Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

John C. and Ethelyn (Brookshier) and Alice M. (Berry) Brownwood, Nicholas and Edith (Dulmer) Brownwood, Kirk

In 1910 John Brownwood is in Yuma County, Kirk precinct, 11 born in New Jersey, with John C. 35 and Nellie J. 35, born in Holland. Cornelius is 13, Nicholas 9 born in New Jersey, and Andrew 1 in South Dakoata.
John C. Brownwood proved up two quarters in 17, 5S 48W in 1917.

In 1920 Yuma County, John and Millie are 45, with John 21, Nicholas 19, Andrew 12, August 10, and Jeanette 5.

John C. Brownwood moved to California.

September 19, 1940

March 22, 1951

September 5, 1957

February2, 1961

Widower John Brownwood died in August 1994 at the age of 94 years in the city of West Covina, located about 19 miles (31 km) east of Los Angeles, California.



In 1920 Yuma County, Cornelius J. is 23, Vera M. 22, born in Nebraska.

1928 "Mrs. Thomas Rutter of Denver, accompanied by her husband's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rutter, have been visiting at the C.J. Brownwood home. Mrs. Rutter is an aunt of Mr. Brownwood."

This is Trina C. (Brownwood) daughter of Cornelius and Augusta, who's buried in Wheat Ridge, Colorado 1891-1977.

1929 "Mrs. Barbara Corners came down from Denver Sunday to spend some time with her daughter Mrs. Vera Brownwood. The new house on the Brownwood ranch is now nearing completion, and it will certainly be a great asset to the country."

In 1930 Joes precinct, Cornelius J. is 33, Vera 32.

July 20, 1944 "Sam Beadle and daughter Rowena of Kearney, Nebraska, stopped here last week at the C.J. Brownwood home. The daughter was en route to Denver to find a new location. Mr. Beadle is an uncle of Mrs. Brownwood."

March 8, 1945

September 1, 1949

Cornelius 1896-1964 is buried in Santa Barbara # 86655163, with Vera May 1897-1973?1978, # 86655164.

April 21, 1960
William Corners 1863-1913 # 53649003 and Barbara Corners 1866-1960 # 53649041 are buried in Nemaha County, Nebraska.


Cornelius N. Brownwood, 21, married Amy Dolores Brindle on October 7, 1924 in Burlington.

February 1926.

In 1930 Joes precinct, Yuma County, C. Neal Brownwood is 26, with Amy 23 born in Kansas, Delores 4, Eugene 3, and Harold 2 born in COlorado.

June 7, 1934 Yuma

In February 1938 "Mrs. Amy Brownwood is moving away. The club regrets vey much that we are losing her from our midst, but we are all glad for her and wish her and her family the best of luck in their new home."

July 24, 1941

September 12, 1957

September 26, 1963

Cornelius 1903-1979 is buried in Loveland, with Amy 1906-1972.

Cornelius 1903-1979 is buried in Loveland, Colorado # 149808855.
"Married Amy Dolores Brindle Oct. 7, 1924, in Burlington, CO.

Father of N. Eugene, Harold, Esther Anderson, and Delores Hicks. Brother of John, Walt, Burnard, Theresa Persons, and Edith Bridges."


September 26, 1963


Nicholas J. Brownwood married Phyllis M. DeVore on December 28, 1925, recorded in Yuma County>

February 1926 "Mr. and Mrs. Otta Maag visited at the Nick Brownwood home Sunday."

The Frank and Otto Maag families are on the same page as the Brownwoods in 1920.

In 1930 San Mateo County, California, Nicholas is a pipe and steel laborer, 29, born in IDakotas, with Phyllis 20 Colorado. Lola 4 was born iNColorado, Stanley 2 and Elson 1 in California.

June 7, 1934 Yuma

In 1940 they have Leola 14, Stanley 12, John 10, Richard 5, Janet 3, and Norman 1.

Nicholas 1901-1965 # 139721984 and Phyllis Mattie (Devore) Brownwood 1904-1987 are buried in Vacaville, California.

Leola J. Brownwood Rogers 1925-1990 is buried in Vacaville # 136490383.


EthelynBrookshier married John J. Brownwood in April 1918 in Kit Carson County.

Ethelyn Brownwood 1901-1918 is buried in Kirk # 67354317, "Wife of John J. Brownwood"
Alice Marie Berry married John J. Brownwood on October 18, 1922, recorded in Prowers County.
1929 "John Brownwood, Jr. wife and small son drove down from Denver to visit the J.C. Berry family."

December 5, 1935

Buried in Goleta, California is: BROWNWOOD, John J.
Born Jul 30, 1898, died Oct 20, 1983, Buried Oct 27, 1983 5 West Space- 31- Division- 10
FindaGrave # 115431168.
His second wife would be Alice Marie buried there in 1960. In 1920 Yuma County Alice M. is 18, born in Kansas, with parents Colonel C. Berry 53 and Emma M. 45.

October 13, 1960

April 19, 1962

Alice's mother Emma 1872-1939 is also buried in Goleta # 6121953.


In 1910 Kit Carson County, Nicholas Brownwood is farming, 29, born in the Netherlands, married eight years to Edith 29, also born in the Netherlands. Crornelius 6, John W. 5, and Myron 3 were born in New Jersey, Walter 1 in South Dakota.

Nicholas 1881-1948 died in September 1948 in Los Angeles County, per a nice obituary by FindaGrave # 156155886.

He was born Nicolaas Bruinewoud (= Brown wood, forest) in January 1881 in the city of Groningen, capital of the Dutch northeastern province groningen, son of Cornelis Bruinewoud (30 years old, stoker) and Augusta Geertruida Jantje Siccama. Source: scan of his birth certificate. He was named after his maternal grandfather, Nicolaas Siccama.
In 1890 Nicolaas Bruinewoud (9 years old), his father Cornelis Bruinewoud (39 y, a poor laborer, Baptist), his mother, and three siblings emigrated to the USA, New Jersey, the city of Paterson, where many other Dutch emigrant families were living. On 18 March 1890 W. Bruinewoud (9), his mother A[ugusta] Bruinewoud (34), his brothers J[ohn] (16) and C[ornelis] (2), and his sister G. (1) [Jezina Trientje] arrived on the S.S. Obdam at the port of New York, Castle Garden. It's likely that his father sailed before and alone to the USA to make in Paterson preparations for his wife and children to come over.
In June 1900 Nickolas Brownwood (19 y born in January 1881 in Holland, immigrated in 1890, day laborer), his father Corneill Brownwood (50, September 1850, Holland, immigrated in 1890, day laborer), his mother Cecuma (45, August 1855, Holland, immigrated in 1890, mother of 5 deceased and 4 living children), his brother Corneilus (14, August 1886, Holland, immigrated in 1890, hammer boy) and his sister Treintje (9, June 1891, New Jersey) were living in Ward 4 of Paterson, located about 20 miles northwest of New York and seat of Passaic County, New Jersey.
In 1905 Nicholas Brownwood (24), his wife Edith (24), their sons Cornelius (1) and John (0), and Cornelia Brownwood (56, relationship not mentioned) were living in Passaic County, New Jersey, located about 15 miles northwest of New York.
In January 1909, when Walter, the fourth son in a row, was born, the family Brownwood lived in South Dakota, likely in the Platte area in the southeast of the state, where several other Dutch immigrant families were living.
In May 1910 Nicholes Brownwood (29, Holland, immigrated in 1889 [has to be: 1890], farmer), his wife Edith (29, Holland, immigrated in 1887), their sons Cornelius (6, New Jersey), John W (5, New Jersey), Myron (3, New Jersey) and Walter (1, South Dakota) were living at their own farm near the town of Vona, very probably in the settlement of Elphis, Kit Carson County, in the eastern part of Colorado. Vona had in 1920 268 people, in 2010 106.
The Elphis post office was started by Nicholas Brownwood on December 8, 1916, and discontinued in December 1923, all mail goin gto Vona.

Nicholas Brownwood proved up two quarters in 21, 6S 48W in 1917.
In February 1920 Nicholas Brownwood (38, immigrated in 1890, merchant), his wife Edith (38, immigrated in 1887, clerk at their own store), their sons Cornelius N (16, automobile mechanic), John M (15, laborer), Myron (13, clerk at their own store), Walter (11), Augusta B (5, Colorado), and their daughter Thresa (8, Colorado) were living in their own home in Kit Carson County, Colorado. In fact they were living in the small -former- settlement of Elphis, located 16 miles north and one mile west of Vona, where about 27 Dutch immigrant families have lived once. Elphis had in the period 1926-1923 a rural post office, was abandoned about 1945 and didn't exist anymore since then. Nick Brownwood served there also for five years as Deputy Sheriff
In 1923 Nicholas Brownwood sold his general store and a 160-acre farm at Elphis to Richard J Roorda (Find A Grave Memorial# 33226230), and moved with his family to California.

In 1924 Pasadena, California, Nicholas is a detective, with Edith at 696 N. Sierra.

February 25, 1926 Kirk items in the Yuma Pioneer "Mr. and Mrs. Otta Moag visited at the Nick Brownwood home Sunday."
In April 1930 Nicholas Brownwood (49, immigrated in 1890, private police patrolman), his wife Edith (49, immigrated in 1885), their children Teresa (18), Bernard A (16, Colorado) and Edith (7, Colorado) were living in their own house, worth #4250, at 4365 Bel Air Drive in La Crescenta Township, located about 13 miles north of Los Angeles, California.
In 1940 Nicholas Brownwood (59, private detective), his wife Edith (59), their son Bernard (26, salesmann at a water company) and daughter Edith (17) were living at their own home, worth #3000, at still 4365 Bel Air Drive, in the city of Glendale, Los Angeles, California. They lived in 1935 in the same house.

July 24, 1941

In 1942 the 61 years old, self employed patrolman Nicholas Brownwood was with his wife Edith living at (still) 4365 Bel Air Drive, in the city of La Canada [Flintridge], Los Angeles County, California, when he was administrated on a WW II Draft Registration Card.
Nicholas Brownwood died in September 1948 at the age of 67 years in Los Angeles County, California.
October 7, 1948

Edith (Douma) Brownwood, per # 156221948, died in 1976 in Los Angeles County "She was born Ytje Douma in January 1881 in the country and lakeside village Heeg, in the southwestern part of the Dutch northern province Friesland, the second of five children of Cornelis Douma (23 y, cow milker) and Trijntje Nauta, named after her paternal grandmother Ytje Johannes Cnossen. "

John N. Brownwood, per # 156229811
" married the three months younger Margherita, who was born on 22 February 1905 in Canada, daughter of Bruce and Bell.
In April 1930 John N Brownwood (25, New Jersey, mechanic at an auto garage), his wife Marguerita (25, Canada English) and their son Bruce (1, California) were living in a rented house at 1535 Locust Street in the city of Pasadena, located about 9 miles northeast of Los Angeles, California.
In April 1940 John Brownwood (35, auto mechanic), his wife Margherita (34), their children Bruce (11), Raymond (10, California) and Evanailia (8, California) were living at their home, worth #3500, at 65 Virgina Avenue in Pasadena, Los Angeles, California. They lived in 1935 in Pasadena too, but in another house.
His wife Ethel Margherita died on 29 March 1953 at the age of 48 years in Los Angeles, California.

Myron, per # 156239489 " In 1929 Myron Brownwood married the three years younger Mary Lucinda Moffitt, born on 31 May 1909 in Santa Monica, California.
On 21 August 1929 their first child Betty Lou was born in San Jose, Santa Clara County, midwest California. On 12 April 2010 Betty Lou Frantz died in California.
In 1930 Myron Brownwood (23, New Jersey) lived with his wife Mary L (20, California) and daughter Betty L[ou Frantz] (0, California) in the city of Pasadena, located about 9 miles northeast of Los Angeles, California.
On 5 March 1931 they had their second and last child, Marjorie Ann, who married a Kabbaz and died on 28 September 2009, probably in the city of San Jose, Santa Clara County, California
In October 1937 Myron "Mike" Brownwood was witness at the wedding of his brother-in-law Donell Raymond Moffitt in Oregon, Klamath Falls.
Myron Brownwood died in January 1940 at the age of 34 years in Marion County, in the northwestern part of the US northwestern state Oregon. His widow Mary died on 14 January 2001 in San Jose, Santa Clara County, California.  "

Walter, per # 156253710 "In April 1930 boarder Walter Brownwood (21, truck driver) was living in the city of Loveland, Larimer County, located in the northern part of Colorado, at the home of George H Rodenburg (32, Kansas), his wife Vallie and their three daughters.
In April 1940 Walter Brownwood (31, beverage salesman) and his wife Vivian (27, California, teacher at a public school) were living in a rented house in Alhambra, San Gabriel Judicial Township, Los Angeles County, California. He lived in 1935 in Pasadena, Los Angeles County, California and his wife Vivian in Temple City, Los Angeles County, California.
On February 22, 1942 his wife Vivian G. Tinkle died at the age of 29 years in Los Angeles County, giving birth to a son named Jack Brownwood. Walter was then a widower, but in a few years he remarried Miriam Koehler. She was married before Walter to a man named Thomas Pascoe. Walter and Miriam had no children of their own and she helped raise Jack. He died about 2006 in California. Source: e-mail January 2017 of Jeff Zelinka, whose wife Gail Gandy Zelinka is a granddaughter of Miriam and Thomas Pascoe.
Walter Brownwood died in September 1989 at the age of 80 years in the seaside city of Huntington Beach, located about 30 miles southeast of Los Angeles, Orange County, California. According to Jeff Zelinka he was cremated.

September 1, 1949

Bernard August Brownwood, buried in Los Angeles National, # 3693013 "Bernard August Brownwood served during WW II as sergeant in the US Army.
Bernard Brownwood married the 11 years younger Mary Davis, who was born in March 1925 in Grayson County, midwest Kentucky.
In October 1989 his wife Mary died at the age of 64 years in Los Angeles, California. Widower Bernard August Brownwood died there too, in February 1992, at the age of 77 years.  "

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