Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

William M. Martin , 6 South 50 West

William cash-claimed a quarter in 17, 6S 50W in 1910.

William A. Martin 1841-1909 buried in Flagler # 27370761, with Eliza J. 1836-1916.

William was the Flagler postmaster in 1903.


In 1900 Newton County, Arkansas, "Albert" is farming, born June 1854 in Arkansas - both parents born in Arkansas. Debby is 39, born in Kentucky, married 23 years. Thomas January 1881, John May 1882, Robert May 1884, George April 1886, Agatha Sept 1888, Daniel August 1892, Elizabeth April 1895, and Mable I. April 1900 were all born in Arkansas..

He was farming in Kit Carson County, in 1910, 53, with children Thomas W. 29, Elizabeth 15 and Mary Susan 9, all born in Arkansas.

William 73 and Debbie 69 are living with son Wm.T. Martin in 1930 Delaware County, Oklahoma. John H. 47 is with them too, divorced.

Debby 1861-1946 and William Albert 1857-1931 # 41706075 are both buried in Mayes County, Oklahoma.


There's a William T. Martin who proved up a quarter in 24, 7S 50W in 1913.

William Martin was a year old in 1880 Hillsdale County, Michigan, with John and Mary M. Martin both 30. Cora D. is 8, Srah E. 3.

(Ethel Sarah Martin 1876-1939 is buried in Hillsdale County # 35982445.)
Cora Dell (Martin) Rutledge 1872-1957 is also buried there, and parents John 1838-1902 and Mary Margaret (Reynolds) Martin 1849-1942.

William Martin, son of John Martin and Mary Reynolds, married Mabel Hayne, daughter of William and Rose Hayne, on July 3, 1907 in Ottawa.

William Hayne was a harness dealer in 1900 Ottawa, 61, with Rose 52, Edward a plumber 25, Mabel C. July 1880, Lillie E. 16, and Florence G. 1.
William, born June 1, 1840 in LaSalle County, died February 17, 1923 in Ottawa, to be buried in St. COlumbo, spouse Rosa Rock.
Rosie Rock Hayne, born April 7, 1843 in Malone, New York, died November 7, 1929 in Ottawa, to be buried thre.

William attended the Lincoln-Douglas debate in Ottawa on August 21, 1858.

Edward died in 1945 in Ottawa, a state representative.

He might be the William I. Martin in 1910 Kit Carson County, Seibert precinct, farming, 30 born in Michigan, married two years to Mable C. 29 Illinois. They have Johnnie W. 2 born in Illinois.

In 1920 they're back in LaSalle County, Illinois. William is a laborer in a harness shop,
Mabel is 38, John 11, and Clarence 6 born in Illinois.

In 1930 he's a plumber in La Salle County, with Mabel 49, Clarence 16, and John 21.

William, born April 9, 1879 in Waldron, Michigan, died March 4, 1935 in La Salle County, a plumber, son of John and Mary Martin. His spouse was Mabel Hayne Martin, and he was to be buried in St. Columbia cemetery, Ottawa.

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