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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

James and Trienty Brouwer, 6 South 48 West

Foppe Weibers Brauwer married Greitje C. Vanhemert on August 5, 1858 in Marion COunty, Ioa.

In 1870 Marion County, Foppe is 25, Gertina 23, Triete 1, and Balacia four months old.

In 1870 Marion County, Foppe is 38, Gretje 34, Trentje 8, Felia 7, Wiebe 6, Pietje 4, and FryTryntje 2.

Foppe Brouwer married Akke (Mrs.) DeBoer on May 13, 1876 in Marion County, Iowa.

In 1880, Fop is 48, Akke 34, Webie 14, Franka 10, Cornelia 4, Andres 3, Susan 1, and Panne six months old. Akke's sons Dowe Zandervan 10 and John 9 are with them.

Peter "Vanderzouwen" 1861-1929 is buried in Kit Carson County # 41006919. This is not a close relationship to thee Dowe and John>

In 1885 Marion County, Iowa, Foppe Brouwer is 53, Akke 38, both born in the Netherlands. Wiebe 19, Peetze 17, Trentje 16, all three born in Marion County. Dowe Zonderman 14 and John Zonderman 13 were born in Marion County. Cornelia 9, Andries 8, Luertje 6, Nancy 5, Berber 3, Burt 1, and newborn Ryno all bornin Marion County.

Akke died, per one record, in Marion County 1846-1885 # 99622399.

Cornelius Mouw married Trijntje Brouwer on March 26, 1885 in Sioux County.

Pieter VanderAarde married Geertje Brouwer on October 26, 1885, recorded in Sioux County.

F. Brouwer married Jantje DeHaan on September 6, 1894 in Sioux County.

Antje Brouwer, 17, married Frank VOgelzang, 25, in Sioux County on October 12, 1899.

Miss S. Brouwer, 21, married A. DeHaan, 23 in Sioux County on March 9, 1899.

In 1900 Sioux County, Iowa, Fappe Brower is farming, born September 1831 in Holland, immigrating in 1855. He's married five years to Jennie Sept 1839,in Holland, immigrating in 1893. Henry was born Novemer 1879, James June 1883, and Annie June 1884, all three in Iowa.
Fappe 1831-1905 is buried in Sioux County # 77579349.

James Brouwer and Trienty Smit had Fred on October 24, 1908 in Charles Mix County, South Dakota.

In 1910 they're in Kit Carson County, James 26, Trinety 22, Fred 1, and Lena three months, next to Jacob 28 and Gean 25 Smit.
James claimed a tract in sections 17 and 20, 6S, 48W in 1915.
That was near his aunt Trienty (Brouwer) Eggink.

He registered for WWI with a Vona, Colorado address, born June 13, 1883, with Trini as his nearest relative.

In 1920, on the same page as the Eggink family, James is 36, Triente 32 born in South Dakota, with Fred 11 in South Dakota. Lena, 9, Ada 7, Annie 5, John 3, and Kattie 1 were born in Colorado.

In 1930 Kit Carson County, James is 46, Trenty 42, Ada 18, Anna 16, John 14, Katie 12, Barbara 9, Jacob 6, William 4, James 2, and Agnes S. newborn.

They're recorded in the Dutch Christian Reformed Church of Vona.

James 1883-1953 is buried in Ripon California, # 100699933, with Trienty 1887-1963 # 97872350.

Walter W. VanHeukelem Jr. of Denver married Ada Brouwer of Vona on 4/13/1936 in Vona.
  Ada Brouwer Van Heukelem (1912 - 2000) is buried in Ripon # 113090141, with Walter 1906-1986.

Anna Brouwer married Clarence L. Scheidegger on August 21, 1937 in Vona.

Anna is married to Clarence Scheidigger 25 in 1940 Kit Carson County, nex to the John 28 and Mildred 25 Smit family, . Andrew eGGINK IS ON THE SAME PAGE, 31, MARRIED TO mINIE 28.
Annie 1914-2002 is buried in Ripon # 112383640, with Clarence 1915-1982.

Katie was a maid in 1940 Denver for the Walter and Edith Morris family, 22, in Vona, Colorado in 1935.   Katie Brouwer (1918 - 1994) is buried in Ripon # 97872659.

Barbara is a maid in 1940 Denver - was there in 1935. She's 19, working for the allan and Jeannette Redeker family.

Barbara Brouwer, 39, married Jacob Weersing on February 23, 1960 in San Joaquin County, California.
Barbara Brouwer Weersing 1920-2002 is buried in Ripton, # 113328779.

  Jacob Brouwer (1923 - 2003) is buried in Flagler # 12252081, with Lila Lora (Loutzenhiser) Brouwer 1924-2013.

Lila Lora (Loutzenhiser) Brouwer was the youngest of nine children born to Ernest T. and Edith G. Wildman Loutzenhiser on September 7, 1924, in Jewell, Kansas. She was born in a rock house six miles south of Jewell. When she was four years old she moved with her family to a farm 17 miles northeast of Flagler to a community known as Shiloh.
Her family experienced many “make DO times,” during the Great Depression. Neighbors helped neighbors and little cash ever changed hands. Lila's parents nurtured their children in the church so at a young age Lila received Jesus Christ as her Savior and Lord. In May 1936 she was baptized and became a member of the Shiloh Baptist church.
It was here, at Shiloh, that Lila remembered her mother playing the piano. Edith passed away when Lila was approximately 12 years old so she did not get the experience of learning music from her mother. However, Lila had an appreciation for music and learned to play “by ear.” By the 1940's she was playing for worship services. She also had a lot of fun playing the popular music of her era such as “You Are My Sunshine.” She would hear the songs a few times on the radio and then be able to play them herself on the piano. Her children loved hearing Lila play some of these oldies but goodies in the evenings while going to sleep.
Lila's education began at Shiloh school and transportation was on horseback. She continued there through her freshman year of high school. She then moved into an apartment in Flagler with several other young high school girls to complete the remainder of her high school years at the Flagler school. During her school years, Lila competed in track and field events often winning blue ribbons. She possessed the “Loutzenhiser speed” which is well-known over the decades in the Flagler High School athletic history. She also enjoyed playing tennis when it was available.
After her graduation in 1942, Lila was given the opportunity to work as a telephone operator for the Bell Telephone Company in Flagler. She had planned on leaving Flagler for a work opportunity in Leadville at Camp Hale, which she felt would have been a great experience, but chose to stay in Flagler to help meet the needs on her father's farm since he was a widower.
Lila was in 4-H and had a project showing Duroc Hogs which brought her many awards and a free train trip on the Zepher to attend the state fair in Pueblo. In 1941, Lila met the handsome Jake Brouwer at the county fair who was showing his 4-H Herford cattle project. With an introduction over the corral fence, they became friends and this blossomed into a life-long romance.
On August 1, 1945, they were married in Denver at the home of Jake's sister and husband, Lena and Henry Nordon. Jake was on furlough after having served a tour of duty in the Southwest Pacific campaign with the 13th Army Air Force. Their beautiful wedding picture is an all-time favorite of the family.
After Jake completed his military service in September 1945, the couple made their first home in Denver where he found employment. In the spring of 1946, they moved from Denver to the homestead of Jake's parents north of Vona, Colorado and began farming and ranching. To their delight Donald Eugene was born in July of that year. Big events continued in 1946 with an unusually large snow fall in November – up to three feet on the level. The only form of transportation was by horse drawn wagon or by a horse and bob sled. Therefore, when cabin fever set in, they would put their young son in his basket and with the horse and sled made their way over to Jake's cousin's farm for coffee and playing cards.
In July of 1948 to their joy a second son, Larry Gordon, was born. Because the farm they lived on was sold, Jake, Lila and sons moved back to the Denver area. They had planned to build a home for themselves there, but before those plans were completed, Jake and Lila prayerfully decided to move to Flagler and help support the farm and ranch work of her father, who was experiencing health issues.
In the next few years to come, two daughters, Janet Lorrene and Wanda Coleen blessed their home.
In the early 1950's eastern Colorado experienced drought and dust storms. Dust filled the air and pastures became bare. Raising cattle could not be sustained for the lack of grass. However, in August of 1955, Jake and Lila had the opportunity to lease a farm 4 ½ miles NE of Flagler, so they once again moved their family and settled into the life of ranching and farming. As a family they became active members in the Flagler Baptist Church. Lila enjoyed singing in the choir, playing the piano when needed, and teaching Sunday school. She served as the superintendent of the children's junior department for seven years.
In 1976 Jake and Lila built a home and workshop on land they purchased 7 miles north of Flagler. They enjoyed many family gatherings and having their grandchildren come to visit in this home.
On August 1, 1995, Jake and Lila celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in the fellowship hall of this church. It was very fitting since they attended a Sunday evening service here as their first date.
Lila had several hobbies, one of which included recipe collecting, starting back in the 1940's. Many of these recipes made it to the scrapbook but not to the supper table. However, she was famous for her chocolate chip cookies, fried chicken, chicken fried steak and homemade wheat rolls. Her grandkids especially loved her macaroni-and-cheese but she would say it was nothing special. Even into her 80's, she baked chocolate chip cookies and wheat rolls that were enjoyed by all of her family and friends -of which there was no end to the praises.
Since Lila married a Dutchman, to celebrate this ancestry, she grew rows and rows of tulips competing with the best Holland could offer. The blooms of her tulips were always a welcomed sign that the warmth of spring would soon be arriving. She also loved to write. The typewriter was one of her best friends. Most things did not get published but it was a creative outlet for her.
Although, Lila never went to college she was a life-long learner. She read books that helped her grow in her faith and encouraged her intimacy with the Lord; she also read about history. Books and magazines enabled her to become knowledgeable about many things.
Lila was a loving wife, mother, grand-mother, great-grandmother and great-great grandmother, who taught Christian values. A desire she had for all of them. One of her legacies was making quilts for many of her grandchildren, great-grandchildren and even her great-great grandson, Owen. Lila hand embroidered each block in the quilts to create a cherished keepsake.
After Jake passed away in April of 2003, Lila continued to live on their farm until a stroke in June of 2011 prevented her from returning.
She valued her family and cared about them right up until the end. Lila anticipated her heavenly home and believed the Lord was calling her there. He answered her prayers on the evening of April 16th as He gently took her into His loving arms. She was surrounded by several of her family members who read scripture to her, sang a few favorite hymns and prayed over her as she left this world and entered her eternal home.
She was preceded in death by her parents, her brothers and sisters who were: Lester, Donald, Clair, Everett, Irene (Wickham), Vera (Sheridan), Rex and Millard; and Jake, her husband of 58 years.
She leaves to mourn her passing, her son Gene and wife Kay, son Larry and wife, Marianne, daughter Jan Brandt, and daughter, Wanda Faivre and husband Steve. Her grand children: Lonnie Brouwer and friend Buffy, Marion Brouwer and friend Kathy, Amy Chavous and husband Travis, Lora Hofstetter and husband Dennis, Matt Brandt and wife Nicole, Adam Brandt, Cosette Faivre and Jesse Faivre. Her great-grandchildren: Josiah Brouwer, Bethany Brent and husband Theron, Tyrel Brouwer, Seth Brouwer, Makayla Brouwer, Brody Chavous, Kendal and Olivia Hofstetter, and Lincoln Brandt. Great-great grandchildren: Owen and Braelyn Brent. She also leaves behind several in-laws along with a host of nieces and nephews.
  William Brouwer (1925 - 2010) is buried in Ripon # 100709831, with Anna 1924-2014.
  James J. Brouwer (1927 - 2015) is buried in Ripon # 154648812.
Jim Brouwer went to be in the presence of the Lord on October 30, 2015. Jim accepted the Lord into his life at an early age and was an active member in the church throughout his life, serving several terms as a deacon and an elder at Modesto First Christian Reformed Church.
Jim was born in Vona, Colorado on the family homestead. He moved to Ripon, California with his parents and several siblings at the age of 18.  Jim was honored to be a US veteran. He served in the US Army from Sept. 1950 to Sept. 1952 in Ft. Benning, GA and Schweifurt, Germany. He was trained in handling ammunition and maintenance of trucks and tanks. After his discharge, he worked as a carpenter. He married Mary Cunningham on July 23, 1954 in Ripon. He was in the general contracting business for 28 years. In his free time, he was an almond farmer in Modesto for 54 years. He also enjoyed restoring a 1930 Ford pickup and 1929 Plymouth and did many woodworking projects. 
Early in his retirement, he and Mary would travel to volunteer their time rebuilding homes damaged by natural disasters for CRWRC Disaster Response Services, assisted in building the Big Springs CRC church and building homes with Habitat for Humanity in Modesto.  He also became active with Gideons International.
Jim is preceded in death by his parents, James & Trienty Brouwer, daughter-in-law Wendy (DeBoer) Brouwer and ten of his siblings.
Jim is survived by his wife of 61 years, Mary E. Brouwer; his children Norman Brouwer, Jerry (Tiffany) Brouwer, Roger (Cristen) Brouwer and Glenna (Dan) Kelly; 13 grandchildren; one newborn great granddaughter. He is also survived by his sister Agnes Meyer and sister-in-law Clara Brouwer.
Services have been entrusted to Deegan Ripon Memorial Chapel. Visitation is scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 5th from 4 pm to 7 pm at Zion United Reformed Church, Ripon. Graveside service with military honors will be on Friday, Nov 6th at 10 am at the Ripon Cemetery with a Memorial Service following at Zion United Reformed Church.

  Andrew Brouwer (1931 - 2011) is buried in Ripon # 96686828. He had married Clara Schaapman

Agnes S. Meyer entered into eternal rest on April 19, 2016 after a brief illness. She was comforted by her loving family, and the caring staff at Doctor's Medical Center in Modesto.
Agnes was born November 25, 1929 in Vona, Colorado, the 11th of twelve children of James and Trienty (nee Smit) Brouwer. She grew up on her family's homestead in eastern Colorado, and completed the first three years of high school in Grand Rapids, MI while living with her sister Katie, as there was not a high school in Vona, CO. She moved with her family to Ripon, CA in 1946 and graduated from Ripon Christian High School in 1947. She met and married Hendrick Johann (Hank) Meyer in 1949. They were long-time members of First Christian Reformed Church in Ripon, and raised four children. Agnes was a devoted homemaker and later earned her degree to become a Registered Nurse in 1970, working her entire career at the former Modesto City Hospital.
Agnes was preceded in death by her husband of 50 years, Hank (1999), and all of her dear brothers and sisters. She is survived by her children: H. Stephen (wife Judi), Robert (wife Donna), Kenneth, and Linda Casey (husband Jay), and sisters-in-law Clara Brouwer, Mary Brouwer, and Sylvia Meyer.  She was also blessed with six grandchildren,  three great-grandsons, and was anticipating the birth of her first great-granddaughter.  She will be sorely missed by her children and extended family.
A Celebration of Life will be held at 11:00 a.m. Saturday, April 23, at First Christian Reformed Church, 305 Boesch Dr, Ripon. Interment will be private at a later date. Remembrances can be made to Ripon Christian Schools, 435 N Maple Ave, Ripon CA 95366, or a charity of your choice .

Henry Norden and Lena Brouwer were married by Morris H. Faber at Vona on March 7, 1935.

In 1940 "Vernon" Norden 35 and Lena 30 are in Denver, and her brother Fred Brouwere 31 is with them.
Fred had been in Modesto, California in 1935, and is a landscape gardener with "Vernon"
Fred Brouwer, born Oct 24, 1908 in Platte County, South Dakota, registered for WWII in Denver, working at the Schwayder Trunk Company, next o fkin brother-in-law Henry Norden.

  Fred Brouwer (1908 - 1992) is buried in Fort Logan, with Augusta (Dittbrenner) Brouwer 1912-2002.
Augusta Sophia Brouwer. Beloved mother of James Forrest and Robert John Brouwer, died peacefully on Sunday, May 5, 2002. Born in Byron, NE on January 14, 1912, of German parents, John Reinhold and Renate Harms Dittbrenner, she grew up in a large family of eight children. Her two sisters, Dora and Doretta Dittbrenner, and one brother Johannes Dittbrenner, are still living on the family farm. Augusta moved to Denver after WWII, where she worked at the B-X at Lowry. There she met Senior Master Sargent Fred Brouwer whom she married and they adopted James and Robert. She was much loved by her five Brouwer grandchildren, Bobbi Jo (deceased), Daniel, Ariana, Constance and Olivia; and her three great-grandchildren, Allan Bell, Sophie and Riley Brouwer. Her final years were blessed by Robert's wife Megan, who cherished Augusta's ability to brighten her day. James' wife Martha, from North Carolina, shared many warm yearly vacations with her and admired her greatly. Her family and friends are comforted in their loss by their fond memories. A viewing will be held Wednesday, May 8, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., at Olinger Englewood Chapel, 2775 S. Broadway. A pre-service reception and viewing will be held at 11 a.m. Thursday, May 9, with the funeral service following at 12 noon at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, 2400 S. Colorado Blvd. Burial will follow at Fort Logan National Cemetery, Staging Area "B" at 2 p.m. "

In 1945 Lena and Henry Norden were in Denver, and her brother Jacob Brouwer was married at their home.
Henry Norden, born Nov 22, 1904 in New Mexico to Mike Norden, was in Gallatin County, Montana in 1920, and died October 13, 1991.
Mike 1873-1937 # 127155844 ane Geraldine (Jonas) Norden 1878-1960 are buried in Denver.
Henry's brother Jack married Rickie Teimens, daughter of Gerrit born in Holland and Minnie (Teslink) Tiemens born in Iowa.

Pieter Douwes Zondervan married Akke Jans de Boer on April 21, 1869 in Menaldumadeel, Netherlands.

Dowie Zonvervan was born in Pella to Pieter Dowes Zondervan and Akke Jans Deboer.
Pieter died in Pella on March 10, 1872.

Dow married Mamie Estle.

In 1900 Marion County, Iowa, Dow is 30, "Nancy" 21, Hazel 3, and Harry 1.
They had Raymond Curtis Zondervans on March 18, 1906 in Winterset, Iowa.
In 1910 Madison County, Iowa, Dow P. "Zondervans" is 39, a gas company agent, with Mamie 31 born in Iowa. Hazel 13, Harley 11, Grace 10, Forest 7, Raymond 5, and Della 2 were all born in Iowa.

Dow P. Zondervan 1870-1912 is buried in Boulder, Colorado # 64777882.
"From a Boulder, Colorado paper we learn of the recent death of D. P. Zondervan, well known in Pella and Monroe. His wife is a daughter of John Estle. About two years ago Mr. Zondervan with his family removed to Colorado in hopes of getting relief from tuberculosis of which he was a sufferer. He died in the hospital at Boulder where he had been placed two weeks before. He is survived by his widow and seven children. He was born in Pella and was 41 years of age. "
Mamie Zondervan married Harry E. Black on August 6, 1913, recorded in Denver.

Mamie is in Boulder in 1920, married to Harry Black, 30, a restaurant cook. Harry Zandervan is 20, Forrst 16, Raymond 14, Della 12, and Gerald 9. Mamie and Harry had Viola , 4, in Colorado.

Hazel is also in Boulder in 1920, 22, married to hod carrier William Long 27. They have Bryan 3 and Lola 2.

In 1930 W.R. 36 and Hazel 33 are in Phoenix, Arizona, with Bryce 13, Lola 12 and Jean 8.

Hazel A. Zondervan, age 70, married Harvey C. Yost, 59, in San Diego on November 18, 1967.
She died February 8, 1989 in Riverside County, as Long.

Forest Dow Zondervan 1904-1927 is buried in Platte County, Missouri # 58127119.

Raymond C. Zondervan married Esther L. Osborne on June 15, 1926, recorded in Jefferson County, Colorado.

Ray C. Zondervan 1906-1942 is buried in Los Angeles # 75453422.

Della Zondervan married George S. Bivens on June 30, 1925, recorded in Denver.
Della E. (Zondevan) Bivens 1907-1983 is buried in Okolona Mississippi # 27184070 "
Parents were Dow Zondewan and Mamie Ann Estell.
Funeral services for Della E. Bivins were held Tuesday after noon at 2 o'clock from the Okolona Funeral Home Chapel with Roland Clodfelter officiating. Burial followed in the Okolona Cemetery with Okolona Funeral Home in charge of the arrangements.
Mrs. Bivins, who was 75 years of age, died last Sunday afternoon at 5:00 o'clock in the Okolona Community Hospital following a lengthy illness. She was a member of the Jehovah Witnesses.
Survivors include her husband, George Bivins of Okolona; two daughters, Zorina Quattlebaum of Okolona and Patricia Johnson of Memphis, Tenn.; one son George Bivins, Jr., of Mailbu, Calif.; three sisters, Hazel Long and Viola Bouman, both of Hemet,Calif., and Grace Spiten of San Diego, Calif.; nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren."

Gerald J. Zondervan, 37, married Madelene Ames on May 22, 1949 in Los Angeles.

Gerald J. Zondervan 1911-1953 is buried in Los Angeles # 75453424.

Viola Black, 18, and George Bouman, 22, both of Los Angeles, married in Yuma Arizona, December 14, 1934.

In 1940 Los Angeles, George 27 and Viola 24 have Donald, 1.
Viola died August 14, 2005.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, on the same page as James Brouwer, Seneca S. Knapp is 32, married nine years to Alice R. 26 born in Nebraska. Gladys M. is 7, Rolo S. 5, Elvin 8, and Merril J. 1.
Coral S. Knapp, 56, of Sharpsburg, died Friday, January 12th at the Veterans hospital in Omaha, Nebraska. He was well known in the Sharpsburg Community, where he had lived since 1935. Mr. Knapp, son of S. I. and Alice Brower Knapp, was born June 23, 1911 near Vona, Colorado in Kit Carson County. He lived with his parents on a ranch they homesteaded in Colorado until the family moved to Dundy County, Nebraska where he grew to manhood and graduated from the Benkelman, Nebr. high school. When arriving in Sharpsburg, he went to work for the Blair Produce, a business he later was to operate for himself. On Dec. 4, 1938, he was united in marriage to Verle McMahill at Maryville, Mo., and to them one daughter, Karole Jeanne was born to bless their home. He was inducted into the US Army on Dec. 8, 1942 and served in the European Theater of Operations, being discharged Nov. 4, 1945. He was preceded in death by his parents, one brother, Rollo S. Knapp and an infant sister, Sylvia. Left to cherish memories of his good life are his wife, Verle and daughter, Karole Jeanne of Bleesfield, Michigan. One sister, Mrs. Robert Blair of Sharpsburg, two brothers, Eljus Knapp of Arvado, Colo., and Merril Knapp of McCook, Nebr., plus other relatives and many friends also mourn his loss.
This is not even a distant cousin - Alice's father Sylvester Brower born in Peoria County, Illinois in 1852, died 1926 in Sherman County, Nebraska.

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