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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

James S. and Nellie (Gregory) Turvey, 6 South 48 West

James' mother "Mrs. D. Turvey passed from this life Tuesday, March 7, 1916 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Akin of Mt. Etna vicinity. Mrs. Turvey had made her home with her daughter, Mrs. Akin, and family, for some time. Funeral services were held at the Lincoln Center Church, March 9th and the body was laid to rest in the Lincoln Center Cemetery beside her husband. The services were conducted by Elder R. A. Bixler. Mary Green Stevenson was born in 1838 in Cass County, Illinois and died in Adams County, Iowa, March 7, 1916, in the 78th year of her age. She was married to David Turvey in December 1855. To this union were born twelve children of whom six died in infancy, six remaining to mourn the loss of a good, kind mother. Those surviving are James Turvey of Arcadia, Nebraska, Jeff D. Turvey of Corning, Iowa, Elizabeth E. Akin of Mount Etna, Iowa, and whose home Mrs. Turvey passed away; Charles E. Turvey of San Benito, Texas, and Mrs. Callie Sadler of Wheatland, Wyoming. There are 26 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren, also four brothers and one sister. Mr. Turvey died at Hayes, Iowa in 1901. In 1861 he enlisted in the Union Army undeserved in the Civil War, leaving Mrs. Turvey the sole support of three small children while he was away fighting for his country. She joined the church in early womanhood, joining the Advent Christian Church in 1884, and was a faithful attendant and worker in the church and Sunday School as long as she was able to attend. For the last ten years she has been suffering with infirmities of advanced age which she has borne patiently and without one word of complaint. A large circle of friends mourn the loss of this estimable lady.
Adams County Free Press, March 15, 1916, page 24."

James, son of David Turvey and Mary G. Stephenson, married Nellie S. Gregory, 23, born at Mineral Point, Wisconsin, daughter of James Gregory and Anna Browning, married at Lincoln, Adams County, Iowa on January 21, 1884. Winesses were Bruce Hanley and Ed Stephenson.

In 1900 Montgomery County, Iowa, James born Sept 1856 in Illinois, with Nellie January 1861 in Wisconsin, have Unice M. Aug 1885 Iowa, David R. Feb 1888 South Dakota, Mary Nov 1890 Nebraska Lottie Dec 1892, James January 1895, and Forest January 1898 born in Iowa.

In 1910 Sherman County, Nebraska, James is 58, Nellie 49, Unice M. 24, David R. 22, Lottie E. 17, James J. 15, Forest E. 12, and Daniel E. 9.
James claimed a tract a quarter in 35, 5 1/2 South and 1, 6 South, 48W in 1926.

Thanks to D.D. Dodgson for the photo.

Nellis Manley wrote a wonderful story about the Turvey family.
"James Stevenson Turvey was born in Whiteside County, Illinois in 1856. When he was a young man he moved with his parents to Des Moines, Iowa. He married Nellie Louise Gregory January 21, 1884. To this union was born seven children. Eunice Hull was born in Adams County, Iowa, David R. in Minehaha Co. Dakota Territory, Mary Duncanson in Omaha, Nebraska, Lottie Hurlburt in Adams County Iowa. Jay G. Turvey Adams County, Iowa, Forest E. (Pete) Turvey Montgomery County, Iowa, Daniel E. Turvey Montgomery County. Iowa.

The family moved to Loup City, Nebraska a few years later, and then to Arcadia, Nebraska. After farming and ranching there for several years they moved to Kirk, Colorado to be near their daughter Mrs. Dwight Duncanson (Mary Turvey). This was the year of 1917. Mr. and Mrs. Turvey and the daughter Eunice came by train, and Dave, Forest and Dan moved their belongings with eight head of horses and two wagons. They settled on the Jack Shaw Ranch north of Kirk where they farmed and ran cattle for several years. Their two married children Mrs. Wesley Hurlburt, and their little son Ralph and their son Jay and his wife and two little daughters four years and one seven months, drove to Colorado in 1918 to visit the grandparents and their sister Mrs. Duncanson. Jay came down with the flu soon after their arrival and passed away in a few days. His body was sent back to Arcadia. Nebraska to his hometown for burial. One week later, the brother David passed away with the flu. Most everyone! was ill with the disease. and the closest place was the Olivet Cemetery, so that is where he was buried.

The Turveys continued ranching for a few years, and then moved to a place west of Kirk. They then lived west of Joes, Colorado. and from there southwest of Kirk where they built a home. They moved to Stratton after a few years where they continued to live until their death.

Their daughter Mrs. Duncanson (Mary Turvey) lived at Kirk until 1946 when they sold their place and moved to Denver, Mrs. Hull moved to Denver, Dan moved to Yuma, Forest moved to Bridgeport, Nebraska, and Mrs. Wesley Hurlburt always lived at Arcadia, Nebraska.

The Turveys were generous people and always enjoyed their neighbors, and lots of company. They celebrated their golden wedding in Stratton in 1934. Two years later in 1936, Mrs. Turvey passed away at the family home. Mr. Turvey continued to live in the home, and he passed away in December of 1938. By request, both were buried at the Olivet Cemetery north of Kirk. Many people will remember their kindness and goodness to others.

In 1917, two years after the Dwight Duncansons settled in Eastern Colorado, Mary Duncanson's (Turvey) parents - the James Turveys - moved to eastern Colorado. Grandpa and Grandma and Aunt Eunice came- by train and Dave, Pete, and Dan drove through with horses. They had three rack loads of furniture and other belongings and also brought extra horses. They lived on the Jack Shaw ranch northwest of Kirk where they ran cattle and did some farming.

Most of the ground was natural pasture and a creek ran through it. In 1918, the year the flu was so bad, their daughter Lottie Hulbert and her husband Wes and little boy Ralph, and Uncle Jay Turvey and his wife and 2 girls 4 years old and 1 year old, came to visit Grandpa Turveys. My Uncle Jay took ill with the flu and passed away in a few days. Uncle Wes Hurlburt came down to my parents(Mr. and Mrs Dwight Duncanson) to tell them about the tragedy, which upset my folks very much. Uncle Wes was chilling badly and of course he was coming down with the same thing. Dad had a pint of whiskey and he gave him a little in a glass of hot water. Anyway, Uncle Wes never did get very bad with the flu. A few days later, my parents get it and Dad never thought about the whiskey, and he and Mother had the flu pretty bad.

My dad was a teetotaler, he would use the liquor for medicine only. A week to the day after Uncle Jay passed away, my Uncle Dave died. He was buried at the Nazarene Cemetery about 7 miles northeast of Kirk. So many were ill, it was hard to get anyone to dig the graves. Grandad Turvey sent Uncle Jay's body back to Nebraska where he was buried at a cemetery near Arcadia.

The Turveys continued to live on the ranch for a few years and did quite well. Dan married and left home and Pete continued to stay with his parents for a few years. Aunt Eunice didn't marry until she was 38 so she was still. with Grandpa and Grandma. Finally, they sold their cattle and moved to Joes, Colorado, where they lived for a couple of years. They then moved out toward Cope, Colorado, where they lived for three years, then moved to a small tract out near Uncle Alva and Aunt Ethel. They built a new house and remained there for 5 years, then moved to Stratton where they spent the rest of their lives. They had their Golden Wedding in 1938. Two years later, Grandma passed away and three years later, we lost Grandpa. Grandmother always requested that they be buried at the Nazarene Cemetery north of Kirk so the family abided by their wishes.

By Mrs. Nellie Manley "

January 25, 1934

August 4, 1938

James Stevenson Turvey 1856-1938 is buried in Olivet Cemtery, Yuma County # 15696279, with Nellie Louise (Gregory) Turvey 1860-1936.


Eunice M. (Turvey) Hull is buried in Cope, 1885-1981 # 159059577.

"The community would like to express their sympathy to the family of Eunice Hull who poassed away April 7 in Lakewood. Services were held Friday, April 10 at the Cope Community Church."


David 1888-1918 is buried in Yuma.


Mary (Turvey) Duncanson 1890-1956 is buried in Grand Junction, with Dwight W. Duncanson 1882-1958.
August 2, 1956

February 13, 1958

Dwight's father Dr. J.E. Duncanson 1857-1935 is buried in Kirk 67354425.


June 1970 Ord Nebraska "A 77-year-Old Arcqdia woman was injured Monday when the car she was riding in ran into a hay wagon four miles southwest of Ord on highway 70. Mrs. Lottie Hurlburt received a fractured rib, facial cuts, and bruises. She was described Wednesday morning by Dr. Otis Miller as being in "pretty good" condition. Mrs. Hurlburt was a passenger in a car being driven by her grandson, 20 - year-old Ron Hurlburt of Arcadia. The accident occuried as the Hurlburt car was attempting to pass the hay wagon."

Lottie (Turvey) Hurlburt 1892-1983 is buried in Arcadia, Nebraska, with Samuel Wesley Hulrburt 1895-1982 - married Nov 10, 1915 at Loup City, Nebraska.


James G. Turvey and Opal Dora Webb married in Arcadia, Nebraska on December 25, 1914.

James Gregory Turvey registered for WWI in Arcadia, Nebraska, born January 21, 1895 at Hayes Iowa, farming, with a wife an one child.

He is buried in Arcadia 1895-1918 # 90580706.

In 1920 Arcadia, Opal E. Turvey is 22, widowed, with Erma 4 and Doris 1. She's living with her parents William J. and Martha Webb.

Opal Dora Turvey married Joseph Edgar King in Custer County, Nebraska, and then Edward Harrison about 19950.

In 1930 Valley County, James E. King is 31, born in Missouri, Opal E. 32 Nebraska, Erma M. King 14, and Doris L. 12, born in Nebraska. Clarence 9 and Vernon 7 were born in Nebraska.

1932 Arcadia "Mrs. Opal King left Sunday for Hastings where she has employment."

In 1948 the Webbs celebrated their 61st anniversary "The Webbs have four daughters, Mrs. Elmer Brown, Laramie, Wyo., Mrs. Opal King. Kansas City Mo., Mrs. Russell Jones, Harwell, and Mrs Ray Holcomb Arcadia, two sons. James. Grand Island and Everett Arcadia. All except Mrs. Evans attended the celebration. "

Opal (Webb) (King) Harrison 1897-1986 is buried in Independence, Missouri # 61047688.


December 6, 1928 "Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Turvey are the proud parents of a new son who arrived in their home thanksgiving day."

August 14, 1930 "Forest Turvey and his father-in-law, Mr. Sholtz, of Bridgeport, Nebraska, droved down in a truck to get the rest of thier farm machinery. Mr. Turvey and family moved to Bridgeport last spring. Hey like thier new home very much and are getting along fine."
December 22, 1938 "Pete Turvey of Bridgeport, Nebraska stopped by while enroute to Stratton to attend the funeral of his father, J.S. Turvey. Pete is still on crutches from the injury he received in a car accident in July."


Daniel is buried in Yuma 1900-1949, with Mary Caroline (Finley( Meade 1901-2000. Their children were Garnet 1920-1972 and Gerald W. 1921-1974.

November 17, 1949
1980 Eckley "Mrs. Mary Meade's Sunday visitor was her daughter, Mrs. Eva Bell Krening, from FOrt Morgan."

Garnet is buried in Yuma, with Alice Mary (Spelts) Turvey 1920-2002.
November 16, 1972

June 25, 1995

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