Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Elmer and Alzadie (McJimsey) King , 6 South 50 West

Elmer E. King claimed a quarter in section 18, 6S 50W in 1913.

He might be a cousin of William H. King, who had claimed a quarter in 1912.

Elmer E. King is a carpenter in 1900 Decatur County, Iowa, born April 1868 in Indiana, single, in a boarding house.

Elmer E. King, 23, son of M.D. King and Sally Record, married Algada McJimsey Kand, daughter o Jasper N. McJimsey and Rachel Lee, on March 12, 1902 in Osceola, Clarke County, Iowa.
Elmer E. King, 35, born in Morgan County Indiana to W.D. King and Sally Record, married Martha May Homa, 23, daughter of John Homac and Margaret Munshan, in June 1902 in Clarke County, Iowa. THIS MIGHT BE A DIFFERENT ELMER.
1904 Elbert County, Colorado "Elmer King of Norton was transacting business in Elizabeth Tuesday."

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Elmer E. is 42, born in Indiana, with Alzadie 40 Iowa. Alzadie's daughter Georgia M. Kane 18 was born in Iowa, and they have Ruth 4, born in Iowa.
Genevia Mae Kane was born October 5, 1891 in Decatur County Iowa to Charles Edward Kane and Mary Alzadie McJimsey.
In 1900 Decatur County, M. A. is a dressmaker, born July 1869, with G. M. 8. They're with parents J. N McJimsey and Rachel McJimsey, both 54.
Genevria M. Hoover is in Kit Carson County in 1920, married to Frank W. 42. They have Delores R. 1.

Genevria 1891-1972 is buried in Sterling Colorado 3 55663644, with Frank Webster Hoover 1877-1955.

Charles Edward "Ed" Kane was born in Hopeville, Iowa September 23, 1866. He and his wife, Alzeda McJimsey were married September 23, 1890. They had one daughter Genevira Mae who was married to a Mr. Hoover. Genevria lived in Sterling, Colorado at the time of her father's death.
Ed's brother, Hiram died in 1914. Sometime after that date, Ed and Alzeda were divorced. Ed lived with his sister-in-law, Mary, the widow of Hiram, for a while until he started drinking heavily. He then went to live with his nephew Judson Kane, who was the son of Hiram. During that time Cleo Garrison remembers that "Uncle Ed" bought Easter bonnets for her sister Wanda and herself. He stayed with Judson and his family for about two years. He also stayed with his sister Barbara Dunfee off and on for a time.
Ed became very sick and a doctor from Murray gave him a blood transfusion. The blood was taken from a man who was drunk and it killed Ed. At the time of his death he lived with Jim Beerce in Osceola.
On February 27, 1939 Ed died and his body was taken to the Miller Funeral Home in Osceola. He was buried in the Hopeville Cemetery on March 3, 1939.
Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa, Thursday, December 12, 1901:
Alzadie Kane vs C.E. Kane, plaintiff sues for divorce on the grounds of desertion. They were married at Van Wert, September 23, 1890, and the plaintiff alleges her husband deserted her in 1895 and has ever since absented himself. She also asks the care and custody of their ten year old daughter Geneva Mae Kane. Marion F. Stookey, attorney for the plaintiff  

In 1920 Kit Carson County, Elmer E. King is a farmer and carpenter, 51, born in Indiana, with Mary A. 50 born in Iowa. Ruth L. is 14, born in Iowa.

In 1930 Elmer and Mary are still farming in Kit Carson County, with Ruth L. 24.

Elmer E. King 1868-1938 is buried in Flagler # 23704501.

Mary is widowed in 1940 Kit Carson County, and Ruth still doesn't have an occupation. They've living in Flagler
Ruth Louise King 1905-1951 is buried in Sterling, and so is Mary 1869-1957 # 57462299.

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