Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

James C. and Mariah (Linn) Miller, 6 South 49 West

In 1850 Mahaska County, Iowa, Lawson Miller is farming 31, with Mary 30, Joseph 6, Nathaniel 4, James C. 2 and Hiram six months.
In 1860 Mahaska County, Lawson and Mary have Joseph F. 16, Nathaniel 15, James 13, Hiram 10, Emerine 8, Mary 9, and Lawson 2.
Mary Straughan - Born about 1817, Shelby County, Kentucky. Married on 5 December 1838, to Lawson Miller, Putnam County, Indiana. She died in Oskaloosa, Mahaska County, Iowa. [Franklin, p. 22.] Joseph F. Miller - Born in 1844 in Indiana. Nathaniel Miller - Born in 1846 in Iowa. Hiram Miller - Born in 1847. James C. Miller - Born in 1848. Jerom Miller - Born in April 1850. Emma Miller - Born in 1852 Mary Miller - Born in 1856. Lawson C. Miller, Jr. - Born 5 May 1858, in Mahaska County, Iowa.

"Lawson C. Miller, 75, of Red Oak, well known horse and mule buyer in southwestern Iowa for over 40 years, died suddenly at his home in Red Oak about 9:30 o'clock last Wednesday night, Jan. 16. Death was caused by an attack of heart trouble. Mr. Miller had been in failing health for a year and six weeks ago he suffered an attack of influenza, with complications which kept him bedfast a great deal of the time. Wednesday night he arose from his bed and went to another room. On his return his heart failed, he fell and died instantly. For a number of years Mr. Miller made his home in Corning, where he engaged in the horse and mule buying business and was considered an exceptionally good judge of horses and mules.
"Funeral services were held Saturday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock at the Sellergren Funeral Home in Red Oak, conducted by Rev. C. F. Smith, Methodist minister. Serving as pall bearers were Chas. Shank, Dorr Taylor, Roy Van Buskirk, George Murray, Charles E. Longstreet and G. A. Muhs. Burial was made in Evergreen Cemetery.
"Lawson C. Miller was born in Mahaska County, Iowa, May 5, 1858, a son of Lawson and Mary E. Miller. He grew to manhood in the county of his birth. For the past 40 years he has followed the horse and mule buying business and because of his judgement of good horses he was given a position with the government as horse buyer for war purposes during the World War. He was thrifty and successful and accumulated considerable property during his activities.
"On Jan. 25, 1869 [?], he was married at Corning, Iowa, to Lacetta M. Thornnell. She died Nov. 15, 1914, in Corning. Mr. Miller came from Corning to Red Oak 14 years ago and has made Red Oak his home since with the exception of about one year when he lived in Omaha.
"September 28, 1932, he was married to Mrs. Anna Ratcliff, who survives him. Mr. Miller is also survived by one sister, Miss Mary E. Miller, of Excelsior Springs, MO, the only one of eight children of the Miller family now living."

"While still living in Jefferson Co., Henry's brother Lawson Miller had purchased several hundred acres of land in Mahaska County. There was an extra cabin on the land, so Los" suggested that nephew john and his family come to Mahaska and farm a portion of his land. In the Spring of 1866, John and Malinda Miller moved to a small farm 3 or 4 miles west of Pella, IA in Marion Co. Henry

Lawson is in Smith County, Kansas in 1880, 62, born in Indiana, farming, with Sybil H. 52 and Nathaniel 33.
James C. Miller and Mariah Linn married in Adair County, Iowa on November 23, 1871.

They're in Smith County, Kansas in 1880, J.C. 31, Maria H. 37, Francis 6, Edgar 4, and Effa six months.

In Smith County in 1885, they have Adel 11, Edger 9, Effie 5, V.C. 3, and Leslie 1.

In 1900 Smith County, James is farming, born May 1848 in Iowa, married 28 years to Maria J. Sept 1853 Missouri. Adele May 1874 in Iowa, Dan C. Nov 1881 , Leslie April 1884, Bert April 1887, George January 1890, Norman April 1892, and Ora June 1898 wee born in Kansas.

In 1910 James and Marie are in Kit Carson County, with George 20, Norman 17, and Ora H. 15.

James claimed a quarter in section 12, 6S 50W in 1912.

James claimed a tract in section 6, 6S 49W in 1920.

In 1920 James and Maria are still farming, with George and Orb.

James died April 23, 1924, Maria in 1930, both buried in the Shiloh cemetery eighteen miles north of Flagler.
The cemetery is in section 10, 6S 50W, so it's about three miles from James' claim.

Leslie L. Miller married Estelle V. Lee on June 29, 1908 in Burlington.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Leslie is 26, Estella 16, with newborn Jessie.

Leslie L. Miller claimed a quarter in section 12 - same one as James - in 1912.

In 1920 Jessie V. 25 and Leslie L. 35 are in Otero County, Colorado, living with Estella's brothers Josh 17 and Willard 37 and her father Joseph Lee, 64, widowed.

In 1930 Otero County, Leslie is 45, Estealla 35, Leroy 18, and Marion J. 16.

Leslie and Estella are in Kit Carson County in 1940.

He's buried in Rocky Ford, Colorado 1884-1953 # 826928088. So is Esta V. Miller 1894-1978 # 82692987.

LeRoy Lee Miller 1911-1930 is also buried there # 82693050.

Marion J. "Merl" Miller 1913-1987 is buried in La Junta, Colorado # 77089785, with Helen E. 1913-1999.

Don C. Miller claimed a tract in section 2, 6S 50W in 1913.

He married Estella Ridgeway.

Don Calvin Miller registered for WWI in Yuma Colorado, born Dec 22, 1881.

They're in Yuma County in 1920, in the Pleasant Valley area north of Eckley. Don is 36, Stella M. 34, Ralph L. 14, Leoala M. 12, adn Effie A. 10.

Don 1881-1968 # 15730529 and Estella 1885-1967 # 15730543 are buried in Flagler.


In 1880 Smith County, Gervaise Tomlinson 26 and Mary 18, both born in Indiana, have Francis 4, Pearl 3, and Effie 1, all three born in Kansas.

In 1900 Smith County, Kansas, Effie, born November 1879, married four hears to Frank Tomlinson, born January 1877. They have Lila January 1898 and Florence July 1899, all four bornin Kansas.
Next household is Gus A. Tomlinson born Nov 1851 in Indiana, divorced, with son Asa October 1880 Kansas.

Gurvaise Tomlinson 1850-1932 is buried in Shawnee, Kansas # 40287900, and Mary (Haskett) Tomlinson 1860-1883 buried in Smith Center # 106362303.

In 1900 Smith County, Kansas, George W. Srader is 26, Pearl 23, with Elmer March 1894, Shell Novemer 1895, and Obid Feb 1899.

Pearly M. Tomlinson is divorced in 1920 Smith County, 42, and sons Shell G. Srader 24, BJ. BUrlie Srader 15, H. Oren Srader 13, and Burnard Srader newborn.

Pearla M. Srader 1877-1963 is buried in Smith County, # 105182521.
Frank Srader and Effie Tomlinson-Srader were residents of Lebanon KS, and married in Bloomington Nebraska on October 17, 1892. Marriage was witnessed by Henderson Murray and P.M. Tomlinson.
Effie and Frank Srader are in Woods County, Oklahoma in 1900, with Minnie M. 6, Elsie E. 5, Cora M. 2, and Earnest O. eleven months.

They're buried in Enid, Oklahoma, Effie 1878-1937 # 134811665, with Frank 1872-1936.

Francis and Effie Tomlinson are farming in Smith County, Kansas in 1900, with Lila 2 and FLorence ten months.

They're farming in Garfield County, Oklahoma in 1910, with Lila 12, Florence 10, Manley 8, Albert 7, Forrest 5, and Mabel 3.

They have a dairy farm in Coos County, Oregon in 1920, Francis 43, Effie 40, Manley 18, Albert M. 16, Forest L. 14, Mable M. 12, Lena L. 6, and Frances E. 4.

In 1930 they have a dairy in Okanogan County, Oregon, with Lena L. 17 and Frances E. 15.

Washington state death certificate has Effie E. Tomlinson, born about 1879, dying April 20, 1932 in Synarep, Okanogan County, Washington, spouse F. O. Tomlinson.
She's buried in Riverside, Washington # 43879819, with Francis Otis Tomlinson 1876-1964.
Frances in 1940 Okanogan County is still farming, 64. Elizabeth is 47, born in Canada.


Francis married a Charles Sproul, and in 1910 Adair County, Iowa, Charles is 34, Adele 35, Bernice 6, Faye 4 and Dean 2.
In 1925 Adair County, Iowa Charles is 49, Francis A. 50, Dean C. 16, Faye F. 19, Bannie WS. 21, Charles E. 14, Helen F. 11, and James F. 8.
Frances is divorced in Hugo Colorado in 1940, and Eugene 29 a laborer is with her. Francis was in Hugo in 1935, Eugene in Clarinda, Iowa in 1935.
Charles Sproul 1875-1954 is buried in Adair County # 26510772. "Mr. Sproul is survived by three daughters, Mrs. George Davison and Mrs. Erskine Blair, both of Lenox, and Mrs. Dave Kenargy of Clarinda; three sons, and a number of grandchldren.   "


Russell Charles Miller was born Dec 6, 1914 in Lebanon Kansas to Berl C. Miller and Bessie M. Breakey, dying October 30, 1996.
(Bessie Hammer was living with grandparents in 1900, and in 1910 with Samuel G. Breakey 52 and Clara 48.

Edith Rose Oldson was born March 24, 1916 in Smith County, Kansas to Burl C. Miller and Bessie M. Hammer, dying June 1993.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Berl C. Miller is 32, with Bessie 24 Kansas. Harold is 6, Edith 3, and Bobbie 1, all three born in Kansas.

Burl and Bessie are in Washington County, Colorado in 1930, with Russell 16 and Edith 14.

June 7, 1935 Seibert
Burl is buried in the Shiloh Cemetery north of Flagler.

One post said Bessie then married a John Taggart and lived in Strasburg, Colorado.
This might be confusing Bessie with Velma - her sister-in-law-
"John M. Taggart, 90, of Longmont passed away March 29, 2017 at Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center, Lafayette, CO. He was born March 1, 1927 in Elkhart, Kansas to John Larman and Buena (Cayton) Taggart. John grew up in Boise City, Oklahoma on the family farm living through the dust bowl days. He joined the Military right out of high school serving from 1945 to 1946. His family later purchased property and farmed wheat in Strasburg, Colorado.

John Taggart, born July 27, 1884, died December 1, 1973, last residence Strasburg.
He's buried in Longmont # 51808136, with Buena (Cayton) Taggart 1891-1958.

Edith Miller married Dan Oldson on May 16, 1934, recorded in Kit Carson County.

Edith 1916-1993 is buried in Roosevelt, Utah # 88684213, with Dan 1911-1980.

Russell married "Dorris" Spencer in Kit Carson County February 13, 1935.

Her parents Florence May (Howery) Spencer 1880-1925 # 27159286 and Hugh F. Spencer 1871-1958 buried in Flagler # 27159261.
Russell is a farm laborer in Washington County, Colorado in 1940, 25, born in Kanss, with Doris 24 and Burl 3 in Colorado.

Doris May Miller, born July 14, 1915 at Cope, died December 15, 1996.

Bessie, born Dec 12, 1894, died July 1981, last residence Lakewood, Colorado.
Hugh F. Spencer lived in Washington County until the 1950's when he moved to Gifford Missouri, where he lived until his death 13 December 1958, and is buried in Flagler, Colorado, beside his wife Florence, who died 5 May 1924. they had four children, Marion who died 8 August 1975, at Kansas City, Missouri and is buried at Gifford, Missouri; Wayne who died 30 August 1976, and is buried at Flagler, and Forrest who died 24 April 1982, in Spanaway, Washington. The only living member of this family is Doris, who lives at La Junta, Colorado, with her husband Russell Miller.

Burl Frederick Miller, born January 19, 1937 at Flagler to Russell C. Miller and Doris M. Spencer, died September 26, 1996.
He's buried in Nara Visa, Quay County, New Mexico # 62896217.


George Madison Miller registered for WWI with a Cope address, born January 30, 1890 at Lebanon Kansas, single.
He and Ord were with their parents in 1920

In 1930 Mariah, widowed, is living with George in Kit Carson County, and George is alone in 1940 Kit Carson County.

George is buried in the Shiloh Cemetery, dying September 22, 1958.


Ord, 22, married Velma C. Coller in Akron on October 22, 1924.
She was born August 7, 1903 in Van Wert, Decatur County, Iowa to John Wesley Collier and Agnes Ellen McJimsey.

Velmma Collier was in Kit Carson County in 1920, 16, with John W. 47 and his wife Agnes 31. Garland L. is 10 and Paul J. is 8.

In 1930 Kit Carson County, Ord is 34, Velma C. 26, and Thelma L. 2.

In 1940 Kit Carson County, Ord R. is 44, Velma C. 35 born in Iowa, with Thelma L. 12 and Lawrence W. 9 born in Colorado.

Ord R. Miller 1895-1953 is buried in Flagler, # 15709786, with Velma 1903-2003.

SSDI has her dying May 21, 2003 as Taggart.

Lawrence W. Miller, 84, of Limon, Colorado passed away on August 17, 2015 with his family at his side.
Larry was born on March 28, 1931 in Flagler, Colorado to Ord Russell and Velma Cecile (Taggart) Miller, one of four children born to this union. He was raised in Flagler attending school through the 8th grade.
On July 17, 1953 Larry enlisted to serve his country in the United States Army where he served until he was called home due to family hardship. He served the remainder of his 8 years in the Army Reserve PETS.
Larry married Shirley Joan Simeon on April 9, 1959 and to the couple was blessed with three children. The family farmed north of Flagler then moved into town, where Larry served his community as town Marshall then on to work for Kit Carson County. The family moved to Limon in 1969 where he ran numerous gas stations, worked maintenance at the nursing home then worked over 20 years for Lincoln County Road & Bridge until he retired in 2000.
Larry taught himself to play the fiddle and enjoyed many years of playing and being a member of the Swinging Seniors. He loved motorcycles, fishing, tinkering in his shop, gardening and time spent with family.
Larry was blessed with a final week of love, family and music all around him. He was very happy and he leaves us with his legacy of “Love”.
He was preceded in death by his father; Ord Russel Miller, mother; Velma Cecile Taggart, sisters; Thelma (Bonnie) Hayes and Agnes Jane Miller, grandson; Eric Thelen and granddaughter; Erin Dawn Miller.
Larry is survived by his wife of 56 years; Shirley Joan Miller; and his children; Connie Jean (Joe) Rose, Michael John (Gail) Miller and Ord Hale (Terri) Miller. He is also survived by grandsons; Jason Rose, Casey Thelen, Dan Yoder and Glenn Rose, granddaughters; Sarah Rudman, Holly Miller, Amanda Miller, Alexandra Carrillo and Meagan Bell along with many great grandchildren and nieces and nephews.


Leslie is farming in 1910 Kit Carson County, 26, with Estella 16 and newborn Jessie.
(Estella 25 born in Nebraska, and Leslie 36 are living with her brother Josh H. Lee and his father Joseph in 1920 Otero County, Colorado. Jessie M. Miller is 10, Marion J. 6.

Leslie Linn Miller registered for WWI in Kit Carson County, born April 23, 1884.

In 1930 Otero County, Leslie and Estella have Leroy 18 and Marvin 16.

They're in Kit Carson County in 1940, living alone, no occupations.

Leslie L. 1884-1953 is buried in Rocky Ford, Colorado # 82692808.

Marion J. Miller is married in 1940 Otero County, with Helen, both 26. Norman is 5.

Roy Lewis Miller 1913-1963 is buried in Los Angeles County # 71418980.

Don was born in Smith County, Kansas Dec 22, 1881, and married Estella Ridgeway July 3, 1944. In 1909 they came to Kit Carson County, with a two-room sod house. Effie was born in the sod house, ralph and Lula Mae in Kansas.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Don, 28 and Stella 25 have Ralph L. 4, Lulu 3 and Effie 1.

Don is farming in north Yuma County in 1920, 36, with Stella M. 34, Ralph L. 14, Lulu 12, and Effie A. 10.
From the neighbors, they're in 5N 46W township.

In 1930 they're farming in southeast Washington County, Colorado, with Ralph 24, Effie 21, Kenneth 9, and Helen 4.

1954 Eckley items in the Yuma Pioneer "Mr. and Mrs. Joe Intermill and family had as dinner guests Sunday Mr.a nd Mrs. Ed Rates of Wray and Mr. and Mrs. Don Miller of Flagler, aunts and uncles of Mrs. Intermill."

Don C. Miller 1881-April 11, 1968 # 15730529 is buried in Flagler, with Estella 1885-November 30, 1967 # 15730543.

Yuma Pioneer April 25, 1968 "Mr. and Mrs. Dale Lasater and family were in Flagler last week to attend the funeral of the lady's grandfather, Don Miller. He died at the Park View Nursing Home in Limon at the age of 86 years."

So is Ralph 1905-1970 # 5099166, with Mildred L. (Moore) Miller 1911-1989. Their daughter Lulu married Merton (Jake) Moss, who had one stillborn boy. Lula died April 3, 1986.

Ethel is buried in Flagler 1920-2003

1973 Cope news "The friends and relatives of the Burl, Don, Les and Ord Miller families are invited to the annual picnic at the Flagler park Sunday, August 12."

September 1981 " Mr. and Mrs. Jake Moss of Flagler and Ethel Miller spent the weekend at La Junta visiting Mr. and Mrs. Russell Miller and their son and family, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Miller."

Effie A. (Miller) Cawthra 1909-1998 is buried in Otis, Colorado # 92266268, with Oliver 1909-1983 # 79137680.
June 9, 1983

Kenneth was born in Laird,Colorado October 31, 1920, and went to the Fremont school about ten mile southwest of Cope. Ethel was the daughter of Guy and Anna Smith, married Burl November 28, 1941. Burl was in the Army in 1944, and Ethel lived with her parents near Cope. They had Pay (Miller) Payne on October 12, 1945.
Pat married Leon Payne and they had three children, Nicki (Payne) Anderson, Valerie Payne, and Doug Payne and wife Kaye.

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