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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Cornelius Messmaker, 6 South 50 West

In 1880 Thornton, Cook County, Illinois, Cornelius is a blacksmith, 42, with Cornelia 28, Cornelius 7, John 4, Wiliam 3, and Garrett 1.
Cornelius, age 56, and Cornelia Yonker Messmaker had Nicholas in Cook County, Illinois.

Cornelia, age 49, died in Chicago on May 14, 1900.

On June 5, 1900 Thornton, Illinois, "Corniel" born December 1833 in Holland, is still a blacksmith, with William August 1877 a machinist, Gerriet March 1879 a farm laborer, Tillie Sept 1884, Ellen Nov 1885, Jennie August 1888, Kate JAug 1889, and Arend April 1892, all kids born in Illinois.

Cornelius claimed a quarter in 14, 6S 50W in 1910.
In the 1910 census, Cornelius is 72, widowed, born in Holland, immigrating in 1856, with Tillie 23 and Arent 15 born in ILlinois. Granddaughter Vivian 1 was born in Colorado.

Next to him is Garrett, single, 30, born in Illinois.


1912 "Chicago :
Details of the inner workings of the alleged vice ring in West Hammond, which Is believed to have claimed John Messmaker, a railroad engineer, as one of several victims who are said to have been slain by poison, were revealed today before Judge John E. Owens, in the county court, when Miss Ethel Parker, known also as "Frankie Ford," took the stand and for the first time in court told her story of Messmaker's death. Miss Parker told of the "black bottle." which she. said Henry Foss, keeper of the resort, always kept back of the bar, and declared that in her opinion a drink was given to Messmaker out of this decanter the morning of the day he died. She declared that on one occasion Foss said he would "fix" Messmaker if he did not keep away. The woman hinted that perhaps jealousy might have had something to do with Messmaker's death. While Miss Parker was on the witness stand a dozen deputy United States marshals, acting upon information furnished by Miss Virginia Brooks, known as the West Hammond "Joan of Arc" raided a number of resorts in search of violators of the white slave law. Miss Ford admitted that she was the companion of Messmaker the night before he died. "One of the drinks taken by Messmaker in Foss' place gagged him," she testified, "and I smelled of it. It smelled more like gasoline than whisky. I don't know who served that drink. It was served through a hole in the door. Six women and two men. Cornelius Moore, owner of a hotel at West Hammond, and Henry Foss. proprietor of the resort in which Messmaker died, were arrested in the raid made by federal officers. "
"It was in this resort that John Messmaker died suddenly. Messmaker was wealthy. He was married and had three children. Early in August he leff his wife saying he was going on a business trip. He went to West Hammond with a young woman. He visited. Foss' resort, and died there. He was attended by a Dr. Andrew Hoffman. At the hospital where he died, physicians declared his death was due to poison. "


Cornelius Messmaker, born 1873, and Lauretta McClain born 1873 in Iroquois County, Illinois, had Cornelia Loretta Messmaker on May 16, 1900 in Atwood, Kansas per one tree, but that doesn't match the 1900 census of Chicago.

In 1905 Rawlins County, Kansas, Cornleius is 32, Etta 26, Cora 4, all born in Illinois.

1915 Riverdale Illinois "Pastor Cornelius Messmaker left Thursday for his home in Atwood, Kan. There are heavy snow storms in the west and he will likely be snowbound for several days."

Cornelius and Lauretta, per that tree, separated about 1917.

Cora L. (Messmaker) Hurst - May 16, 1900-April 23, 1986 is buried in Atwood. So is Etta (McClain) Messmaker - February 8, 1878-November 15, 1955.


Garrett claimed two quarters in 1, 7S 50W in 1913.

Garrett registered for WWI, living at 523 Murray in Hammond, Indiana, an ammunition inspetor. His sister Catherine Reed of the same address was his reference.

Garrett, age 39, died November 16, 1918 in Hammond, Indiana.


Katie was born August 23, 1889 at Dolton, Cook County, Illinois to Cornelius Messmaker and COrnelia Yonker.

Benjamin F. Reed of Seibert married Kate Messmaker of Seibert on 12/24/1908 in Seibert. Garrett Messmaker was the witness.

They had Hearld W. Reed on March 24, 1911 in West Hammond, Cook County, Illinois. Benjamin Franklin Reed was born in Howard City Michigan about 1888.
He died September 7, 1911, to be buried in Berger, Illinois.

(In 1924, West Hammond officially changed its name to Calumet City.)

They had Ashton Franklin Reed on November 28, 1912 in West Hammond. Ashton died September 9, 1913 in Lake County, Indiana, to be buried in Oak Hill cemetery.

There's a Benjamin Franklin Reed born June 17, 1888 in Howard City, Michigan, registering for WWII in St. Clair County, Michigan, with a reference of Mrs. W. M. Scheiner of Ashland, Virginia. This one might be the one dying January 26k 1056, to be buriedi n Valhalla Park, Burbank, California. Mrs. Goldie Mae Reed signed the headstone application.

He had registered for WWI with an address of 523 Murray in Hammond, Indiana, a locomotive engineer with a wife.

In 1918 and 1921 Buffalo, New York, Katherine (wid B. Franklin) is at 2510 Bailey.

In 1922 Buffalo, there's a Katherine (wid B. Franklin) at 729 Best.


Genevieve is a servant in 1910 Richardson County, Nebraska, 21.

In 1920 Nemaha County, Kansas, Oscar and Ellen Hokenson are living with Genevieve Dadnliker 31 and her husband Walter 34 born in KKanss. The Dandliker's hae Eleanor 2 born in Kansas.

In 1930 Walter is 44, Genevieve 32, with Eleanor 13 and "Merien" 18.

In 1940 Nemaha County, Walter Danlicker is 54, Genevieve 51.

Walter is buried in Sabetha 1885-1970, with Genevieve 1888-1966 # 169512388.


Merien Charles Hokenson 1910-1985 is buried in Loveland, Colorado # 152251253, wtih Margauerite L. Graves Hokenson 1914-2001. They married April 15, 1935.

Oscar C. Hokenson of Seibert married Ellen Messmaker of Seibert on 6/3/1909 in Burlington.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, just after the Messmakers, Oscar C. Hokenson is 28, born in Kanss, with Ellen 24 Illinois.

In 1920 Nemaha County, Kansas, Oscar is 39, Ellen 30, with Marion C. 10 born in Colorado and Mildred 5 in Kansas. They're living with Genevieve Dadnliker 31 and her husvband Walter 34 born in KKanss. The Dandliker's hae Eleanor 2 born in Kansas.

In 1920 Nemaha County, Kansas, Oscar Hokenson is 39, Ellen 30, with Marion C. 10 born in Colorado and Mildred 5 in Kansas. They're living with Genevieve Dadnliker 31 and her husband Walter 34 born in KKanss. The Dandliker's hae Eleanor 2 born in Kansas.

Mildred Elaine Drummond, born Sept 6, 1914 in Kansas, died December 12, 1985 in Butte County, California. She's buried with George W. Drummond 1916-1977 in Chico, # 131554157.


In 1920 Dundy County, Nebraska, Riley Cooper is 35, Tillie 34, with Vivian C. 11 born in Colorado. James R. 7 was born in Kansas. Riley's parents Isaac 69 and Florence 64 Cooper are with them.

In 1930 they're in Weld County, Colorado, Riley 45, Tillie 44, Vivian 21, and James Riley Cooper 17.

Riley and Tillie are in Brighton, Sacramento County, California in 1940, alone, and said they were in Holly, Kiowa County, Colorado in 1935.

Tillie Cooper, born September 19, 1884 in Illinois, died November 17, 1941 in Sacramento County, California.

"George B. Cooper, Riley's brother, age 43 years, born in Missouri, of Iowa-born parents, farm laborer. on 30 January 1920. He witnessed the death of Matilda Messmaker on 17 November 1941 at Sacramento"

Riley 1885-1957 is buried in Placer County, California # 95399817, with Matilda 1884-1941 # 88150189.
James Riley Cooper 1912-2002 is also buried in Placer County # 95771808.

Vivian Carr is in Placer County in 1940, married to John H. Varr 34 born in Oklahoma. They were in Kiowa County Colorado in 1935. Velta is 8, Jeraldine is 5, Roy Austin Carr 2.

John Henry Carr 1907-1972 is buried in El Dorado County, California # 36826214.

Vivian, born January 29, 1909, died in Sacramento County August 30, 1985.


In 1910 Chicago, Wm. Messmaker is 31, born in Holland, with Ida 30 Illinois. Edith is 6, Phoebe 4, and Willie 2.
In 1930 Chicago William Messmaker is 51, Ida 56, Cornelius 22, Andrew 19, Elmer 17, and Laurence 15.

William 1879-1939 is buried in Dolton, Cook County # 119291797. Ida 1872-1942 is also buried there.

Lawrence Messmaker - William's son "Gertrude Anna (Hoekstra) Messmaker, 81, of 308 Orlando Ave., Normal, died at 2:30 a.m. Monday (Nov. 20, 1995) at her residence. A memorial service will be at 10 a.m. Wednesday at Towanda Bible Church, Towanda, the Rev. Noel Maughmer officiating. Graveside services will be at 3 p.m. Wednesday at Mount Hope Cemetery, Chicago. There will be no visitation. Metzler-Froelich Memorial Home, Bloomington, has charge of arrangements. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to Towanda Bible Church. Survivors include her husband, Lawrence; one daughter, Carol Giese, Louisville, Ky.; one son, Terry Alden, El Cajon, Calif.; and three grandchildren. One son, one grandson and one sister preceded her in death. She was born Nov. 5, 1914, in Chicago, a daughter of Conrad and Anna Persenaire Hoekstra. She married Lawrence Messmaker July 29, 1936, in Chicago. Mrs. Messmaker was a member of Towanda Bible Church."

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