Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Emma (Saile) Christman, son Daniel , 6 South 50 West

Rudolph Sila/ Saile was born on April 8 1822, in Rottenburg, Schwarzwaldkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany. Susanna Steiger was born in 1825, in Zepfenhan, Wurttenberg, Germany.
In 1857 Houston County, Minnesota, EIngelbert Steiger is 37. With him are Rudolph Saile 35 and Sarah 32, all three born in Germany. Adel Brinton / Binder 6, Robret Saile 5, Emma Saile 4, and Franceska 2 were all born in New York.

Susan Seiley, 36, died in Brownsville of dropsy in March 1860.

In 1860 Brownsville, Houston County, Minnesota, "Rodolph Seiley" is a tailor born in Wurtemburg, 36, Adelaide 11, Robert (John Robert) 9, Emma 7, Frances 5, and Joseph 2.

Engelbert Steiger 39 is a farmer.

Rudolph Saile's land was part of his estate, and Engelbert Steiger was the guardian of the minor heirs.

In 1880 Jersey City, August Christman is a laborer, 44, with Emma 26. They have Dan, 7 born in New Jersey.
August and Emma were born in New York.

One tree said August died in 1896, and Emma's parents were Rudolph Sila 1822-1860 and Susanna 1824-1860

It said Emma's siblings were Adelaide 1849-1860, John Robert 1856-1934, Francisca Barbara 1856-1931, and Joseph 1858-1922.
In 1910 Kit Carson County, Emma is 55, widowed, born in New York, and son Daniel C. 29 born in Minnesota is with her, farming.

Emma claimed two quarters in sections 27 and 34, 6S 50W in 1913.

Dan proved up two quarters in sections 10 and 11, 7S 50W, also in 1913.

Daniel Charles Christman registered for WWI in Thurston County, Nebraska, born Sept 19, 1873, farming, nearest relative Emma Jane Christman of Thurston Couty.

In 1920 Clark County, Washington, Emma is 65, living with brother Joseph Sila 58 born in Minnesota and sister Francis Suffel 60 born in New York, also widowed.


She might be the Emma J. Christman in 1924 Denver, widow of Augustus, living at 817 Champa. So does Daniel C. Christman.

In 1930 Thurston County, Nebraska, Daniel is 53, farming, single, born in New York, with Emma 76 widowed.

Emma, 1853-1933 is buried in Walthill, Thurston County # 75055978.

Dan C. Christman 1872-1957 is buried in Thurston County # 75055985.

Her brother is the John Robert Sila 1857-1934 buried in LaCrosse, Wisconsin # 124198599.

Joseph Sila 1864-1922 # 101034495 is buried in Vancouver, Washington, on a stone with Frances Suffel 1860-1931. # 101034536. "Her husband and Frances had 3 children, John; Joseph, and Lizzie."

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