Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Gustave and Mary (Reinholt) Gering, 6 South 50 West

In 1885 Warren County, Iowa, Gustavis Gering is 28, living wtih John Martins 24 and Barbary 24. Carl Martens is 1.

In 1895 Warren County, Iowa, Gustave Gehring is 36, Mary 31, both born in Germany. Eddie 8, Maggie 6, Kate 5, and William three months were all born in Warren County.

In 1900 Warren County, Iowa, Gus Gering is farming, born Dec 1858 in Germany, married 13 years to Mary Feb 1863 Germany, both immigrating in 1882. She's had six kids, all living.
Edward January 1887, Maggie April 1888, Catherine March 1889, William May 1892, Rosa January 1896, and Flora April 1898 were all born in Iowa.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Edward is 22, the household head, born in Iowa, with parents August 40 ? and Mary 38?, both born in Germany - married 25 years. Mary has had seven children all living. Rosa 12 was born in Iowa.

G. Gustave Gering 1856-1926 ? is buried in Flagler # 24415942, with Mary 1863-1959 # 24415897.


In 1910 Los Angeles, Margaret Gering is a laundress living in the county hospital, 22, born in Iowa,

In 1920 Los Angeles, Margaret in 31, with roomer Mallye Sercrest 35 from Virginia and William Bradford 40 and his five kids.

In 1930 Los Angeles, Margaret is a housekeeper for Glenn Bradford 27, Laverne 24, and Faith 16.

In 1940 Los Angeles, Margaret is 51, a hospital nurse, living with Thelma Dudrow 40 of Nebraska.


In 1905 Warren County, Iowa, Jefferson township, post office Lathrop, Flora Giering is 6, born in Iowa.

In 1940 Denver, Florence Gearing is divorced, 40, born in Iowa, no occupation, living alone.


In 1920 Flagler, Rose L. "Garing" is a hired girl, 20 born in Iowa, working for hardware merchant John 32 and Zetah C. 29 Staub
Edward claimed two quarters in sections 21 and 28, 6S 50W in 1913.

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Edward is 33, widowed mother Mary 51, with Frona 16 born in Iowa.

Edward W. Gering married Edith B. Huntzinger, 26, on September 8, 1920 in BUrlington.

In 1930 Kit Carson County, Edward is 43, Edith B. 36, Paul E. 8, Marie J. 7, C. Earnest 4, and Lewis R. 3. Mary 67 widowed is still with them.

In 1940 Kit Carson County, Edward is 53, married to Edith R. 46 born in Colorado, with Paul E. 18, Marie J. 17, Earnest E. 14, and Laura R. 13.

Edward 1887-1978 # 24415840 is buried in Flagler, with Edith Berah (Huntzinger) Gering 1893-1974

Comprising 320 acres in Kit Carson County near Flagler, the original Gering Farm was homesteaded by Edward Gering and patented on July 22, 1913.  Edward and wife Edith raised four children on the farm and expanded their acreage through the years.  Other than a few years in the service, sons Paul and Lewis farmed the land with their dad until the passing of Ed and Edith after which they began to work the land themselves.  They were partners and best friends, raising cattle, corn, wheat, and barley.  When Lewis passed away in 2009, Paul was forced to sell the remaining cows, but he continued to farm the land, raising wheat with the help of a hired hand.  In 2011 at 90 years old, Paul was still driving the tractor and working his summer fallow, but after a stroke later that year, he moved to Flagler.  Today Paul employs workers to operate the farm, which still produces crops.

Paul E. Gering - June 26, 1921 (probably birth date) is buried in Flagler # 120789779.

Marie J. Gering 1922-2008 is buried in Flagler, # 120789812.

Marie Gering passed away on March 22, 2008 at the Ebenezer Care Center in Brush, Colorado at the age of 85.
Marie June Gering was born September 3, 1922 on her parent's farm 18 miles northeast of Flagler, Colorado.
Marie attended the Shiloh country school and finished the tenth grade there. She worked at the Flagler Hospital for three years and completed high school in Flagler graduating in 1946 after and absence from school for several years.
She was baptized at the Shiloh Baptist Church. In 1962 her membership was transferred to the Park Hill United Methodist Church were she was still an active member.
In 1949 she graduated from St. Lukes Hospital School of nursing as a registered nurse. Marie received her B.S. degree in nursing in 1976 from Metropolitan College in Denver.
Her nursing career included general duty nursing at St. Luke's Hospital in Denver, St. Luke's General Hospital in Kearney, Nebraska, Columbia University Hospital in New York City, New York and Operating Room duty at Jersey City, New Jersey. Upon returning to Denver she worked in the Operating Room at St. Luke's Hospital and part time duty at the Booth Salvation Army Hospital.
She retired in 1983 after 24 years as the head nurse in the Surgical Operating Room at the Denver Veteran's Hospital.
During her retirement she was involved in many volunteer duties including the Denver Museum of Natural History, Volunteers of America, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, Artreach, Denver Rescue Mission, which included a Health Mission trip to Haiti and also an assistant instructor in a water therapy class for seniors with arthritis at the Rose Hospital.
Marie enjoyed traveling and she has made many overseas trips and has been in every state in the United States. Several trips were taken with the Elderhostel groups, Victor Emanuel Birders groups of Texas and the Denver Jackson Camera Club.
She enjoyed the mountains and the plains of eastern Colorado also.

Carl Earnest Gering 1925-1989 is buried in Flagler # 24416608.

Lewis Raymond Gering 1927-2009 is buried in Flagler # 119845670.
"Lewis Raymond Gering was born on March 11, 1927 on his parents farm 18 miles northeast of Flagler, Colorado. He is the fourth child of Edward and Edith Huntzinger Gering.
Lewis attended Shiloh Central School until that school was closed. Lewis was baptized at the First Baptist Church in Flagler along with his brother Earnest in 1937.
His life has always been the care of the land along with his parents and brothers. In September, 1945, Lewis was drafted into the Army.
After basic training, he was sent to South Korea. After his Army service, he returned to the farm to work with his parents and brothers. Lewis never tired of farming. This has been his vocation since he drove a tractor at ten years of age while cultivating the soil.
Lewis and his brother, Paul, were self taught mechanics and have their own shop to keep up with the farm, repairing jobs that need to be done. They spend many long hours in their shop. They worked as a team. Raising cattle seems to be considered his part time job, but he is proud of their healthy herd.
Preceding Lewis in death was his parents, Edward and Edith, his brother Earnest and his sister Marie.
He leaves to mourn his passing, his brother Paul and several cousins, relatives and friends.
Graveside services will be held on Thurs, July 16, 2009 at 2PM at the Flagler Cemetery in Flagler, Colorado. "


William Arthur Gearing, born May 22, 1892 at "Lophrup" Iowa, farming, registered for WWI in Kit Carson County, supporting his mother.

William A. "Gearing", 25, married Ruby Leona Hougland, 18 on March 18, 1918 in Hugo, Colorado.

In 1930 Kit Carson County, William "M." is 37, Ruby 29, with Lucile E. 10.

In 1940 Kit Carson County, William is 46, Ruby 38, wtih Lucile E. 18.

He's buried in Flagler 1892-1945 # 13984500, with Ruby 1900-1962.
Elsie Lucille Gearing was born to Ruby Leona Hougland Gearing and William A. Gearing on April 30, 1920. Her only sibling, an infant brother Earnest Edward died at the age of 6 weeks. Her father passed away on January 3, 1945. Her mother remarried E. T. Loutzenhiser in 1947.  Ruby passed away September 8, 1962.  Lucille graduated from Flagler High School in 1939, she was well known for her basketball skills. Lucille worked for Boeing Aircraft in Washington as a "Rosie the Riveter" during World War 2, and for many years at an apple packing job in East Wenatchee, Washington.


Frona "Gearing" married Roland Duncan on February 7, 1920, recorded in Kit Carson County.

In 1930 Kit Carson County, Roland is farming, 32, born in Missouri, with Frona T. 26.

In 1940 he's a laborer for the WPA in Flagler, 42, with Frona T. 36.

Roland 1898-1962 is buried in Flagler # 24416012, with Frona Theresa Duncan 1903-1974 # 24415985.

Paul Eugene Duncan was born March 26th, 1943, to Roland and Frona Duncan in Flagler ,Colorado. After graduation from Flagler High School, he moved to Washington, D.C., where he worked for the federal government. He was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army in 1967, after which he relocated to Denver, Colorado, working in the accounting field. Paul had a passion for animals and there was always a dog in his loving care. Paul passed away February 14, 2009. He will be laid to rest at Ft. Logan National Cemetery. His friends will miss him dearly."


Virgil V. McMurray, 22, born at Booneville, Iowa to T. J. McMurray and Lieu P. Doty, married Kathryn "Gerring" 20, born at Indianola Iowa to G. Gerring and Mary Reinholt, on March 11, 1913 in Polk County.

Kathryn is in 1920 Polk County, Iowa, 25, married to Verne McMurray 26. Betty 6, Doris 4, and Virgil 1. All were bon in Iowa,

Vern 1891-1978 is buried in Buchanan County, Iowa, with Kathryn M. 1890-1970 # 115961827.

Doris Annabell McMurray was born Nov 9, 1915 in Polk County, Iowa to Vern V. McMurray and Kathryn "Gerring"

Virgil Vern McMurray, born Dec 2, 1918 to Vern McMurray and Katheryn Gering, spouse Mary Knutsen, died June 30, 1976 in Iowa County, Iowa.

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