Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

William Howland, 6 South 50 West

William Howland cash-claimed a quarter in 15, 6S 50W in 1891.

The William S. Howland in 1900 Denver, 50 born in Indiana, is a milliner, with Carrie R. (Davenport) Howland 47, also born in Indiana.
But Carrie's father was a banker, so they might have invested in land with his backing.

The William Howland 35 in Denver in 1900 is more likely - a real estate dealer, born Oct 1864 in Massachusetts, married 8 years to Josephine Aug 1867 Colorado, with Francis J. Sept 1892 Colorado. They're living with Josephine's mother Frances Weston/ Watson born Aug 1834 in England. Josephine's sisters Eugenia L. 25 born in Utah and Emma 19 Colorado are with them. So is Josephine's aunt Eliza H. Searle 79 born in England.

August 1902 Breckenridge, Colorado "Mrs. Howland, of Denver, is the guest of her cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Watson."
September 1902
Beaumont is Francis Beaumont Howland, born in Denver on Septmber 28, 1892,.

FRANCES MARIA HAMILL was born in Liverpool, Lancashire, England 25 August, 1834. "Fannie" married a Philadelphia sea captain, WALKER M. TOMLINSON, (THOMLINSON?) in Camden, Camden County, New Jersey, 26 June, 1855 and bore at least three, and possibly four, children before she apparently was widowed:

4. (Unidentified) TOMLINSON

Fannie later (ca. 186518) married JOSEPH WARRINGTON WATSON, mining entrepreneur, born in New Lisbon, Ohio, 11 October 1830. He was a son of Jacob R. Watson and Beulah Warrington. "Joe" and Fannie had seven children:

Joe was mayor of Central City, Colorado 1865 - 1866, at which time his brother-in-law, William Arthur Hamill, came out from Philadelphia and worked in Joe's tobacconist shop in Central City. Fannie and Joe lived in Georgetown, Colorado during the 1860's before moving to Salt Lake City in 1871. They moved to Denver in the late 1870's. It was there they spent their remaining years. Fannie died in Denver 19 February, 1910. Joseph died there 18 April, 1912. They were buried together at Riverside Cemetery, lot 28, block 1, in Denver.

A road, which would come to be known as the Watson Wagon Road (present route of I-70 from Georgetown to the Eisenhower Tunnell), was constructed by Joseph W. Watson (owner of Watson's Furnace), at a cost of $15,000 (see Hollister).  The Watson Wagon Road was illustrated later in September 1867  by a massive manuscript panoramic view of the Watson Wagon Road by Morse & Hill, Civil & Mining Engineers, Central City, Colorado, now in the collection of the Denver Public Library and prominently displayed on the wall of the 5th Floor Western History Reading Room. 

ELIZA HAMILL was born in Liverpool, Lancashire, England in 1823. She married THOMAS R. SEARLE, born in England in 1821. They came to America and lived in Philadelphia at the time of the 1860 census. There was no evidence of children. Thomas' sister, JANE E. SEARLE lived with them. She was born in England about 1819. Thomas Searle was a business associate of both William Arthur Hamill and Joseph Warrington Watson.
[William A. Hammill had a number of mining claims in Clear Creek County from 1875 to 1895.]
When the Searles moved to Colorado is unknown. They lived in Denver at the 1880 census, where Thomas was listed as a crippled or maimed farmer. They both lived in Denver at the times of their deaths. Eliza died, date unknown, in Denver and was buried in the Hamill family plot, lot 177, block 13 at Riverside Cemetery in Denver. Thomas R. Searle was buried in the Watson family plot, lot 28, block 1, at Riverside Cemetery on 10 April, 1886. His sister, Jane E. Searle was also buried with the Watson family, 20 September, 1892. She was seventy-three.

Josephine's father Joseph Watson is a mining engineer in 1900 Teller County, Colorado.

Joseph was born in Ohio October 11, 1828? and caem to Denver in June 1859.

Joseph built the "Hammill House" at 305 Argentin St. in Georgetonwn, Colordo in 1867, and sold it to Wbrother-in-law William A. Hamill in 1874.

April 21, 1912

Still in Denver in 1910, William is a real estate dealer, 49, Josephine 42, Frances B. 17. Joseph W. Watson 79 widowed born in Ohio, Lillie Watson 36, and Emily Watson 29 are still with them.

1916 "W. R. Howland, chief deputy in the Denver treasurer's office, reports that $741,018 in taxes have been received by the office during the first sixteen days of collection."

William is the city treasurer in 1920 Denver, 59, with Josephine 50, Francis B. 26 and Frances V. 24, William B. 2 and Harold B. newborn. Lillie 45 and Beulah 40 Watson are still with them.

William is the school treasurer in 1930 Denver, alone with Josephine.

William 1860-1940 is buried in Denver, # 95902270, with Josephine W., 1865-1941 # 95824285.
On the same stone is Harold B. Howland 1919-1924 # 95824284.

Francis Beaumont Howland married Frances Virginia Bessie on August 12, 1916 in Denver.
Frances was in Pittsburg, Kansas in 1895, six months old, with Alex 25 France and Myrtle L. 20 Illinois. Harold is 2. They're with John Besse, 66.
(Alex Besse was a music store proprietor in Pittsburg in 1900, born in France, married three years to Ethel 24.)

There's another Alex Bessie in Pittsburg in 1900, 70, with Harriett 68, both born in France. Grandchildren Harold Bessie 6 and Frances Bessie 4 are with them.

In 1905 Pittsburg, A. Bessie is 36, Myrth 32, Harold 11, and Frances 10. Agnes Osborn 17, a clerk born in Kansas, is also with the family.

Alexander Besse 1868-1944 is buried in Pittsburg # 87123003.

In 1910 Kansas City, Missouri, Margaret is 34, married one year to Isaac Frankel 37. Her children Harold 16 and Frances V. 13 are with them.
In 1940 Denver, Frances B. is 47, Virginia 45, with William D. 22.

Francis B. Howland registered for WWII, living at 668 Cook Stereet in Denver, with Virginia B. Howland. He's working at Colorado Iron Works on 17th Street.

Eliza H. (Hamill) Searle 1823-1907 is buried in Denver # 173217057, with Thomas Rowe Searle.
Francis Maria 'Fannie' (Hamil) is buried in Denver # 166599484, with Joseph W. Watson 1830-1912 # 166599316.

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