Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Reuben K. and Lucinda (Tester) McKissack, Willis C. McKissack , 6 South 50 West

John's FindaGrave # 34180341 has him in Chalmette National Cemetery 1833-1965.


In 1900 Clay County, Missouri, Lucinda V. Tester born Feb 1891 in Missouri, is with Benjamin 45 born in England and Judith 40 born in Missouri.
William is 18, James 16, Dollie M. 13, Kate 11, Jessie 6, Benjamin 4, and Rudy 1.
Benjamin 1855-1940 is buried in Clay County, # 17461693, with Judith V. Tester 1860-1926 # 17461695.

In 1900 Canyon County, Idaho, "K. McKissack born January 1856 in Missouri, is a laborer, living with a bunch of other laborers.

"Earl's parents were Rueben K. (King) McKissack and Tollie/Dollie Tester. Tollie died the day after Earl was born, according to the date on her tombstone. Memorial # 93951266 has her name is Tollie on the stone, but Dollie on the 1900 census. The poor quality of the typewriter used makes Earl's death certificate difficult to read. I can't really tell what that first letter in her name is supposed to be.

Reuben, of Nibbord, Ray County, Missouri, and Lucinda V. Tester of Lawson, Ray County, married in Clarinda County on September 6, 1905.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Reuben is 57, born in Missouri, married four years to Lucinda 19 born in Missouri. Earl B. is 7, born in Missouri, Edna M. 3 in Kansas, and Elbert J. 1 in Colorado.

Reuben proved up two quarters in 33, 6S 50W in 1913.

In 1920 Sharp County, Arkansas, Reuben is farming, 67, with Lucinda 30 born in Missouri. Earl 16 was born in Missouri, Ellen 12 in Kansas, Elbert J. 11 and Edith E. 7 in Colorado, and brother Willis C. 68 born in Missouri.

The Ash Flat Cemetery, Sharp County, has :
"McKissar, L. V.   No Dates,  Wife of R. K. McKissar " - so that is almost certainly Lucinda.
The tombstone picture of # 56615085 has McKissak.

Reuben is widowed in 1930 Burbank, California, 74, no occupation, with Elmer J. 21 born in Colorado.

He died May 24, 1932 in Los Angeles County, age 80.

Edna Mae McKissack of Phoenix, Arizona, 23, married Joe E. Montgomery, 29, of Harrison, Arkansas, on Sept 20, 1932 in Kansas City, Missouri.

J. E. and Edna Montgomery divorced in Boone County, Arkansas on March 5, 1935.

Earl B. McKissack is a farm laborer in 1930 Wayne County, Iowa, 26, married to Mary E. 20, married four years.
Earl Benjamin McKissack, born May 10, 1903 in Marysville, Missouri to "King" McKissack and Lolly Mae Tester, died July 31, 1945 in Platte County, Missouri, informant Mary E.. He was to be buried in Smithville, Missouri.

Elbert McKissack is a truck driver in El Monte, California in 1940, 31, born in Colorado, with Mabel 27 Pennsylvania. Carolyn 8, Elberta 7, Shirley 6, and Lois 3 were born in California.

Carolyn Mae McKissack was born June 5, 1931 in Los Angeles County, mother Baltzell.

Cynthia Gale "McKissak" was born February 26, 1933 in Los Angeles County.

Lois D. McKissack, 16, married Richard A. Dyer, 24 on June 20, 1953 in Los Angeles.

Elbert, born Dec 26, 1908, died January 25, 2002.

There's an Edith McKissack in 1930 Ray County, Missouri, 17, born in Missouri, boarding with the John and Nell Sewall family.
This one married Eugene Pruett of Michigan, was with him in 1940, and divorced in 1950.


One tree said Willis married Ellen Evans of Illinois, born about 1871, in 1887. But that was William Riley McKissack.
William was born Sept 7, 1856 in Slipup, Missouri to John McKissack and Delilah Riggs, dying in Arizona April 13, 1942, to be buried in Bassett, Nebraska. His on King McKissace of Phoenix was the informant.

Willis proved up two quarters in sections 31 and 32, 6S 50W, four months later in 1913.

In 1930 Willis is in Denver, 75, brother-in-law to Samuel V. Jett, 65. Alice C. Clevenger is a sister-in-law of Jett, 51, all born in Missouri. Alice's husband William Clevenger is in the Pueblo hospital in 1930 and 1940.

Samuel's wife Rachel A. (McKissack) Jett 1862-1929 is buried in Denver.

One family member was told "he lived with Florence and Jewel Barger from some time before his death."

Willis Claiborne McKissack 1854-1948 is buried in Ray County, Missouri, # 17874255.
He was single, born October 23, 1854 in Ray County, Missouri to John McKissack and Cerena Riggs, both born in Ray County. The informaant ws Florence Barger of Excelsior Springs.

In 1860 Ray County, Missouri, Wm. McKissick is 47, farming, with Rachel 44. James 18 is a farm hand, Martha is 14, Wm. 12, Mary A. 8, and Moses 5.

In 1870 Ray County, William McKissack is 57, farming, born in Tennessee. Rachel is 54, Indiana. Mary is 18, Moses 14, and reuben 14, all three born in Missouri.
On the same page is Willis McKissack, 21, farming, born in Missouri, with Rebecca 30 and Martha 1, both born in Missouri.

In 1880 Ray County, William 67 and Rachel 64 have Moses 23 and Rachel 18.

Rachel 1815-1911 is buried in Ray County, # 28077826, with William McKissack 1812-1905, #28077790. These FindaGrave listings don't mention Reuben or Willis.

William's will left land to son Moses, daughter Martha Woods, daughter Mary A. Conerford. 4100 to grand daughter Rachel MCAfee,

He also forgave his son William McKissack, Jr. a $500 note.

WILLIAM - probably a cousin of Willis and Reuben

William is in Grant County, Oklahoma in 1900, born March 1849 in Missouri, with Rhabecca January 1850 in Missouri. Zelma January 1887? in Missouri, Eddie Feb 1888 in Kansas, Ray Feb 1890 in Kansas, and Paul Dec 1895 in Colorado.

In 1910 William is in Franktown, Douglas County, Colorado, 61, with Rebecca 60, Ed 21, Roy 19, and Paul 15.

In 1920 Denver, William and Rebecca are alone.

William is widowed in 1940 Denver, 91, grandfather of Althea Shelton 29 and her brothers Ralph 25 and Hamer 17. Racheal Shatton is 63, wwidowed.

RACHEL is probably another cousin of Willis and Reuben

Rachel McKissack married William Shelton in Denver on September 26, 1899..

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