Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Wyberen Nauta, 6 South 48 West

One post said Janke van der Goot was born October 2, 1873 at Wymbritsarael to Jacob van der Goot and Froukje Jaarsma, and they married February 4, 1898 in Wymbritseradeel.

In 1900 Passaic County, New Jersey, William Nauta is a shirt ironer, born April 1870, married two years to Jennie Feb 1873, both born in Holland. Watler January 1899 and Jacob Feb 1900 were born in New Jersey.
They're living in a house with Peter 32 Ruth born in New Jersey and his wife Helen 29 born in Holland.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, William is 39, Jennie 37, Walter 11, Jacob 10, Dice 8, Flora 4, and Anna 1, all kids born in New Jersey.
Wyberen claimed two quarters in 23, 6S, 48W in 1917.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, next to the Brownwood family, William Nauta is 46, Janke 48, both born in Friesland, imigrating in 1898, naturalized 1913. Florence 14 and Annie 11 were born in New Jersey, John 8, Jerry 6, and Thresa 2 in Colorado.

Edith (Douma) Brownwood, per # 156221948, died in 1976 in Los Angeles County "She was born Ytje Douma in January 1881 in the country and lakeside village Heeg, in the southwestern part of the Dutch northern province Friesland, the second of five children of Cornelis Douma (23 y, cow milker) and Trijntje Nauta, named after her paternal grandmother Ytje Johannes Cnossen.
So Edith might have been a cousin ??

In 1930 William and Janka are truck farming - probably near Denver, with Tice 28, Annie 21, John 18, Jerry 17, and Threse 12.

William 1873-1938 is buried in Denver, with Janke 1873-1962

Walter is a farm laborer in Jefferson County, Colorado in 1920, age 20, working for the Leo and Rose Goldblatt family.

Jacob 1900-1912 is buried in Denver # 31954753.

Florence is a servant in 1930 and 1940 Denver.
Hull, Iowa, July 1941 " Anna and Florence Nauta of Denver visited last week in the Mrs. Niekerk. The girls were in this vicinity visiting relatives and friends. They left last Wednesday for their home accompanied by Cornelia Ann Niekerk who will visit in Denver with her brothers and sisters and other friends."
She's buried in Denver 1905-1994, "sister" with John O. Nauta 1911-1982.

Thresa Nauta married Jerry D. Dykstra on August 31, 1939, recorded in Jefferson County.

Tice Nauta married Margaret H. Williamson in Brighton, registered in Douglas County, Colorado on October 29, 1933.

Tice is a ditch rider in 1940 Jefferson County, 38, married to Margaret, 29.

Tice 1901-1970 is buried in Wheat Ridge # 138335103, with Ellen Margaret 1910-1989.
John Nauta married Ethel Keith on July 28, 1925, recorded in Denver.

"Wyberen Nauta 1873 & 1898 Janke Van Der Good ca 1873."

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