam Keeler 32 Ruby is 5, and Ethel's son Arthur SEibert is 7.


Sallie is divorced in 1940 Webster County, Nebraska, 51, with Mabel 26, Tretta 21, and William 14.


Henry proved up two quarters in section 12, 6S 47W in 1919.
In 1920 Kit Carson County, Henry is 33, born in Pennsylvania, farming, with Laura 32 born in Louisiana.

1931 "The five-year-old niece of Mrs. Henry Noll, who spent the summer with her, left for her home at New Orleans Louisiana, going down with her grandmother, who stopped here for a short visit."

Then in 1940 Henry stock-claimed 34 acres in 7, 6S 46W.

That's only two miles from John F. Noll's homestead of a quarter in 5S. 47W, Yuma COunt, in 1913.
May 1942
1944 "Mr. and Mrs. Ed Noll and children of Denver spent the week end at the HenryNoll home."

January 4, 1962 "Mr. and Mrs. Ed Noll and also Henry Noll, recently of Denver, are living again on the Henry Noll farm south of Kirk."

Henry "E." Noll, per # 88798469 is buried in Burlington 1886-1962, with Laura A. 1882-1950 # 88798487.

July 1965

In 1967 "Mrs. Edith Chargin of Sacramento, California, sister of the late Laura Noll, passed away December 6. She visited in the Noll home here many times."

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