Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Roscoe H. Churchwell, William H. Churchwell, Oscar S. Churchwell, brothers , 6 South 50 West

William T. Churchwell, John Samuel Churchwell, brothers , Stratton and Cope

In 1880 Shelby County, Missouri, Wm. Churchwell is farming, 34, with Ellen 32. Luella is 12, Oscar 6, Edward 5, Catherine 3, and Roscoe 1.

Ellen Catherine (Tingle) Churchwell died in January 1909, and is buried in Shelby County # 82058998.
"Mrs. Nellie Churchwell, wife of W. H. Churchwell, died at her home three miles southwest of Shelbyville, Mo., last Friday, aged 61 years. She is survived by her husband and eight children. Awaiting the arrival of her sons, Ed from Montana and Will from Colorado, burial was postponed until today. Funeral services were held at 11 a. m. at the Baptist church in Shelbyville, conducted by Rev. G. W. Humphrey."

William Harvey Churchwell 1845-1929 is buried with Ellen # 82058894.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, William H. Churchwell is 32, married 13 years to Nora V. 34, both born in Missouri. Nora possibly had two children, not living.
Next household is Oscar 39, married 12 years to Bertha C. 29. She's had four kids, all living. Florence 11, Tom W. 11, Paul W., 7 and Oscar M. 3 all born in Missouri.
Next household is Roscoe H. 30, married 7 years to Nancy M. 33. Clarence is 2, Oscar H. 1, and nLeslie E. finewborn, all born in Missouri.

1913 Shelbina, Missouri "W. H. Churchwell left Tuesday for Flagler, Colorado, to spend a couple of months with his sons, Wm. and Roscoe Churchwell, who have ranches near that place."


In 1900 Dent County, Missouri, Julia F. Russell is 17, with Nora F. 56 and William M. 28.

R.H. Churchwell married Mamie Russell, divorced, in Meagher County Montana in 1907, daughter of Leo
Mamie was born about 1876 in Salem, Dent County, Missouri to Robert B. Russell and Leonora F. Gearhart.

Robert 1835-1887 is buried in Dent County # 76159820, with Lenora Frances Russell 1843-1926 # 76160129. "daughter to George W. Gearhart and Sarah Roberts."

Next to his brothers in 1910 Kit Carson County, Roscoe H. is 30, married 7 years to Nancy M. 33. Clarence is 2, Oscar H. 1, and Leslie E. 5, all born in Missouri. Mamie's mother L.F. Russell 66 is with them,

Leslie Earl Churchwell, mother Christian, born June 9, 1904 in Missouri, died May 14, 1949 in Kings County, California.

Roscoe claimed a tract in section 6, 6S 50W in 1913.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, next to William, Ross is 41, Julia 36, Clarence 12, Oscar 11, Ellen 7, Viola 2, and Aletta two months.

Roscoe married Julia Russell on July 24, 1915, recorded in Kit Carson County.

Roscoe and Julia F. Churchwell divorced in Adams County, Colorado in 1924.
They married in Adams County on August 25, 1926.

Julia E. Churchwell 1883-1933 is buried in Brighton, Colorado # 36424451.

Roscoe's estate was probated in Arapahoe County, Colorado in 1946.

Clarence H. Churchwell married Naomie Jarvis Meeker on March 1, 1933, recorded in Denver.

Lenore Ellen Churchwell married Lawrence Ira Williams on September 25, 1927, recorded in Weld County.
They divorced in Weld County April 9, 1930.

Oscar H. Churchwell and Olive Woodward married in Englewood on April 14, 1929.
In 1930 Oscar is in Grand Junction, Colorado, living on White Avenue, a dry cleaner, with Olyve L. born in Colorado, both 21.

They're in Yakima Washington in 1940, still dry cleaning, Oscar 31 and "Olyve" 30.

Oscar Howard Churchwell 1908-1954 is buried in Yakima # 124927891.
His death certificate says his mother was Mamie Gardner>

Olyve L. Churchwell 1909-1973 is buried in Fort Collins # 113859001.


Nora Christian married W. H. Churchwell on February 17, 1897 in Shelby County.

In 1910, William H. Churchwell of Flagler was a witness for the claim of Edward C. Karr of Fremonth Colorado for land in 34, 5S 50W.

William claimed a tract in section 5, 6S 50W in 1913.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, William is 42, Nora 45, with Earl 15 born in Missouri and Wilma 7 in Colorado.

In 1925 Wichita, Kansas William H. is 46, Nora V. 51, with Lesley E. 20, Wilma J. 14. They're living with sister-in-law Annie Hales, 53 born in Missouri. Her twin "Addie" was in Shelby County, Missouri in 1900, born Mary 1871 in Missouri, with paretns Charles W. Christian 66 and Nancy J. 60.

Annie 1871-1928 and Thomas Watson Hales 1848-1925 are buried in Macon County, Missouri.
In 1930 William 53 is a carpenter in Wichita, Kansas, with Nora 55. Earl is a truck driver, 25. Wilma is 19, married to Edgar Akins 20 born in MIssouri.

In 1940 Wichita, W. H. is 65 a rip-rapper for a WPA parks project, Nora 66, and Wilma Aikens 30 is widowed with Jackie 7 and Eddie 6.

ANOTHER WILLIAM CHURCHWELL - about ten miles north in Colorado - perhaps a cousin...

William Thornton Churchwell, born at Shelby Missouri Janaury 5, 1890, died in Jefferson County Colorado at age 52.
This is another William, son of Francis Marion Churchwell 1843-1929 and Sarah Durrett.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, William is 30, Iva 28, Francis 7, Harold 4, all born in Missouri. Richard is 2, Kenneth nine months, both born in Colorado.

William's probate (small estate) was in Denver County in 1954.

Leslie Earl Churchwell, born June 9, 1904 in Missouri, died May 14, 1949 in Kings County, California.
One tree said Earl married Harriett J. McCarter, born about 1904 in Oklahoma to A. J. and Daisy E. McCarter. They were in Wichita in 1930.

Ai McCarter 1873-1957 is buried in Gardena, California # 15820758,

Francis is in Colorado Springs in 1940, 27, with Etta 20 and Marietta 1.

Francis W. Churchwell 1912-1965 is buried in Fort Logan # 3340798.

Etta Maude Churchwell, born June 23, 1919 in Kansas, father Seibert, mother Whitney, died July 8, 1997 in San Bernardino, COunty, California.
She's buried in San Bernardino County # 128024176.

Marietta L. Churchwell, 16, married Don L. Cossette on December 27, 1954 in Los Angeles County. Marietta L. Churchwell, 41, married Michael J. Bryant on December 7, 1979 in Los Angeles.
"TURNER, Marietta Louise (CHURCHWELL) [COSSETTE]; 73; Colorado Springs CO>CA; Daily Press; 2012-5-2;"

Richard W. Churchwell, born 1917, has a stone in Simla Colorado # 25604937, with Viola M. 1919-1999 # 25604944 "married September 3, 1943."
He died February 24, 2011 - Spouse Viola Mae Griswold
Children: Everett (Norma) of Limon; Evelyn (Curtis) Book of Longmont; Ervin (Cheryl) of Simla; Eldon (Bob); Everett, Evelyn, Ervin, Bob (Eldon) and Ed"
Brothers and Sisters: Frances, Harold; Jean Williamson, Kenneth and Calvin Churchwell all of Denver; Louise Sherman and Mildred Nuttleman"

February 1969 "Mr. and Mrs. Gene Scott of Simla announce the engagement of their daughter, Cheryl Louise, to Ervin Churchwell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Churchwell, also of Simla."

Ervin Churchwell was the pastor of the Liberty Plains Baptist Church in Simla, established 2000.
January 27, 1975 "Mrs. Norma Churchwell's grandmother, Mrs. Katherine Wolf, died Saturday, Jan. 11 at Quinter, Kansas. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Churchwell and family left Monday evening for the funeral on Tuesday."

1976 Colorado Springs "Mr. and Mrs. Everette Churchwell and children spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Bob Churchwell at Sterling "

"Bob Churchwell, City of Burlington, Born in Simla Colorado 1953.
Graduated from Simla High School graduating in 1971. Attended Otero Junior College and Oklahoma Baptist University.
Employed by State of Colorado Department of Transportation for 30 years. Currently City of Burlington Administrator. Married to Jan for 37 years, am raising 11 children, (3 of them home, 7 out of the home.
Member of the Evangelical Free Church of Burlington & associate music director Past President of the Sterling Jaycee's and the Burlington Lion's Club "

In 1940 Harold W. Churchwell is in Jefferson County, Colorado - was in Washington County, Colorado in 1935. He's buried in Rapid City, South Dakota.
He was born Nov 19, 1915 at Shelbyville, Missouri to William T Churchwell and Iva L. Wallis.

Kenneth W. Churchill died October 12, 2012. Born January 5, 1919, north of Stratton, Colorado, Kenneth shared the same birthday as his dad. His dad said Kenneth was "one of his best birthday gifts."
His mother and father had four more boys (all deceased now) and three girls. The only sibling left is his baby sister, Jean Williamson.
Ken's dad, being a sharecropper and owner of sheep, is how Ken became a sheepherder. While herding sheep, a blinding dust storm came up suddenly and this was one of his scariest times. He was fourteen years old. The dust was so thick the sheep were hard to find. Ken marveled at how his dad ever found him in that storm. When the storm subsided, they went to a neighbor's farm, asking if the sheep could be corralled for the night. Agreeing to that request, Ken spent the night and took the sheep home the next day. That event changed his childhood because he ended up staying with this neighbor and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Parker. Mr. Parker later asked Ken's dad if he could stay with them herding sheep and helping around their farm. Parker told Ken's dad that he would treat Ken as his own son. They agreed to this arrangement. Living with Mom and Dad Parker (as he eventually called them) was like his second set of parents. Sheepherding had it's perils. He had many rattlesnake encounters and close calls. With a box full of rattles of the many snakes he killed, it was a constant reminder of those dangerous times. He attended a country school south of Stratton.
At seven years of age, his family moved east of Denver where he attended grade school and graduated from Lindon High in 1939. With money scarce, he had little funds for a graduation suit. He got a job as a spotter for dump trucks to empty gravel, which enabled him to buy a good blue suit. His girlfriend in high school led to his future wife, Vivian, who was her cousin. When his folks moved to Denver, he stayed behind in Eastern Colorado to herd sheep. After graduation, he continued sheepherding for a man he worked for who bought him his own sheep dog. While still herding the lambs, he was drafted into the Army in 1941.
Being in World War II over four years was a long, long time for a farm boy to be away from home. He was sent to several training bases for instruction as a truck/transport driver. He was shipped out to the Big Island of Hawaii from San Francisco. Rather than driving truck, he really wanted to serve in the Medic Corps. Trying to live a Christian life, Ken felt helping to save lives seemed a better alternative to taking life, He finally got to work as a medic in a field hospital (very similar to the T.V. series MASH). He gave meds, assisted with a few operations, and helped take care of severely wounded soldiers who might not make it into the hospital. He traveled by ship to several different islands including Okinawa. The Japanese bombed the medic tents, even with crosses displayed on them. Personnel bombs with shrapnel were dropped on the tents. Ken was hit in his back, but not being embedded too deep, he had it dressed and returned to work because they were so busy. They told him it would be written up the next day, but he never received that award. After fifty years, his granddaughter, Dee Ann Palmer (a state trooper in Idaho), got acquainted with some Army officers and inquired about the Purple Heart he never received. With their help she finally got it and surprised her grandpa with it. He was very grateful. As a result of him wanting to share Bible study and church services with other religious G. I.'s, he was given K.P. duty. A corporal spoke up and said it wasn't right. He finally got it changed; but asking for these little liberties, Ken was never promoted. His fellow soldiers complained of the unfairness and Ken did finally get that promotion. In 1945 he shipped out and took a train to Denver.
Three of Ken's brothers also served and survived the war. During his service time, he wrote to Vivian. She had mentioned a Lane cedar chest in one of her letters. Ken sent her money to buy one as an engagement present and to consider them engaged. They married on December 23, 1945, in Denver. Even though Vivian was employed as a nurse's aide, Ken went looking for work. Pretty discouraged, he saw some men digging holes burying underground telephone cable lines. Asking if they needed help, he was sent to the main office and hired. That was his first job out of the Army. They rented a one-room apartment located upstairs with a small area to fix meals. They wanted to buy a home and ended up purchasing their first home at 2326 King Street. Ken worked for the phone company for two years. After that, he worked for a tree man while taking courses in Fort Collins to learn the tree business. A three-hour test for his license started his career, and he worked for two brothers who encouraged him to start his own business. Ted Taylor was the brother who ended up sharing the business with Ken called Advance Tree Service. Vivian was the secretary and bookkeeper and that allowed her to be at home with their three girls; Corrine, Sharon, and Dona. Being the major climber and trimmer on the jobs, Ken realized how dangerous this occupation was. He eventually sold the business equipment and retired from that work in the early 80's.
Ken took a small reprieve until he got a job delivering pharmacy prescriptions. For twenty-five years Ken and Vivian enjoyed their home on King Street, and all three girls attended and graduated from Denver Public Schools. Kenneth and Vivian sold the King Street home and bought another at 3925 Pierce Street in Wheat Ridge around 1972.
After moving to Wheat Ridge and retiring from tree work, Ken loved working as a school crossing guard. However, the cold winter weather kept him too cold to continue. Ken took care of Vivian for about a year when her arthritis got so bad but finally she needed more care than he could give. She was put in a nursing home in Wheat Ridge.
After Vivian's death in 2002, Ken also spent nine months in the same nursing home because of failing health. Later, he was able to get better and was able to return to his home. He then became a recipient of the Total Longterm Care program.
Ken is survived by his three daughters, two son-in-laws, eight grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. His grandchildren are Curtis, Brian, Dan, and Brenda (Hager) Hendershott and Dee Ann, Wade, Travis, and Sandi Palmer. The great-grandchildren are Cody, Tanner, & Kaden Hendershott, Dillon, & Bradley Hager as well as Brooke, Jade, Cael, Stella, Cleo, & Pearl Palmer. His son-in-laws are Leonard Hendershott and Jerry Palmer.
Kenneth was a loving and wonderful Husband, Dad, Grandfather, and Friend. His Christian life influenced so many and his great smile with those twinkling blue eyes, quick wit and perfect HUGS will be greatly missed by all.


Oscar claimed a tract in sections 5 and 6, 6S 50W in 1913.

Oscar H. Churchwell married Olive Woodward on April 14, 1929, recorded in Denver.

Oscar Solomon Churchwell, per one tree, died July 28, 1952 in Shelby County.
He's buried in Shelby County 1870-1952, with Bertha Claire (Todd) Churchwell 1881-1941.


In 1900, John is in Shelby County, Missouri, born May 1887, with parents Francis Marion Churchwell 56 and Sarah 50. Rebecca E. is 18, Francis M. 15, John 13, William T. 10, and Benjamin D. 7.

In 1910, John is a laborer in Pratt County, Kansas, single, living alone, 22.

John claimed two quarters in 15, 7S 46W in 1918.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, John is farming, 31, with Myrtle 30 born in Kansas. Viola is 7, Anna 4, and John 3.

In 1930 Kit Carson County, John is 42, Myrtle V. 41, Anna M. 14, John S. 13, and Helen M. 9.

John Francis Churchwell 1917-1999 is buried in Stratton # 41627357, which szys he ws the son of John Samuel Churchwell 1887-1959 and Myrtle (Williamson) Churchwell 1888-1958.
John Samuel Churchwell # 41627222 and Myrtle are buried in Stratton, too.

Anna May Heater was born April 1, 1915 at Stratton to John S. CHurchwell and Myrtle V. Wiliamson, dying January 1980.
She and John Leroy Heater are buried in Fort Logan.

Rockwell, Al and Churchwell, Helen, both of Stratton, Kit Carson County, married on February4, 1940 at Stratton.
Husb: over 21 Wife: over 18
witnesses J S Rockwell and Thelma Rockwell

Helen 1920-2001 died in Oceanside, California, and is buried in Stratton # 41627936, with Al 1918-2007.

Viola was working as a waitress in a hotel in Stratton in 1930.

Viola Churchwell married Carl E. "Falk" on January 31, 1934 in Yuma County.
Carl and "Viola L." Falk divorced in Kit Carson County in 1936.

Charles E. Rhea and Viola Churchwell Folk married in Kanorado Kansas on October 6, 1935, although the marriage was recorded in Park County, Colorado.

Charles and Thelma are in Shreveport, Loiisiana in 1936, where he's a fireman for the Kansas City & Southern Railway.

Viola and Charles Edward Rhea are in Grangeville, Idaho in October 1940.

Viola Thelma (Churchwell) Rhea 1912-1958 is buried in Beauregard Parish Louisiana # 6456501m with Charles Edward Rhea 1911-1993.

John F. Churchwell, 30, of Stratton married Wanda Jean Bishop, 19 of Stratton on June 1, 1947.
John is buried in Stratton # 41627357, with Wanda 1927-2003.

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