Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Edward Holly, 6 South 50 West

In 1900 Smith County, Kansas, Edward Holly is farming, born March 1872 in Missouri, married five years to Edna July 1876 Iowa. John May 1895 and Kenneth Sept 1896 were both born in Kansas.

In 1905 Smith County, John 9, K.J. 8, and G.F. 3 Holly are with grandparents John and M.J. Jochum.

Edna Pearl (Jochum) Holly 1876-1902 is buried in Smith County # 109845443.

In 1910 Smith County, "Ewd." is widowed, 39, and his widowed aunt Laura Cahill 35 born in Nebraska, is with him.
Ed and Laurie are still living together in 1915 Smith County.
John Loyal Holly 14, is with grandparents John Jochum 59 and Mary 57 in Smith County in 1910. Gretta Fay Holly is 8, born in Kansas.
Edward claimed a tract section in 18, 6S 50W in 1919.
In 1920 Kit Carson County, Edward is farming, widowed, 49, with John L. 24 and Kenneth J. 23 - neither with occupations.

Edward is living alone in 1930 Kit Carson County, 59, farming.

Laura Cahill is divorced in 1930 Denver, a nurse.

Edward, per # 109845523, died in Alliance Nebraska January 25, 1941, and is buried with Edna in Smith County.


Kenneth registered for WWI in Cherry County, Nebraska, born Seppt 1, 1896 at Lebanon, Kansas.

In 1930 Esther Bright is single, living in Thayer County, Nebraska with parents Charles S. Bright 69 and Mary 55. Esther is 35, a teacher, Evelyn 33, Ruth 29, and Josephine 17.

Mary L. (Headrick) Bright had a brother W. J. who was a jeweler at Sterling Colorado.

In 1940 Kenneth is in Blaine County, Nebraska, a salesman for Standard Oil, 43, married to Esther 45 born in Nebraska.

Kenneth Jochum Holly registered for WWII in Dunning, Nebraska, born at Lebanon Kansas September 1, 1896.

Kenneth J. Holly, spouse Esther, died April 1, 1960 in Washington County, Oregon.

Esther Holly died April 22, 1943 in Washington County, Oregon.

She's buried in Thayer County 1894-1943, per # 115852481.

#115852557 has Kenneth B. born 1896 in the same cemetery, death unknown.


Greta F. Holly, 18, married Frank C.L. Walter, 25, in Colorado Springs on June 28, 1919.

Frank is a laborer in 1920 Cherry County, Nebraska 26, born in Nebraska, with Greta 18.

In 1930 Greta and Frank are in Blaine County, Nebraska. Frank is a laborer, and they have Jean E. 9 and Evelyn 3, both born in Nebraska.

In 1940 Boone County, Nebraska, Frank is farming, 47, Greta 38, Jean 19, Eveleyn 13, and Patricia A. 3.

Greta was appointed the Purdum, Blaine County postmaster on April 27, 1945.

Jean Esther Walter was born April 9, 1920 in Blaine Cpunty, dyinga s Blake in December 1977.
Evelyn Frances Walter was born Sept 13, 1926 in Blaine County, ding as Berger ion March 15, 1998.
She's buried in Scottsbluff # 145010787, with Gerald 1927-2007.


John Loyal Holly, 27, married Chessie Pearl Bennett, 21, on October 18, 1922 in Kit Carson County.
She was born June 29, 1901 in Benton, Missouri to Legro C. Bennett.
In 1910 she was in Washington County, Colorado, age 8, with Legro C. 29 and Armindie 36 Bennett. Earl Bennett is 4, Boyd 1.

John and Chessie are in Yakima, Washington in 1930, John 35 an electic lineman, Chessie P. 28 born in Missouri, and Arlene F. 6 born in Colorado.

John Loyal Holly, 63, son of Edward Holly and Eda P. Jochum, died August 3, 1958 in Seattle Washington>
Chessie, age 91, died in Seattle September 13, 1992.

Legro Caldwell Bennett, age 77, died in Yakima March 17, 1946.

Lee Bennett, born at Akron, Colorado August 2, 1918 to Legro C. Bennett and Araminda England, died June 12, 1994.
He's buried in Snohomish County, Washington # 128266077, with Dorothy M. Bennett 1923-1989.
William Bennett was born December 23, 1920 at Flagler, dying May 1981.
He's buried in Chelan County, Washington, # 30625072.
Hazel Bennett married Fred J. Gamble on February 6, 1935 in Yakima.
She applied for his naturalization in 1937. In 1940 Frederick, 28, born in England, is a gas station operator in Yakima. Hazel M. is 29 born in Colorado.

Frederick, born Sept 13, 1911, died in September, 1944 in Portland, Oregon.

Ophie Ann Bennett was born June 2, 1923 at Flagler, Colorado, dying in December 1983 in King County, Washington as Ophis Ann Pambianco.

# 27151162 has a nice biography - Lena Bennett Jones was born in Akron, Colorado, November 23, 1910 but raised in Yakima, Washington. In 1940 she moved to Seattle & was a riveter for Boeing during World War II. After the war she moved to Sherwood, Oregon where she and her husband Utley owned the Rainbow Market for more than 30 years before they retired in the mid-1980's. Lena married for the first time in 1929 to Jim Turner. He passed away in about 1939. Lena married Utley Jones in about 1945 & he passed away in 1997. She is survived by her sister - Hazel Gamble. Her son - Jack Turner passed away in about 1997."

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