Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Angus Menzies, 6 South 50 West

Angus Menzies, 30, married Mary Douglass, 19 in Colorado Springs on December 18, 1895.

A. Menzie was charged in Denver Magistrate Court in July 1897 for having a saloon open on Sunday.
This is likely August Menzie / Menzien.

In 1900 El Paso County, Angus "Mencies" is farming, born Dec 1866, with Maggie Dec 1878, both in Scotland. William Oct 1896, Mary January 1898, and John May 1899 were born in Colorado.
Angus immigrated in 1886, naturalized, Maggie in 1894.

Angus timber-claimed a quarter in 10S 60W (Elbert County, Colorado) in 1901.

Angus proved up a quarter in 33, 6S 50W in 1908.

Angus, per FindaGrave # 125290966, died February 13, 1908, buried in Denver.

October 27, 1910

In the same cemetery # 125290967 has John Menzies, born 1900, buried May 5, 1908.

Mary E. Webber 1878-1963 is buried in Denver, per # 98464612.


In 1910 Denver, Douglas Menzies is 6, listed as a son of Henry C. Beeler 40 of Pennsylvania and Margarette 33 of Illinois, married four years.

In 1920 Denver, Douglas is at the George Clayton College for Boys, 15.

In 1930, Douglas is a painter in Chicago, 26, born in Colorado, with Andrew Seaman 22 and Bernard Stout 32 both born in Illinois.

In 1940 he's in Michigan City, INdiana, married to Thelma 39 of Ohio.


In 1910 Jessie is 9, at a children's nursery run by Aritha Chapin 59.


Elizabeth is in the same nursery in Denver in 1910, age 7.


Mary Ann Menzies married Joseph Chas. Webber on March 19, 1915 in Denver.

This is likely a daughter - in 1930 Pueblo Colorado, Mary A. is 31, born in Colorado, with Joseph E. 45, a civil engineer.

Marie C. Menzies, 42, born in Colorado, is single in 1940 Napa, California. This one is Peter's daughter.
She died in Washington, D. C. April 10, 1970, never married, daughter of Peter Menzies and Mary Mallory, born Sept 18, 1898. The informant was her brother Walter.

1905 "Professor Peter Menzies has begun his eleventh year a director of the choir at St. Leo's church. St. Leo's has the finest choir in Denver now as result of the efforts of Professor Menzies He has also been selected to train the boys choir for the juvenile court a high tribute to his ability."

In 1911 Peter Menzies led the singing at the Denver Auditorium of patriotic anthems.

Peter Menzies was a plumbing instructor in 1922-1923 at the Emily Griffith Opportunity School at 13th and Welton, Denver, one of thirty teachers.

Mary Ann Webber, born January 7, 1898 in Colorado, father Menzies, mother Douglas, died June 3, 1957 in Sacramento County, California.


In 1910 Denver, William A. Menzes is 13, living with grandmother Mary A. Brewer, 58, born in Scotland.

Mary /May is in Denver for the 1900 and 1920 census years, widowed, living alone, a washerwoman or a maid, and $ 1227562111 has her buried iApril 25, 1923.

William Angus Menzies registered for WWII in Sacramento, California, born in Denver October 30, 1896. Eva Menzies of the same address was his reference.

He's buried in Sacramento 1894-1969 # 154681011.

March 1918 Hugo, Colorado

May 1918 Hugo, Colorado "Not much news just now about the oil well. Mr. and Mrs. Menzie made a trip Tuesday to Hugo in the interest of the well and the in form us they are looking for the casing any day. Mr. Westerby and Mr. Menzie finished the work on the derrick Monday, such as putting in new wooden rollers and wire, so everything is now ready for putting in casing as soon as it arrives, and every one is more hopeful than ever that oil will be obtained in abundance. More shares are being sold every day and every thing looks flourishing and hopeful."

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