Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Albert E. and Effie J. (Ferree) Williams, brother Alvin and Alma (Black) Williams, 6 South 48 West

In 1856 Marion County, Iowa, Elizabeth Carr is 36, Margaret 17, Elizabeth 16, James 14, Liza 12, Ingebay 10, Harvey 8, Mary 6, and Andrew 5.

In 1860 Elizabeth is 42, Sarah E. 20, Louisa 17, Ingabee 15, Harvey 12, Mary 10, and Andrew 8.

Ingabe Carr married John Williams 1846-1880 buried in Clinton County, Illinois # 135057489.

In 1880 Marion County, Iowa, John Williams is 38, Ingaby 35, Oscar 10, Alvin 7, and Albert 5.
Ingaby is widowed in 1900 Marion County, born August 1844 in Indiana. Oscar 29 is with her. Three of her children are living.
They're in Marion County in 1910, too, "Ingsby" 65, and Oscar 38 a coal miner.

The Denver 1922 directory has Ingaby Williams, (wid Jno) living at 141 W. Irvington.
Harlan Carr Walker was born January 8, 1891 at Beloit Kansas, working for Alexander Film Company in COlorado Springs.
He registered for WWII with Mary Walker of 141 West Irvington Place in Denver as his reference.

Still in Marion County in 1925, "Ingaly" is 80, Oscar 53.

"Ingeby" Williams died December 21, 1928 in Monroe County, Iowa, age 84.

Alvin Williams is in Marion County, Iowa in 1900, born August 1872, with Alma Feb 1871, both born in Iowa.

In 1920 Alvin and Alma are farming in Washington County, Colorado, Cope precinct. Their nephew John Williams, 20 born iin Illinois is with them.
They're back in Mahaska County, Iowa in 1930, no occupations, and son John K. 19 born in Iowa is with them, a restaurant waiter.
Alma 1878-1948 is buried in Marion County # 68498500 "Alma was the daughter of Watson S. Black and Ella Fuller. She married Alvin B. Williams on 29 Jun 1898 in Oskaloosa.
Alvin is also buried there # 68498510 having no dates.

John K. Williams, born about 1911 at Livingston Illinois to Alvin Williams and Alma Black, married Ruth Anmetta Le May on February 23, 1932 in Mahaska County.

In 1880 Mahaska County, Iowa, John C. Ferrie is 39, Nancy 36, Iona S. 12, William E. 10, Jessie B. 8, Rowena 6, Effie J. 4, and John F. 1.

Effie J. Ferree is in Marion County, Iowa in 1885, age 8, with John C. 43 and Nancy 40. Ione E. is 17, William E. 15, Jessie B. 13, Rowena 11, Effie J. 8, John F. 5, and Orrie O. 2.

John Ferree is buried in Marion County 1841-1906 # 77268771, with Nancy (Stamm) Ferree 1844-1906 # 155604173..

Effie J. Ferree and Albert E. Williams married on December 22, 1897 in Marion County.

In 1900 Albert and Effie are in Marion County, Iowa, and in 1910 in Kit Carson County, farming. Albert is 36, Effie 34, with Raymond 11 and Donald 7 bornall born in owa.
In 1920 Kit Carson County, Albert is 46, "Terrie" J. 43, Raymond G. 21, and Donald L. 17 born in Iowa. Albert E. 2 was born in Colorado.

Albert E. Williams is farming in Kit Carson County in 1930, 56, with Effie 54 both born in Iowa. Albert J. is 12, born in Colorado.

In 1940 Albert is running a service station, and Effie makes dolls, in Jefferson County, Colorado. They were in Cope Colorado in 1935. George is 41, a used car salesman, who was in Vona, Colorado in 1935. Albert is 22, a truck driver for a coal company.

Raymond George Williams registered for WWI in Kit Carson County, born September 3, 1898.

Albert Elmer Williams was born August 14, 1918 at Seibert, dying October 18, 1991.

THIS IS NOT LIKELY 1947 Santa Cruz, California "Eleanor Mae Lute of Watsonville and Albert Elmer Williams of So-ouel were married at the Congregational parsonage with Rev. Heber f S. Mahood officiating. Witnesses' "

September 1969 "ln San Francisco, California, September 24, 1969, Albert E. Williams, survived by his wife, Mrs. Edith E. Williams of Santa Cruz; two daughters, Mrs. Didre Admire of Roseville, California and Linda WU- nams of santa cruz; three Brothers, George Williams of Santa Cruz, Charles Williams of Capitola and DeLos Williams of New York; four sisters, Mrs. Ida Rodgers of Santa Cruz, Mrs. Blanche Caselli of Capitola, AArs Flor

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