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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

M. May Wheeler, 6 South 46 West

One Boecker descendant wrote "The Wheelers - Their daughter Telva was married to my mother's brother Arthur Jorges in Nebraska."

In 1900 Gosper County, Nebraska, Peter Wheeler, born Dec 1857, married 21 years to Minnie A Nov 1856, both in Illinois, with Telba Dec 1880 Illinois, George June 1883 Illinois, Mary A. Nov 1890 Nebraska, and Leroy June 1896 Nebraska.

Telva Wheeler married Arthur "Jorgus" in Gosper County, marriage book page 342>

Herman W. Jorges married Ida Puls in Gosper COuty, page 542.

Talve Jorges 1880-1902 is buried in Gosper County # 14781072. Minnie 1856-1931 is buried in Gosper County # 69447934, with Peter 1857-1948 # 69447901.

"Heirs of M. May Wheeler" claimed two quarters in section 29, 6S 46W in 1918.


Frank W. Wheeler, 17, and sister Helen E. Wheeler, 20, are in McLean County, Illinois, the oldest of six kids of Charles J. 51 and Jane A. Wheeler, 40.

Franklin Tallmadge married Mary Barnes on December 29, 1847 in Dupage County, Illinois.

In 1880 Adams County, Nebraska, Frank Tallmadge is 55, born in Massachusetts, Martha I. in Pennsylvania, Lizzie 24 Illinois, and Mattie M. 12 Illinois.

In 1900 Hastings, Nebraska, Frank Wheeler is a drayman, 37, with Mattie May born May 1867, both in Illinois. Inez is 12, Charles B. 8, Harry Scott 4, and Florence born in May.

In 1903 Frank W. Wheeler was appointed to organize mail carriers in Adams County.

October 7, 1909

There's a Mattie May Wheeler in 1910 Adams County, Nebraska, a dairywoman, 42 born in Illinois, son C. Brandson 18 and Harry S. 14 and Florence I. 9 born in Nebraska. Her father Frank Tallmadge 76 widowed born in Massachusetts is with them. So is Milo Abbott, 54/59, born in Illinois, widowed.

In 1910 Hastings, Frank W. Wheeler is a mail carrier, 47, living with daughter Inez M. Dufford 22 and her family.
Frank is in Hastings in 1920, 51, widowed, living with his mother Jane A. 79 born in Illinois.

"Heirs of M. May Wheeler" claimed two quarters in section 29, 6S 46W in 1918.

Milo F. Abbott is still in Hastings in 1920, widowed a janitor, with about fifteen people in his rooming house.
He's buried in Hastings 1856-1927 # 157481758, and his wife Helen (Wheeler) Abbott 1859-1896 is with hem # 157482284.
Milo F. Abbott and Helen E. Wheeler had married in McLean County, Illinois November 4, 1880. So Frank accused his wife of taking up with his brother-in-law...

Frank Wheeler is in Hastings in 1930, 68, living with sister Ora D. Deivelbis 57 and her husband Calvin 60. Jane, still living at 90, is also with them.

Florence I. Rupe 1900-1998 is buried in Frontier County, Nebraska, # 61112744, with Edward Rupe 1888-1950.
She was born May 21, 1900 in Hastings, Nebraska to Frank Wheeler and Mattie M. Talmage.

Frank is living with daughter Irene Rupe in 1940 Frontier County, Nebraska.

Inez M. was in Frontier County in 1920, 31, married to Walter B. Dufford, with six kids.
She's buried in San Diego 1888-1987 # 99936925.

Charles B. Wheeler 1891-1980 # 25993682 is buried in Riverton, Wyoming, with Grace Margaretta (Rupe_ Wheeler 1896-1978.
So he married Grace Rupe, and his sister married Edward Rupe.

1920 Box Butte County, Nebraska "Hostler Clarence Wheeler went to Hastings Wednesday for a short visit with his wife.

1898 Kansas Farmer " A. C. Norwood, of Las Animas, Bent county, Colorado, writes: "The sheep business has prospered greatly here the past decade. In 1880 there were very few sheep in this part of Colorado. At that time sheep were bred for wool alone, feeding for mutton being unknown. It was commenced here about six years ago and has grown from mere nothing to the leading industry in this part of the State. There were 50,000 sheep fed around here last season, mostly lambs. Every one here is now breeding for mutton, it being much more profitable than wool growing. Good profits have been made in the mutton and lamb business here since 1892,"

A.C. Norwood was a member of the Bent County Masonic lodge in 1901, along with C.T. Norwood.
Austin C. Norwood was a sheep raiser in 1900 Bent County, born January 1854 in New Jersey, married 21 years to mary born March 1854 in Indiana, with Viola M. December 1879 Missouri.

1912 Society of Friends

May Wheeler married A.C. Norwood in Otero County, Coloado, in 1916, and divorced him in Bent County on March 25, 1918.

Austin was in San Diego in 1920, widowed, 65, living with daughter Viola N. Crawford and her husband Athur E. 54.


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