Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Angeline (Wellman)(Hunter) Weaver, daughter Ella (Hunter) Bryant, son Charles A. Hunter, daughter Dora (Hunter) Bryant , 6 South 48 West

In 1850 Wapello County, Iowa, John W. Wellman is 27, Mary 25, William H. 2, Angeline newborn.

In 1856 John is 33, Mary 30, Wm. H. 7, Angeline 6, Winfield S. 4, and Laura 1.

In 1860 Wapello County, John W. Wellman is farming, 37, with Mary 35, William H. 12, Angeline 10, Winfield 8, and Laura 6.
On the same page is Henry Wellman, 62 and Sarah 52.

Mary (Hendrickson) Wellman 1825-1911 is buried in Wapello County, # 40749433. So is John 1822-1899 # 40749484.

In 1870 Wapello County, Iowa, Anderson Hunter is 40, Angeline 20, with Luella 3 and Dora five months.

Anderson M. Hunter 1830-1873 is buried in Wapello County, Iowa, # 24241374, and Angeline Weaver 1850-1941 is buried in Seibert,

Angeline Hunter was widowed in 1880 Wapello County, Iowa, 30, with Luella 11, Dora 10, and Charlie 8.
Angeline was in Kit Carson County in 1900, born April 1850 in Iowa, married one year to William A. Weaver born June 1835 in Indiana. Angeline's daughter Dora M. Christopher born March 1870 in Iowa is with them.

(Dora Christopher was the Cope postmaster from April 11, 1905 to August 21, 1906.
Dora Christopher is in Cope, Washington County, Colorado in 1910, widowed, with Joseph H. 9 and Helen M. 7.
In 1940 Denver, Dora, age 70, is with son Joseph 39, a barber, and his family. Joseph's sister Helen Rees, a clerk, widowed, 37, and her son Myron 8 are also with them.

In 1880 Wapello County, Iowa, Angeline Hunter is 30, born in Iowa, with Luella 11, Dora 10, and Charlie 8.
In 1900 Kit Carson County, William, born June 1835 in Indiana, is married one year to Angeline April 1850 Iowa. She's had three kids all living. One is probably Dora M. Christopher, born March 1870 in Iowa.
In 1910 Kit Carson County, Alex W. is 74, Angeline 58.
They're there in 1920.
In 1940 Kit Carson County, Angeline is widowed, 89, living with son Charles Hunter 67, also widowed, both born in Iowa. , and Angeline 1850-1941 is buried in Seibert # 37918909. So is William 1835-1922 3 37918821.

In 1880 Marion County, Nellie Walker is 9, with parents William F. and Mary Walker.
Charles A. Hunter married E. Viola "Shanahan" on November 14, 1906, recorded in Denver.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Charles Hunter is 38, born in Iowa, with Eva V. 48 born in Indiana.
Married three years, this is Eva's second marriage - she's had four kids, three living. Her father was born in Indiana, her mother in Ohio.

Eva is in Cope Colorado in 1900, next to her parents Jonathan 64 and Mary Ann 60 Cope.

They're also next to Theodore and Louella M. Bryant - so that's probably how Eva knew of Charles HunteEva's first husband, Robert Shanahan was in Mesa County, Colorado in 1930, divorced, with daughter mattie J. Standley 46 and her husband Dick R. 53.
Mattie had married Dick on December 24, 1900 in Cope, Colorado.
She's buried in Marion County, Oregon 1883-1953 # 30709254.

Eva V. Shanahan claimed a quarter in sections 2 and 11, 6S 49W in 1914.

Eva 1861-1917 is buried in Seibert # 37918683.

Charles A. Hunter married Nellie Walker on August 21, 1919, recorded in Denver.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Charles A. Hunter is 48, Nellie E. 47, farming. They're next to William F. Walker 47, single.

In 1930 Kit Carson County, Charles and Nellie are both 57.

In 1940 Kit Carson County, Nellie is 68, widowed, with Charles Hunter 67 also widowed and Charles' mother Angeline Weaver 89, widowed. Angeline (Wellman) Weaver 1850-1941 is buried in Seibert # 37918909.

In 1951 Denver, Chas A. (Nellie) live at 9 Bannock.

Nellie, born October 9, 1871, died September 1967, last residence Denver.


Luella Hunter, daughter of Anderson Hunter and Angeline Wellman, married Theodore F. Bryant in Wapello County Feb 25, 1886.
In 1900 Cope precinct, Luella M. is 31, Theodore 37, Tophel N 12, Garvie L. 10, Mark A. 3, and Theodore C. seven months.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Theodore is a mail carrier 46, Louella M. 41, with Tophel N. 23, a collector born in Iowa, Garvey L. 19 a farm laborer born in Colorado, Morton 13 Iowa, Theodore C. 10 Albert L 7, and Marvin H. 3, - the last three in Colorado.

Marvin Hunter Bryant 1907-1910 is buried in Seibert # 37917944.

In 1920 Caldwell, Idaho, Theodore is 57, Ella 51, Mark 23, Theodore C. 20, and Thurlow 17.

In 1930 Canyon County, Idaho, Theodore is 67, Ella M. 62, and Mark A. 33.

Ella Hunter Bryant 1868-1948 is buried in Salt Lake City # 1068794023, with Theodore F. 1862-1932.

Theodore died March 24, 1932 in Salt Lake City, and Luella M. (Hunter) Bryant born August 24, 1868 died May 2, 1948 in Ogden, Utah.

She's buried in Salt Lake City # 106794023, with Theodore # 106794055.

Tophel Nemuel Bryant died in Yavapai County, Arizona (residence Phoenix) , and is buried in Salt Lake City 1886-1958 # 107139742.
His wife was Naomi Bryant, father "Finnis" Bryant of Iowa and mother Ella Hunter.
Garvey Leland Bryant was born January 21, 1890 at Cope, and was in Idaho in 1922, aseed salesman, and went to Chile in 1922 to sell or buy seeds.
He registered for WWII in Marshfield, Oregon. He was in Twin Falls Idaho in 1940, age 50, with Jennie 46, and her kids.. Bonnie B. 16..
Garvey died March 29, 1949 in Coos County, Oregon.

Mark Anthony Bryant registered for WWII in Marshfield Oregon, born October 25, 1896 at Griswold, Iowa, with Thurlow Bryant of Caldwell as his reference.
He died October 30, 1973 in Coos County, Oregon.

Mark A. Bryant 1896-1973 is buried in Salt Lake City # 107139672.

Thurlow Bryant, born in Colorado August 23, 1902, died July 8, 1992. He married Josephine Keithly on June 3, 1928 in Washington, Iodaho.
Josephine, born July 7, 1906, died January 1984.

Theodore is farming in 1940 Canyon County, Idaho, 40, with Opal E. 37, Winona M. 13, aTheodore C. 5, and William B. 4.
Elsie E. Sheaffer 58 is with them.

Theodore born October 8, 1899, died March 1, 1984 in Portland, Oregon.


Dora M. Hunter married Edward Christopher on April 19, 1899, recorded in Arapahoe County.

1905 "Dora M. Christopher has been appointed postmaster at Cope, Washington County, vice E. E. Brown, resigned.

In 1910 Cope precinct, Washington County, Colorado, Dora is 40, widowed, born in Iowa, a postmaster, with Joseph H. 9, and Helen M. 7, Colorado.
In 1912, Mrs. Dora M. Christopher was the official weather observer for Cope.
In 1920 Denver, Dora 49 has no occupation, Joseph 19 and Helen 16 are working in a soda/confectionary shop.
In 1930 Denver, Dora is running a restaurant, divorced, 60, is with Joseph 29, Florence 21, and Billy Duane six months.

In 1940 Denver, Dora is living with Joseph and his wife Florence Billie 10 and Joseph B. 5. Helen Rees 37 and Myron Rees 8 are also with them.
Dora M. Christopher 1870-1955 is buried in Denver # 53757765.
So is Joseph H. Christopher 1900-1943 # 53757766.

Helen E. Christopher married Leslie H. "Rels" on March 6, 1922, recorded in Arapahoe County.

In 1940 Denver, Joseph is 39, Florence 31, Billie 10, Joseph 5. Dora, 70, is with them.
So is Helen Rees, 37, with Myron 8.

Dora Christopher 1870-1955 is buried in Denver.
Joseph H. Christopher 1900-1943 is buried in Denver # 53757766.

Helen E. Christopher married Leslie H. "Rels" on March 6, 1922, recorded in Arapahoe County.

Helen E. Bonnelle 1903-1994 is buried in Denver # 53757702, dying in Sacramento, California January 18, 1994.
Myron Rees, born November 4, 1931, died April 18, 1984 in Contra Costa County. He's buried in Lafayette # 7932284, with Lee Rees 1929-1992.

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