Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

George C. Davis, 6 South 50 West

George claimed a quarter in 26, 6S 50W in 1909.

He might be related to Nathan, who claimed a quarter in 35, 6S 50W in 1913.

Nathan 1852-1925 is buried in Douglas County, South Dakota # 99411765, with Margaret A. (Bowers) Davis 1851-1925 # 99411836.

1897 Fort Morgan Snyder items "Quite a number of the young people of this place, met at the home of L. M. Davis and danced until the small hours of the morning. Music was furnished by the Kelly brothers. All seemed to enjoy themselves."

March 1898 Fort Morgan "Miss Putnam welcomes two new pupils, Emma and Olive Davis."

George C. Davis is in 1900 Morgan County, Colorado, born August 1877 in Wisconsin, farming with his parents Lowell Davis 55 New York and Nellie D. 48 Wisconsin. Ida 20, Olive 18, Frank 16, Elbert T. 11 and Robert G. 8 were born in Wyoming.

May 1900 Fort Morgan "Ida Davis came home from Cripple Creek Saturday."

February 15, 1901 Fort Morgan

1902 " Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Davis and Mrs. Mary Stevens, the latter's sister from Wisconsin, visited at the Shelton home Sunday."

1903 Fort Morgan " Miss Ida Davis of Snyder, is staying with her sister Mrs. Kelley at present."

George C. Davis married Clarissa A. Brewer on June 7, 1905, recorded in Morgan County, Colorado.

In 1910 Morgan County, Colorado, George C. Davis is 32, born in Wisconsin, with Clarissa 32 Illinois, married five years. Lowell is 1, born in Colorado.
1917 Fort Morgan "Mrs. George Davis left Sunday for Denver, where she will visit for a few days. She expects to muke Texas her future home"

1917 Fort Morgan " L. M. Davis, of Los Angeles, and a former resident of Morgan county, spent the Fourth in Brush. "

Lowell M. Davis 1844-1923 is buried in Fort Morgan, per # 72977746, with Nellie O. Davis 1852-1914 # 72977760.

Olive and John Kelly are in Casper Wyoming in 1910 and 1920, in Devner in 1930, and in 1940 Olive is in Fort Collins, 58, widowed, with Eugene 21.

Olive G. Kelly 1882-1943 is buried in Fort Morgan, per # 87984265.
She was born Feb 19, 1882 in Tie Siding, Wyoming to Lowell M. Davis and Nellie Clark.

George C. Davis is in Denver in 1930, 52, born in Wisconsin, married but no spouse, in aa rooming house.

August 28, 1931 "A marriage license was issued in Glenwood Springs on August 15 to George C. Davis of Mt. Harris and Maybelle Myers of Oak Creek."
This George C. Davis lived in Moffat County, and his funeral was in Ogden Utah in July 1975.

In 1920 Casper, Wyoming, Clara E. Mechaley is 28, married to Jacob T. McChaley 31. Walter T is newborn.

Jacob Thomas Mechaley was single in South Dakota when registering for WWI.

In 1930 Casper, Clara is 36, J. T. Mechaley 41, with Walter 11, Kenneth Vesey 7, James Vesey 5, and Lowell C. Davis 21.

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